Your Questions About Amsterdam Tours From London

Donald asks…

Connecting flight from London to Amsterdam, in transit, for Contiki tour?

I have am going on a Europe Contiki tour that starts in London and the 1st stop is Amsterdam. I am a United States permanent resident (I have a green card) but have a Vietnamese Passport. When I applied for a UK visa I was denied due to petty reasons, but I was able to get a Schengen Visa into Amsterdam/Europe. I was not able to cancel my nonrefundable Delta flight into London (Heathrow) so I bought a connecting flight from London to Amsterdam with British Airways. I know that I am allow to be in transit from London to Amsterdam if I have a connecting flight within 24 hrs.

Will I be going through airport customs and collecting my luggage and be allow to leave the terminal? Or as a transit person will I be restricted to say inside a secured part of the airport until my connecting flight departs. If I can leave the airport, I would prefer to just board the Contiki bus in London and then depart on the bus to Amsterdam the next day. That way I can start the tour with everyone and also get to see London for a day. I believe that it would still fit into the 24 hour transit time allowed, except that I’ll be leaving London by bus and not by plane into Amsterdam. Does anyone know if this will be possible or will I be confined within the airport until my connecting flight.

I will lose the money spent on the connecting flight but would be able to start the Contiki tour as originally scheduled instead of trying to meet up with the tour in Amsterdam.

Is there a possibility that I will be deported back to the United States by trying to leave the airport? I do have a Visa into Schengen and have no intentions of staying in the UK.

Yaz answers:

Both Delta and BA are full service airlines so you should be able to check your luggage through to Amsterdam. (But check that with Delta). That means it will be trans-shipped from Delta to BA by the automated conveyor belt and will not need to be touched by human hands. You might have to change terminals. To do this go to the transit desk in arrivals and they will arrange your transfer. You will not be allowed to leave the airport but will be confined to the departure lounge of the terminal you are leaving from. It is a normal airport departure lounge totally unlike the transit detention cells in US airports.

Daniel asks…

I m reaching London with my family on 17th Aug staying at premier inn bath road heathrow. Is it safe?

I have to join Thomas cook tour starting from London on 19th Aug. Can somebody advise if it is safe to visit London at this situation? Or shud I bypass london and join the tour at Amsterdam?

Yaz answers:

I live near heathrow and there is no problems round the area you will be ok

Ruth asks…

I’m already in London. I have 2 more weeks before I go back to U.S. Please let me know of tours to Paris,Venic

I’m already in London. I have 2 more weeks before I go back to U.S. Please let me know of tours to Paris, Venice, Amsterdam etc. Please recommend any tour operators who do last minutes 3 or 4 days escorted tours to Paris or venice from London. Thanks.

Yaz answers:

Visit there you will find many destinations.

Sandra asks…

Europe route planning expert? Amsterdam to Pratteln.?

I am planning to go traveling/ following a band touring (groupie?! nah…) in the coming November. However they have a extremely tight schedule and I am finding difficulties to plan my route.

Basically, here is their schedule

2.11 – Shepherds Bush Empire / FUSE – London, UK
4.11 – Tavastia – Helsinki, Finnland
5.11 – Tavastia – Helsinki, Finnland

7.11 – Melkweg – Amsterdam, Niederlande
8.11 – Z7 – Pratteln, Schweiz
10.11 – Le Zenit – Paris, Frankreich

I am planning to go to the last 3, which is Amsterdam, Pratteln and Paris.
I am on a Budget.
I am planning to fly from London to Amsterdam on the 7th, and there is no problem with that.

However I have no idea how to get from Amsterdam to Pratteln in just 24 hours and still be able to make the concert on that day.

In your opinion should I just give up? Or is there any other ways?? like night coaches and stuff?
Much appreciated. Any information about the hostels/hotel would be great too!!!!
I don’t speak German nor Dutch, and I have no idea where about in Switzerland is Pratteln and how to get there. (sorry I know this sounds really stupid, but if anyone could give me a brief background info it would be great!!!!)
I think the nearest airport is Basel but I check there is only 1 flight each day on the 1700, by the time I arrived it would be too late for the concert. Trains takes about 6 hours.

Yaz answers:

You can take the train from Amsterdam Central Station to Basel – Pratteln is a 10 minute S bahn ride from Basel. There’s a train from Amsterdam Centraal to Basel at 8:04 am on the 8th that arrives at 3:11 pm. There’s also a train at 6:34 am on the 8th that will get you to Pratteln a little after 2 pm (requires a change in Frankfurt), There are some other options by train that should get you there in plenty of time. I wouldn’t recommend the night trains because the route requires several train changes.


EasyJet has a flight from Amsterdam to Basel on the 8th for 33.90 euro, but it doesn’t get to Basel until 6:30 pm.

This site is a good resource for identifying low cost flights within Europe:

Robert asks…

Second city from Amsterdam for 10 day total Euro Vacation??

I’ll be in Amsterdam for five days in late September. I’d like to travel to another city via either a direct flight or train. Any suggestions? Given I’m from the US, a non-Euro currency country would be preferable (I’d love to do London or Paris again, but they’re too expensive). I’ve seen a great deal of Europe (toured Italy, Spain, Germany and parts of Eastern Europe extensively), so a slightly more obscure location would be great. Thanks.

Yaz answers:

The closest non-Euro currency country to Amsterdam after Britain is Denmark.
Capital Copenhagen.
Great city. You can have a realy nice time there.

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