Your Questions About Travel Alone In US

Laura asks…

Can a 14 year old travel alone from US to England?

My daughter will be travelling from Florida, US and arriving in Manchester, UK. I know BA caters for this, but I was wondering if this also applied to US passengers flying into the UK and which other airlines offer it.

Yaz answers:

Yes she can. As long as she gets all the documents needed in her travel. And before purchasing the ticket, ask first the airline what to do with a child traveling alone.. My son traveled from los angeles to manila, philippines alone when he was 13. But the airline and the Philippine embassy told us to pack the child with lots of identification cards. In case he cant find the person fetching him in the airport. :)

Thomas asks…

does a 15 year old need ID to travel alone in US?

15 year old daughter is traveling to California to meet me and is making a connection along the way. does she need ID to check in and if so, what ID is available to a minor who is not yet driving?

Yaz answers:

Kids under 18 who are flying within the U.S. Are not required to have I.D. It is always a wise thing to have I.D. And a school I.D. Or a state I.D. Card are fine. However she is not required to have I.D. To fly.

William asks…

Is it legal for a 14 year old to travel in the US alone?

My cousin wants to travel from California to Texas. She is 14 years old.
She wants to come alone and her parents are wiling to let her. Is it legal? If not how much does it cost for a flight attendant to accompany her.

Extra: She can only travel from American Airline, Continental Airline, and United Airline

Yaz answers:

On United kids 12 and over can fly without having an adult with them or needing to pay a fee for unaccompnied minor. On Continental and American, she would have to fly as an unacompanied minor and her parents would have to pay the fee of about $100.00. Her parents will need to CALL the airline they want to use to buy her ticket. You cannot buy a ticket for a minor traveling alone on-line…only by phone.

David asks…

If you are 13 years old are you allowed to travel out of the US alone?on a plane to syria?

I want to go to Syria over the summer- problem is my momand dad have to work in june when i want to go. Is it allowed for a minor to travel out of the country on a plane alone?

Yaz answers:

You can travel on a plane alone as long as you get parental permission and that you have a guardian when you get to your destination.

Carol asks…

Can a 16 year old travel alone to the US?

I’m 16 and my friend is 17, and we are taking a ferry to Port Angeles from
Canada. We are going in the morning and coming back in the evening, so just for the day. Can we travel alone? What other document do we need other than our passport?

Yaz answers:

As long as you have your passport you are fine.

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