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April 26 – May 6, 2012 – Tulip Time

Singles Holidays Over 50s Amsterdam Tourism

Singles Holidays Over 50s Amsterdam Tourism


George asks…

Amsterdam Tourism Market: What is the tourism cannabis market compared to the brothel market in Amsterdam?

I am trying to find stats of the tourism market in Amsterdam. Does anyone know any credible sources to find this information, perhaps an article.

I am trying to determine how much of the tourism market is cannabis versus legal brothels in Amsterdam.

Yaz answers:

You are trying to compare an illegal section with a semi legal but not accepted section and you expect the financial information to be available online? Dream on.

Besides that, not all tourist do just one or the other or even either.
The municipality of Amsterdam might be the place to find some answers, as they did investigate the situation before starting with the current clean-up of the prostitution businesses.
As many of the brothels that are closed because of that were illegal or owned by people who had other illegal activities, you might be able to find more information online now that you used to be able to, but still most will not be available.

Sandra asks…

Amsterdam Tourism?

I am planning one of my first vacations with my girlfriend. I would like to go to the Netherlands, during the summer of 2008.
I really don’t know much about the country in regards to history, and physical layout. but I do know that I want to see the Van Gogh muesem, the Ann Frank house, and be a stones throw away (no pun intended) from some quality coffeshops.

My question’s about this are…
-How reasonable (or unreasonable) are airline tickets around summer time?
-and hotel prices
-Where should I try to find a room based on my goals for this vacation. with consideration of relying on public transportation or taxis.
-Whats the deal with the canal system?
-What should I look out for?
-Any good recommendations for site seeing?

Yaz answers:

I followed the advice and info given on those websites and I had a fantastic time in Amsterdam! Don’t forget to buy the I Amsterdam card! It can be really useful and save you some money, especially if you are to move around a lot. I used public transportation only once, as you can easily move around on foot!

I stayed at the Owl Hotel near Leidseplein, which is a square where tram stops are and also some restaurants and coffee shops.
The only thing you should look out for is pickpockets, but I have to tell you that I’ve never felt safer anywhere else in the world!

Apart from the Van Gogh Museum and Anne Frank Huis, you should visit Madame Tussaud’s, Rijksmuseum, Dam square, the Red Light district, the zoo and Heineken Museum (an amazing experience, plus three free glasses of beer!)

Have a great time!

Susan asks…

Can i enter amsterdam for tourism with business schengen visa for sweden?

I got business schengen visa to sweden and i am planning to stay there for 4 days, my first entry to europe will be through amsterdam where i want to stay there for 2 days tourism.

is it possible to enter amsterdam with business visa?
As i didnt isue the visa from Netherlands embassy , will the 4 days in sweden be considered as main destination or i will face problems in amsterdam airport?

Yaz answers:

I might be wrong but as far as I know once you have a Schengen visa for one member State then that visa is good for all memeber States. Ireland and the UK aren’t in Schengen at the moment. So, if you get a Schengen visa for say Germany you can jump on a flight and go to say Spain without any problems as far as I know. But you should probably phone the relevant embassy to doube check or better still (for a more informed and impartial answer) the European Commission office in your home country.

Ruth asks…

How much does amsterdam make in tourism annually?

I am working on a project on amsterdam and i would like to know how much they make in tourism annually. also could you put your sources so i can check it myself

Yaz answers:

The best info is always that officially sourced and there is a pdf file with basic tourist stats compiled by Amsterdam’s council – ‘Research and Statistics Economic Development”

There is a lot of info there for you to use and so no point me paraphrasing it in an answer here when it is in English and pretty easy to grasp

Hope this helps with your project :0)

Steven asks…

Some information on hotels and drug tourism in Amsterdam?

I am writing my dissertation proposal and I am looking for some research on hotel industry in Amsterdam and a study that connects drug tourism with hotel business again in Amsterdam. If you can direct me to some sites (or paid ones).

Yaz answers:

You have a very specific question.
I suggest you call some organisations:

The brancheorganisation for cafes, restaurants and hotels is: Horeca Nederland. I would call them. The hotel-section is here:

The VVV is the Dutch bureau for tourism. Http:// They may have some information.

The Chamber of Commerce of Amsterdam can be found here:

The last could be the city council:

Start with the Horeca Nederland and the Chamber of commerce

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Singles Holidays Over 50s Amsterdam Tourism


April 26 – May 6, 2012 – Tulip Time

Singles Holidays Over 50s Amsterdam Tourism

Singles Holidays Over 50s Amsterdam Tourism