Your Questions About Amsterdam Tours

William asks…

Recomend a day tours from Amsterdam through the Netherlands at Christmas?


we are spending 24th – 28th December in Amsterdam. Have been told that most of the city is closed on the 26th – therefore, do you think a day tour outside the city is a good idea? Will other cities be alive?

Or would the 27th be better?

Can anyone recommend a good tour Company?
Is Viator a good company?


Yaz answers:

There will basically nothing special be going on. All stores will be closed on December 25th and the Netherlands also observes boxing day on the 26th, so only the furniture stores will be open. This seems to be THE annual event.
Nowhere in the country you’ll find exciting touristy things to do. These days are mainly spent with family and friends.
Even the trains will run a holiday schedule, but you’ll be able to get around still, yet I think outside the city of Amsterdam or Rotterdam, you’ll find even lesser things to entertain you.
This is not the best part of the year to make a touristy trip to the Netherlands, other than visiting family and friends.
Viator is a very good company, I am a AAA travel agent and work with them a lot, but plan those activities on the 27th, although some tour companies maybe open, your chances are very slim.
I am also a Dutch citizen who lived there for 28 years before moving to the US.

Charles asks…

What is a good reputable city tour company in Amsterdam?

I’m in the beginning stages of planning a trip to Amsterdam. What is the name of a reputable tour company in the city for city and surrounding countryside tours?

Yaz answers:

Amsterdam and the surrounding areas are very easily reached and explored without a organised tour. While in Amsterdam, I recommend hiring a bike (there’s a big bike rental at the Central Train Station called MacBike.) All the cool neighbourhoods in Amsterdam are within 15 minutes by bike from the city centre just please note that biking is a serious way of transportation for the Dutch, they use it to get from A to B and not as entertainment. This means that you shouldn’t stop on the middle on the road to make pictures for instance…. For greater Amsterdam (which is basically the rest of the country) you can reached almost everything by train. The Netherlands have a very modern and reliable train system. For instance from Amsterdam to Delft takes about 50 minutes and is a direct connection, costs for a round trip are about 20 euro. Furthermore it’s an easy country to explore, people are helpful, speak english well and almost all tourist attractions have english signs and guides. You really don’t need a tour. Good luck!

Lizzie asks…

Can you take a tour of the Amsterdam Arena?

I am going to Amsterdam in July and would love to take a tour of the stadium that Ajax plays their games in. I have seen a couple great football stadiums such as Emirates (Arsenal) and they offered tours, and had a team store…Does the Amsterdam Arena do the same for Ajax, is it worth touring, do they have a place to look at Ajax football history?

Yaz answers:

It’s really quite prominent on the arena website. Http://

If it’s worth it… Well, I wouldn’t go if you paid me 50 euros but I just do not care about football.

Jenny asks…

what are the best sight seeing tours in Amsterdam?

Yaz answers:

I remember a few years back showing some students around and a nice tour was via a canal boat that acts like a bus, so instead of being held captive onboard for a period of time

You buy one ticket and then if there is somewhere you want to stop you can get off, walk about a bit or stop for a drink etc, and then hope on the next one that comes along (like a bus).

They give a commentary in several languages and tell you a bit about the sights, where you are passing by etc and the ticket is valid for the whole day

So it’s very flexible, all day, informative and you get freedom to do what you want!

I couldn’t remember what it was called though so I googled and found it in English for you

Sharon asks…

How to plan short breaks in Amsterdam with Family?

I would like to know the best accommodations in Amsterdam for family tours next month?

Yaz answers:

For hotel space, use one of the many hotel finders, there are many on internet.
Use an on-line map to see where the hotel is before you book as you do not want to stay in the middle of the red light district.
Or contact the tourist information office and book through them.
Also look for self catering places, they do exist but are hard to find on internet.

I often give this link when people ask about Amsterdam, that is because they mention almost all you can want to know about the town, and give links to more sites:

For planning your stay, use the site and see the things you like. There is a page with museums, one with historic sights, one about shopping, and do not forget the Zoo:

If you talk with your children about the women in the windows and why some people act funny, it is not even considered strange to walk through the red light district. You will see more families there, and when you are with your children you can explain things.

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