Your Questions About Amsterdam Tourist

Maria asks…

Why is Amsterdam such a popular tourist destination?

I was wondering why everyone seems to love Amsterdam so much because everyone who goes there seems to love it. Do you know why it’s so popular? Thanks!

Yaz answers:

Amsterdam is a very nice city. Build in a people size, which means that you can easily walk the city and do not feel lost between big buildings.
It also has a lot to see, with a nice building style.
More museums per square km/mile than any other city in the world and on a wide range of different topics, from art and what can be expected in all cities to some that are pretty special and can, for now, only be found in Amsterdam.
Shopping is good.
And so are the options for day trips from the city, in spring to the flowers, and round the year to windmills, villages and the polder, (mostly translated with reclaimed land.)

There are tourists coming for the legal prostitution, but that can be found in many more cities in Europe. Many of those tourist come to sight see only, look but not buy.

Here on Yahoo answers you get the impression that all tourists come to Amsterdam to get wasted on weed. But I heard from the Mayor of Amsterdam that 3 out of 4 tourists do not use any drugs at all and from the rest a big percentage use a little weed but not a lot.
He did mention that starting with the pass for regulars only will hurt the weed trade in Amsterdam, as a high percentage of the users of those coffee shops are tourists, but his main concern about that is that the weed trade will move back into the street where it is going to be much more a safety risk and likely going to disturb the peace of the town more.

Lisa asks…

What is/are the best tourist districts in Amsterdam?

I’ll be going to Amsterdam next year and want to know areas in Amsterdam where I can soak up Danish culture. Red Light District etc. I’m trying to avoid going to a deserted area that doesn’t get much footfall.
Actually meant to type Dutch.

Yaz answers:

Good luck if you try to find Danish culture in Amsterdam.
It is the capital city of the Netherlands, not in Denmark.

Amsterdam is small enough that the whole of the old city is one, all within and just outside the ring of canals is famous, worth seeing and safe.

The ‘red light district’ are a couple of canals and connecting streets within this area, to the east of it, and while worth seeing, I would not want to have my hotel or hostel in the area, too crowded by tourists.
Unless you are there on the day of a big match you will not see much of football, the stadium and all sports fields are on the outside of the city.

The Jordaan area is good if you want a quiet hotel, the ring of canals if you want more upscale and do a good search on the hostel booking sites if you want to go for cheap, hotels as well as hostels you find there, but do read the reviews, some of the cheapest places have a bad reputation because they are not nice to stay to say the least.

The Leidseplein and its surroundings, which the other answerer recommends is good, I have heard good stories about a hotel called Leidseplein hotel, which is just of the square.

Jenny asks…

how much, does an average tourist spend, in amsterdam, in a day?

I am thinking about going to Amsterdam, and was wondering how much money I need to bring. I want to visit coffe shops, and drink tasty beverages. Can I get by on 85 bucks a day, not including lodging?

Yaz answers:

All depends on what you want to do.

I’d count
-30 dollars a day for food and drinks
-10 dollars for museums
-10 dollars for transportation
-10 dollars for coffee shops
-15 dollars for unexpected expenses

If you want to visit night clubs and strip clubs, you’ll need a lot more. But normally you’ll do just fine with 85 dollars.

Have a nice trip! :-)

Here’s a link to the coffee shops:

William asks…

5% Amsterdam tourist tax based on per person? per night ? of hotel rate?

I am going to Amsterdam with my friends next month. We are 4 person and want to know more about the 5% of tourist tax. If our hotel is 250 euro for 2 nights. how much is the 5% tax? is it based on room?night? or person? thanks

Yaz answers:

Some hotels charge this on arrival and most on departure and it depends on how they calculate the bill (either per room or per person), but it is 5% of this sum which is the tourist tax you pay

So if your hotel is €250 as you mention for the total of the 2 days then the 5% is calculated on this. It doesn’t matter if you calculate this per day or as a total of the sum of days (e.g. 2 x €125 x 5%, or €250 x 5%)

If fact many cities such as Rotterdam and Amersfoort abolished this tax in recent years, but Amsterdam authorities still insist on collecting this – probably as there is no problem to attract tourists to Amsterdam :0)

James asks…

Can a tourist start working in Amsterdam?

Going there on a trip. If I decided I wanted to work there and live there, would I be able to find jobs as an American citizen?

Yaz answers:

I am afraid you cannot just start working (at least legally anyway). You are traveling visa-free as an American under the Visa Waiver Program and this is travel only and does not permit you to work. However it does permit you to look for work – BUT it is not as easy as that (see last paragraph).

Mentioned also was the working holiday visa. However the USA is not a partner in this recipricol agreement so I am afraid this is not an option for you either – only Australians, New Zealanders etc.

To work in NL as an American citizen, I have to warn you that it is not an easy prospect. Due to the amount of people asking this same question (and lots of contradictory info online) I did some homework on this and answered another of your fellow countrymates. Therefore instead of writing it all out again, will give you the link to all the info including official sites etc;_ylt=Aot9aB7H6Ea_m1okiq2Qgdjsy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20081029005645AAYhd63

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