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Amsterdam Tourist Weed Singles Holidays Over 50s


April 26 – May 6, 2012 – Tulip Time

Amsterdam Tourist Weed Singles Holidays Over 50s

Amsterdam Tourist Weed Singles Holidays Over 50s


Betty asks…

Can a visitor buy weed and shrooms from amsterdam?

If I am a tourist am I just allowed to buy weed and shrooms from amsterdam? Do they sell it to just anyone?

Yaz answers:

Weed is no problem for the coming year, after that we’ll see. Mushrooms have been reclassified as a drug there’s only a few species of truffels still legally sold.

Paul asks…

If I go to amsterdam when I’m 18 for vacation can I smoke weed there legally?

My friend told me that his sister’s friend went there but she couldn’t smoke weed unless she was a resident of Amsterdam? I always thought that it didn’t matter if you are a tourist or not? Do you really have to be a resident of Amsterdam to smoke weed there legally or was my friend wrong?

Yaz answers:

Short answer: Your friend’s full of it, this idea of residents only never made it out of the planning stage, unfortunately. You too can get stoned more or less legally.

Long answer:
Apparently there’s a lot of publicity in the foreign press, enough to make the stoners, dopeheads and druggies wonder if there is any point in visiting Amsterdam (there is but only if you can broaden your horizon beyond being drunk and/or stoned). Currently the Dutch coffeeshop scene is as it has been for years. Coffeeshops are decriminalized as is use and possession for personal use (5 grams), the suppliers of the coffeeshops are still criminals. Shops require anyone to prove with a valid ID that you are at least 18 years old. This site: is a fountain of English information about the Amsterdam coffeeshop scene.

The latest plan was that, starting in the fall of 2011, in the southern and eastern provinces they will start converting coffeeshops to members-only clubs. Each coffeeshop can have a max of 1500 “members’ and those need to be dutch residents. Additionally they will up the limit for distance to schools from 250 to 350 meters. Some municipalities are resisting this, others are welcomming the new laws. One of the left wing opposition parties, D66, has pushed for a legalisation of weed but idea got little support.

After that it looked all set to go until in June 2011 our council of state, which has the last word on some government and legal issues, ruled that an earlier experiment of the city of Maastricht with banning tourists was illegal. Not because you couldn’t ban them but because you cannot use additional local ordonances to regulate something that’s forbidden in the first place. And weed is forbidden in our “opiumlaw”. The fact that that bit of the law is hardly ever inforced apparantly does not matter.

So, now that our politicians are back from summer hollidays they have a few options.
1. Adjust our law that outlaws marihuana which is frankly not very likely
2. Start enforcing the law and close coffeeshops alltogether
3. Think of something different.

At the moment it seems to have disappeared from the political agenda and the national news. The only thing related that has happened recently is that heavy weed is now classified as a hard drug (much higher penalties, cannot be sold by coffeeshops any more) and heavy weed is defined as having a thc content of over 15%.

The reason behind the whole discussion is that most of the Dutch get sick of the foreign junkies that come here to score and behave like this country is lawless. Additionally the other reason behind the members-only is that it may discourage the determination of our teens to kill off as many brain cells as they can using dope and thereby forcing them back to energy drinks mixed with whatever alcohol they can get their hands on.

Mark asks…

amsterdam weed illegal?

so iv heard its illegal to some weed in amsterdam cafes now if ur a tourist was lookin to book a trip but not if its illegal not goin to go if

Yaz answers:

Tourists can still buy weed in Amsterdam coffeeshops in 2012.

Linda asks…

wht about amsterdam n new rule about tourists n weed?

please tell me something about tht rule !!!!!!!!!!!

Yaz answers:

It’s not a new rule :0))

The foreign media have just either quickly read a forum post or translated something very badly from Dutch to English!

The “rule” which you are refering to stems from issues raised by drug tourism in the bordering cities and towns with Germany & Belgium. There is an influx of German, Belgian and French tourists to small communities with coffeeshops and the nusiances caused. I have spent a lot of time working in Bergen op Zoom and Roosendaal which are two of the places which have had this, and the local perception is one of infuriation with litter, nusiance and a small increase in disordaly conduct. Basically people there feel that their small communuities are being invaded with people intent on getting high and nothing else, with little to no respect and also the lack of facilities to cope with this influx.

Amsterdam on the other hand is perfectly able to cater for the sector of tourism which inevidably visits for marijuana and the RLD so there is no disussion about this

Anyway, the discussion now for the bordering towns is two fold. The first is to move coffeeshops further away from the borders. However it is clear that this is not a deterent and moving the coffeeshops will only move the problem.

So the other discussion is to introduce a form of membership only policy (some have already done this). It doesn’t stop someone in another country being a member, but there is the issue of being registered with your details and also of having to pay electronically, therefore having a “trail” which can be followed of course. Not smart when your local laws are different from those in the Netherlands.

You can read about it here and even to restrict this to “Dutch citizens” (or I would read this as residents within the Netherlands) however due to issues of discrimination of EU laws and hence why it has been raised as a question to the European Court of Justice for consideration

Amsterdam on the other hand also has issued with closing coffeeshops, (but this is mainly to do with drug gang issues and also with coffeeshops being “too close” to a school) actually less than first reported anyway) and have not made any impact on availability. There are plenty of them around every corner in the centre

So in summary, no new rules in Amsterdam.

Donna asks…

amsterdam smoking cannabis?

im going to Amsterdam in 2 days for a week was wondering if it is still legal for tourists to smoke weed ?

Yaz answers:

As legal as it ever was. For the next year at least you can still smoke in coffeeshops. Any ban on foreigners will start in the southern provinces.

Smoking on the streets is not legal and could result (although it doesn’t happen often) in your dope getting impounded and you getting fined. Smoking in most hotels and bars is a good way to get thrown out.

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Amsterdam Tourist Weed Singles Holidays Over 50s


April 26 – May 6, 2012 – Tulip Time

Amsterdam Tourist Weed Singles Holidays Over 50s

Amsterdam Tourist Weed Singles Holidays Over 50s