Your Questions About Inexpensive Restaurants In Paris

Carol asks…

Anyone have favorite inexpensive restaurants in Paris or vineyards to visit nearby?

Yaz answers:

Le Nemrod
51, rue Cherche-Midi
6th arrondissement
telephone (within Paris)
* They have a croque monsieur on Poilane bread… Yummy. Also some good salads. The waiters are very helpful and friendly. Been there twice (inlcuding earlier this month)
*More info at;_ylc=X3oDMTFka28zOGNuBF9TAzI3NjY2NzkEX3MDOTY5NTUzMjUEc2VjA3NzcC1kZXN0BHNsawN0aXRsZQ–

Le Relais de l’Entrecote
2 locations
20 bis, rue St. Benoit
6th arrondissement
15, rue Marbeuf
8th arrondissement
*There is one item on the menu: steak frites. Their steak tastes fabulous and has this amazing sauce that no one seems able to duplicate and is served with the most amazing skinny fries. You are served half your steak and some fries, followed by the rest of your steak that they have kept warm plus a fresh batch of fries. It comes with a salad. All you need to add is a glass (or carafe) of a house red wine and you are set.
*no reservations
*more info at

Also, check out this great guide:


Cheap Restaurants in Paris


Mary asks…

Inexpensive Restaurants In Paris, France?

My sister and I are going on a trip to France in the coming months, and I would like to have a list of inexpensive restaurants. We are each looking to spend around 10 to 15 euros for lunch and 20 to 25 euros for dinner and we are spending 5 days and 4 nights so we could really use all the help we can get.

Yaz answers:

You’ll find that there are plenty of places where meals can be had within that price range.

French law requires that cafes and restaurants post their prices in the window. Wherever you go you can check the prices before entering.

In France the term “menu” refers to a fixed price meal, usually with somewhat limited choices and almost always a good buy. (What English speakers refer to as a menu is called “la carte” in France.)

For some specific reccomendations:

L’ Auberge au Pot de Terre at 22 rue du Pot de fer (5th arr) has an evening menu for 11.50 . Http://

La Brouette at 39/41 rue Descartes (5th) serves up an all you can eat Fondue Bourguignonne with potatoes and vegatables for 20.90 €

La Lozere at 4, rue Hautefeuille (6th) has an excellant menu for 21.90 € On thursday nights they make “aligot” a fantastic mashed potato dish made with cheese and heavy cream. Http://

Crepes a Gogo at 12 rue Soufflot (5th) Paris has an all the crepes (both savory and sweet) you can eat for 18 € on Wednesday nights.

La Méthode at 2, rue Descartes (5th) has main course for 10-15 € and draws a pleasant crowd with a lot of students.

The Restaurant Maupertu at 94, Boulevard de La Tour Maubourg (7th) has an excellant lunchtime menu for 23 €. Http://

And check out the excellent guide above.

You can read more at the web page on this site about Cheap Restaurants in Paris.

William asks…

what are some inexpensive but good restaurants in Paris?

Yaz answers:

If you read french check this site

But the guide I mentioned above is really superb. You should try it.

Chris asks…

Can anyone recommend an inexpensive, decent restaurant in Paris?

Preferably in the 14th/15th arrondissement. Also, where can really nice gluten-free bread be found in Paris?

Yaz answers:

There is a restaurant that I recommend to anyone going to Paris. It is called “Nos Ancetres Les Gaulois.” It is near Notre Dame Cathedral.

Here is their website:

I recommended this to a native Parisian I know who had never been. They loved it and have returned each time they go back home.

Also check out our webpage and the guide that we mentioned above.

Sandy asks…

Romantic, inexpensive restaurant in Paris?

My girlfriend and I are spending our 1 year anniversary in Paris and it’s the first time for both of us in the “City of Love”. We are looking for a special restaurant for our special night but as we are students we can not afford anything too expensive. The food must be good (although she is not the most adventurous person when it comes to food), it must be very romantic and not cost over €100 for us both to eat. A good view is also a big plus! Thanks in advance! :)

Yaz answers:

While I wouldn’t say there is much of a view I would suggest Le Coupe Chou at 9 & 11, rue de Lanneau in the 5th arrondissment. Its quite a pleasant and cozy place with reasonable prices. Here is their website (In both French and English). Http://

I should mention that what one person sees as romantic another will not. Indeed “inexpensive” is another such word since I would not associate it with a €100 meal for two. So I will put in a plug for my favorite little place, La Methode at 2 rue the 5th. Its on a tiny little square just a few blocks south of the Pantheon. A very nice three course meal with drinks before and a coffee after will cost you no more than €60-€70 including a pitcher of one of the house wines (all of which are quite nice). There’s no view at all from the dining room in the back (which is where I suggest you eat) but staff is very friendly and good humoured in this tiny place and you’ll feel quite at home. The food is stunningly good and traditionally French with the occassional little extra touch (like szechuan peppercorns on the duck breast).


Cheap Restaurants in Paris

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