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Amsterdam Travel Guide Singles Holidays Over 50s


April 26 – May 6, 2012 – Tulip Time

Amsterdam Travel Guide Singles Holidays Over 50s

Amsterdam Travel Guide Singles Holidays Over 50s


Donald asks…

me and my family are planning a trip to europe. need advice on travel.?

we have planned a 15 day trip to europe starting from frankfurt-amsterdam-paris-zurich-rome-frankfurt. can anyone guide me on reasonable travel by either train or by bus. should we buy the euroline pass or some other pass which will be reasonable for a family of five (3 adults & 2 children). also if there are nice and reasonable accomodations in these places please let me know. thanks have a good day.

Yaz answers:

You are looking on Yahoo Answers for travel tips… How stupid do you get, if you are planning a trip please use real travel sights such as to get real, good information that people have been paid to write, not some random on YA that might have been there once on a holiday. I mean what do you expect someone to say? I doubt your trip will turn out very well, if you’re asking for travel tips on YA. I mean a reasonable question could have been “Could anyone recommend some good travel sights for planning a trip to Europe?”

Robert asks…

how much money would it be to back pack through europe?

My girlfriend and i want to spend a month in europe. We are thinking about going to london, to amsterdam, berlin, and to paris. We have done a little research but I need some more ideas and travel guides. Anything would help thanks!

Yaz answers:

Here’s what I could tell you.

Europe with it’s beautiful surroundings and rich culture offers some of the best packing around. Many guided tours can be purchased from countries throughout Europe.

Let’s begin with information that will probably surprise you and that is in Europe most people don’t have a plan when backpacking. In fact, that’s the joy of backpacking through Europe. You do not need to know where you are going. This sounds ridiculous but it is true. Many backpackers travel by train which is one of the best options to travel by because A, the cost of a train pass is fairly cheap and B, you can get an idea of where you want to travel and see the many beautiful areas that Europe has to offer. But with this freelance style of travel, you will need to know exactly how long you will be traveling, and also when you want to start your backpacking adventure.

When To Backpack Europe
Many travelers plan their backpacking adventures during the summer months. This offers prime timee backpacking throughout Europe because the weather is nice during this period. But, if you plan your trip during this time, keep in mind that many tourists will be traveling as well and prices for hostels and hotels will be increased during this time. Additionally, many of attractions and site’s you plan to visit will be flooded with tourist. On the contrary, if you choose the winter season you will experience low prices and ease of travel but you run the risk of running into bad weather and delays in your travels are to be expected. Case in point, choose the time you want to travel wisely, and make sure you are prepared for any bumps in the road you may encounter.

How Long???
The best part about backpacking in Europe is you do not need a specific plan of where you want to go but, you do need a length of how long you will be backpacking. Many travelers go for a week, two weeks, or even longer. For a first time backpacker in Europe, it is recommended that you plan for at least three weeks. This is because with all the historical sites in Europe, they are spaced apart and you will have enough time to reach a majority of them. Of course when you pack for your trip make sure you pack for more than the length of your travel. This is security for you just in case you need extra items.

And finally COST
This is a tricky subject because of the cost of your European trip all depends of the length of stay and the time of year that you travel on. It would be a good idea to research the prices of your hostel or lodging establishment before hand and give yourself idea on how much you will be spending because lodging will be the majority of your expenses. Also give yourself a comfortable spending amount for each day of your trip and always have emergency money, a credit card would work just fine. Try not to carry a lot of money on you and if you do store in a safe accessible spot. Try not to use your credit card at a lot of places in order to prevent you from getting outrageous user fees. In the end if you plan a trip early and well planned, a European backpacking trip total should cost less than $2500.

Hope This Helps

Daniel asks…

Cheapest travel – AMS ROME VENICE?


I am planning a trip from amsterdam/Eindhoven to rome – venice –amsterdam/eindhoven . Can anyone please guide me the best and cheap travel options?

Yaz answers:

I recommend flying. A good website that compares the prices of low-budget airlines is

Mark asks…

I am traveling to Europe this summer?

I am going to London, Paris, and Amsterdam and want to know more about what to do. Whats a good travel guide and websites for me to learn more on what to do. Thanks

Yaz answers:

Lonely Planet’s ‘Western Europe Travel Guide’ is really good value. It provides information on each country, cities/towns within each country, transport, accommodation with hotels from budget to luxury, shopping, how to get around each town, where to eat and self-catering and, most importantly, what to see and do.

If you’re backpacking or on a budget then their ‘Europe on a Shoestring’ is also good with information on hostels and how to cut the cost of travel.

Thomas asks…

Hi, my employer wants me to relocate to Amsterdam to what salary should I request?

It will be for a major transport/travel brand working outside amsterdam, heading up the sales & marketing looking after a team of 10. I plan to work Monday to Friday then fly back to the UK. It looks like rent is very expensive in amsterdam, but I can seem to find any Dutch Salary guides on the internet, I have heard tax is 40%, but you get a extra 4 weeks holiday. Any help would be great. I don’t want to find myself worst off then living in the UK.

Yaz answers:

There is a Salary guide on but it’s only in Dutch.

I tried to fill it in using the info you gave. It distinguishes between a marketing manager and a sales manager so I used the latter, and also a couple of assumptions (so understand that these can all make a difference and if you want to Email me with any corrections then I can do it again on the basis of that info)
– that you have a uni degree
– that it’s mainly a male environment
– that you have been promoted within
– that you have 100-500 employees in the company
– that you have 5 years experience (pure guess!)
– that you haven’t changed employer in the last two years

The salary guide is a gross (before tax) monthly salary of Minimum: € 2151.10 & Maximum: €6937.36. With an average of €3616. Realistically (working as a manager for an International company managing 14 staff members) the €6937 is completely unrealistic, and you should aim for the around €3500-3600 but it completely depends on your experience, skill set, job responsibilities etc.

Also do check a couple of things before accepting a salary
– does it include the holiday pay
– what if any is the bonus scheme and is this already factored in. Does the company have a 13th month policy or on a bonus/reward system etc
– do the company have a subsided health insurance scheme (insurance is mandatory in the Netherlands and if you are registered which you must be to get a BSN number to work, then you wil have to get insurance and this can be costly)
– are travel expenses included or extra (e.g. Daily work and also travelling abroad for meals etc)
– is there a pension scheme and how can it be claimed if you move back to the UK

The UnDutchables (recruitment agency for non-Dutch speaking jobs) has a good section on working in the Netherlands which would help you
e.g. Tax – (and is also helpful)
housing –
health insurance –
BSN number –

Good luck

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Amsterdam Travel Guide Singles Holidays Over 50s


April 26 – May 6, 2012 – Tulip Time

Amsterdam Travel Guide Singles Holidays Over 50s

Amsterdam Travel Guide Singles Holidays Over 50s