Your Questions About Cheap Holidays To Hong Kong

Lisa asks…

which city is best for a relatively cheap holiday.. Hong Kong, Singapore or Kuala Lumpur?

I’m trying to plan a holiday for july. i live in australia, so i’ve already done the tropical island beach scene.. so i want to try something different.

Out of HK, KL and Singapore, which is best for about a week. Attractions, cost and shopping wise.

Thanks! just looking for some input
for a family holiday ( 17 yr old)
i’m thinking maybe divide my time between KL and singapore?/

Yaz answers:

Out of the 3 places you mention, Malaysia is the cheapest.
You will have plenty to see and do in KL. The Petrona twin towers are great – I recommend going to the bridge between the towers for a great view of the city – there is a good mall at the bottom of the towers, and if you like shopping most shops are open til late every night.
In KL you have lots of different neighbourhoods (i.e Indian) with markets and temples, food is cheap and there are lots of great dishes – lots of yummy fruits.
You mentioned shopping – I found in Singapore the clothing is quite small, more made for Asian builds whereas in Malaysia there clothing and sizes are more western.
You can also do day trips from KL to the city of Malaca or get a cheap flight (Air Asia I recommend) to Singapore for a few days or Penang (up north of Malaysia) if you have the time. Singapore is more expensive than Malaysia but still cheaper than Australia.

Richard asks…

Looking for a cheap holiday to Hong Kong?

My work takes me all around the world, but I have to say possibly my favourite place I’ve been is Hong Kong. I’m looking to take my girlfriend there for a holiday for 10 days or so in May 2011. But I’m struggling to find an affordable package. For the flights and a decent hotel I’m struggling to find anything for less than £1500. My nearest airport is Glasgow, but I’m prepared to fly from any UK airport for the right deal. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Yaz answers:

Cathay Pacific/Dragaonair offer special airfare + hotel packages for traveling to Hong Kong and/or S.E.Asia at very reasonable prices but you have to book as early as possible as they sold out very quickly. Simply log onto Cathay Pacific’s website and click CX/Dragonair Holidays. May should be the beginning of peak traveling season to Hong Kong as summer holidays about to begin. For cheaper airfares, it’s Feb/March, right after the Chinese New Year ends. Check and enjoy!

William asks…

Is Hong Kong cheap like china?

We are planning a shopping holiday in Hong Kong around early february. Is Hong Kong cheap like china? We are planning on buying mainly clothes, soft furnishings, kids toys etc. Also how much would a decent hotel cost like a 2-3star. staying there for 2 weeks. Is it easy to go to china from Hong Kong. Do we need visas, how much are they and can we get them from Hong Kong? How much is it to travel to China from Hong Kong, what transport options are there? Whats the weather like during February? In terms of shopping how does it compare to Singapore, Dubai, Thailand and USA?

Yaz answers:

Welcome to Hong Kong, the Pearl of the Orient! Its stunning Victoria Harbour and The Peak have just been rated as Asia’s No.1 skyline by a Japanese TV Station. A CNN poll also confirmed that Hong Kong is a must-visit in Asia. The City are full of a wide array of options, both expensive and cheap. In Feb the temp is in the mid teens, day/night temperature difference is not big.

HK has rich culture and history with a perfect blend of the west and the east. Walk up the world’s longest Escalator which begins from Central District and goes all the way up to the Mid-Levels. Along the Escalator you’ll come across the early English settlement near Aberdeen Street, you’ll also pass by Soho, South of Hollywood Rd which gives a very unique bar and restaurant street. Hollywood Rd is also the famous antique street where genuine Chinese antiques are sold.

From Causeway Bay – Central District – Tsimshatsui District – Mongkok District along the MTR (subway) route are where most of the fascinating shoppings, restaurants, vibrant night life and gorgeous harbour view lies.

If you like green, sea and nature, and are not in a rush in going to places visiting one of the outlying islands ie the Silvermine Bay of Lantau Island is quite relax and gives a completely different impression of Hong Kong than the one often see in pictures. Simply catch a ferry from the Central Pier right outside IFC Building. The ferry trip takes about 30 minutes, a very relaxed ride in the midst of a hustling bustling city.

Another beautiful scenic area is Sai Kung District, there’s a Seafood Street where you can handpick life seafood, have the restaurant cook them any way you like and enjoy it in front of the sea. There’re many beautiful mountain trails in Hong Kong, there’s one that goes all the way down to Aberdeen from the Peak. It’ll take more than an hour to walk down. In Aberdeen lies the Chinese boat restaurant “JUMBO” in the middle sea which is awesome for some dim sum delicacies.

HK is renowned as the world’s shopping and dining paradise. You can eat like a billionaires, in the same token there’re many affordable places with unbelievable prices. HK has the cheapest McDonald’s prices on earth. A Cantonese wonton noodle soup is only around HK$15. A popular Chinese fast food chain all over the city, the De Coral Fast Food, with set meals under HK$30.

Buying brand names is popular in HK since the City boasts the only zero sales tax nor import tariffs in Asia, brand names are often 10% – 50% cheaper than anywhere else in the world. Street vendors or flea markets is another interesting shopping paradise, they have all sorts of products selling at knockoff prices, eg the Ladies Street, the evening Temple Street vendors in Kowloon side, Stanley Market in HK side etc. Small street shops in Mongkok and Causeway Bay Districts may give you surprises too. There’re also many street vendors located in inner side streets of Central District, Wan Chai District, near Johnston Road and Causeway Bay District that sell genuine factory exports “left-overs” at around US$5 for a branded T-shirt. Most prices in HK are fixed, you may be able to bargain a few $ though in small shops and street vendors. You will hardly find any fakes or copies in HK as the law enforcement is rather strict.
Everywhere in Hong Kong is well connected by its efficient and timely public transportation system, the MTR, big and mini buses. Cost is from under US$1 – $2 per ride. It’s easiest to travel by MTR which runs pass all the central shopping and business districts, then either connect to a bus or walk to your destination. Separate fares are charged for each ride. Star Ferry that crosses the Victoria Harbour, and the Island Tram that runs from the East (Shaukeiwan District) to the West (Kennedy Town) of the HK Island are only HK$2 per ride which is a must for tourists. If you like exploring on your own, simply follow the map, people on the streets always happy to offer directions. HK is one of the most foreigner-friendly cities on earth, plus lots of fun and excitement, visitors often find the place the most vibrant, exciting city that never sleeps, even when you get bored at 3 AM, you could go and have a drink in the bar or even have a delicious late snack. Convenience Stores are located in almost every corner of the main streets and are opened around the clock. The best of all, HK is extremely easy to get around being supported by affordable and well connected public transportation. Hongkongers are very responsive and efficient in their work that make shopping, dining or doing business a very wonderful experience. You’ll also notice that the people will automatically stand by the side when walking up and down the stairs and escalators, not blocking people behind. Check and have a wonderful stay!

Ken asks…

Cheap DVDs in Hong Kong or Beijing? Going to Hong Kong then Beijing for holiday, where should I get my cheap?

DVDs from? Hong Kong or Beijing?

Yaz answers:

If you are looking for copies,then between the two,Beijing.A street vendor outside the Silk Street,eg.will sell it for anything between 5-8 yuan,but if you are looking for a good quality one then you would be paying around 15-20 yuans,the best and largest collection of such DVD’s is in the Friendship Store in Sanlitun.

Linda asks…

Hong Kong Cheap Stuff?

In 2 weeks time I’ll be going to hong kong for a holiday. I know there are districts like the Mong Kok or Ladies’ Street that sells really cheap stuff. But I would like to have a rough idea on the range of prices for like an example a pair of shorts or their bags? Ty(:

Yaz answers:

I was there long ago, like 5 years. I’m not not sure if things are more expensive now. I guess you could buy shorts and bags at around HK$ 50 or cheaper.

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Cheap Holidays To Hong Kong Singles Holidays Over 50s
Cheap Holidays To Hong Kong Singles Holidays Over 50s

Saturday June 30 – Monday July 9, 2012

Cheap Holidays To Hong Kong Singles Holidays Over 50s

Cheap Holidays To Hong Kong Singles Holidays Over 50s

Your Questions About Cheap Flights To Taiwan

Ruth asks…

Hong Kong to Taiwan, Cheap Flights?

Which airlines will give me the cheapest fare for flights between Hong Kong & Taiwan? And are there travel websites you would recommend?
@ Igor. only gives you flight details departing the US. I am looking for flights between Hong Kong and Taipei.

Yaz answers:

China airline, cathay, eva, dragon air? Along with thai are all a few airline that will take u from tpe to hkg. I actually switched yahoo into yahoo- taiwan and if u read mandarin….click on travel and input the two destination and it gave me the above airline; since u didn’t specify time of travel and length of stay, i will leave u to the remain of ur reservation, then. Have u try any travel agency?!? They might give u a better insight or possible deals. Best of luck.

Ken asks…

cheap flights taiwan to europe?

Yaz answers:

One thing to remember is everyone has a different idea on what is “cheap”…..and many of those well-known “major” travel sites are owned by the same company, which means normally not much differences in their prices. And the problem with just checking those sites only, is you might miss out on great deals that may be available on another travel site!
To find “cheap” flights you have to think of these online travel sites like grocery stores or gas stations – they all sell the same thing, the only difference is their price. SO – Why pay more for the same thing the other guys are selling???
I suggest trying this online travel site to see if they any deals available:
Hope this helps!

Betty asks…

I need a really cheap flight to Taiwan from San Francisco?

I plan on going to school out in Taiwan for a little bit and it’s putting a pretty nice size dent in my wallet. I was wondering if anyone knew about any really cheap flights that could save me some cash???? Most flights to Taiwan are about $1100

Yaz answers:

It depends on when you plan to fly but I would check out China Airlines, United Airlines or Delta Airlines. Also visit and go to an Asian travel agency and see if they can help you. They can sometimes get really good deals.

Sandra asks…


hi guys some one can help me for find any cheap flight for taiwan from 1 or 2 or 3 august 2010 for taiwan taipen, with many transit too is ok, i don’t care if i have to do many transit and wait.

i have to back same month in the end of august 2010…

please help me for find all kind of flights



Yaz answers:

One site may be slightly lower than another but the supply and demand economic rule applies to all financial transactions…..make your purchase on reliability and common sense……what will work for you…….and……..your travel requirements…..always use trusted and ethical travel sites…….yahoo travel…….orbitz……travelocity……expidea or club type membership….AAA or AARP. Take a moment to make sure a cheap ticket is worthwhile and reliable……..I can’t recommend any one site…….its up to you to search and decide what is right for you.

Charles asks…

HELP CHEAP FLIGHTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

hello to all..

please someone can help me to find any cheap flight for TAIWAN-TAIPEI

i can take flight from milano malpenza, in italy!!!
because rome is very for me!!

i have to go there for meet my fiance, but cause money problem, i have to find any low cost tickects go and back for taiwan


i want to go there in in end of july and back about -21- 22-or 23- august

PLEASE HELP ME THIS IS LIFE OR DIE QUESTION PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :(

Yaz answers:

You can try

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Cheap Flights To Taiwan Singles Holidays Over 50s
Cheap Flights To Taiwan Singles Holidays Over 50s

Saturday June 30 – Monday July 9, 2012

Cheap Flights To Taiwan Singles Holidays Over 50s

Cheap Flights To Taiwan Singles Holidays Over 50s

Your Questions About Taipei Package

Robert asks…

What is places in Taipei that visitor shld not miss? where we can find cheap stuff in Taipei?

Planning to go taipei for holiday, but not on package base. so need to do some research before going.

Yaz answers:

(1) Taipei 101: World’s tallest buildiing
(2) Taiwan Museum 故宮:One of Five largest museum in the world
(3) Miniture Museum 袖珍博物館:Asia’s Larget Miniture Museum. Http://
(4) Eslite Book Store in Xin Yi: 誠品信義店:Taiwan’s Largest bookstore, a great hangout place to read~~
(5) Taipei Zoo 台北市立動物園:~~
(6) Tamshuei wharf go by MRT and see the best sunset.

MRT or Train Station “Taipei Main Station” underground shopping got lots of stuff you can buy. If you know how to bargain you can get some good deals.

Ruth asks…

Package from Taiwan to California?

How long (approximately) does it take for a package sent from Taipei, Taiwan to reach San Diego, California?

Yaz answers:

You better ask the post office or the company you trust to send the package. It’s different from one expedition company with the others.

Maybe less then 1 week.
Or you can pay more if you want to be arrive faster.

James asks…

how to get to Star Beauty Hotel in Shihlin Dist., Taipei from Taoyuan Intl Airport?

i’ve heard the airport taxi is far expensive… pls advise.. it’ll be our first time in Taipei & we’re not on a tour package… we just wanna try to do things on our own…

Yaz answers:

Chiou-nan is right however t would be better if you get off at the Yuanshan MRT stop (Same bus going to TMS) and then the MRT to Jiantan – one stop away.
It is a lot more convenient and less hassle than dragging your luggage through the Taipei Main Station to the MRT.

From Exit 1 of Jiantan Station, walk about 5 minutes to get to Star Beauty Hotel Taipei.

DIY in Taipei is fun. Except for the Longshan Temple,Martyr’s Shrine,National Palace Museum,CKS Mem Hall-most places with shops and malls open after 10.30am

Remember-buy an Easy Card-NTD500/- inclusive of the NTD100- deposit and use that for your MRT and city bus travels. Thee MRT Info booth has plenty of free maps and guides in English showing you how to get about Taipei easily.

Betty asks…

is there any travel offers trip to hehuanshan national forest recreation area taiwan?

I will visit Taiwan in January and February, i want to get into Hehuanshan mountain but because i’m a foreigner i just don’t know how to get into there. I’m planning to go by train or take a trip by tours&travel agent. Is there any travel agent offers a trip to hehuanshan national forest recreation area in taiwan?in Taiwan i will stay in Taipei, so i’m looking for a travel agent in Taipei which has a trip package to hehuanshan.

Yaz answers:

Greetings. I live in Hualien, only 30 minutes from Taroko Gorge Nt’l Park and the hwy that leads up to Hehuanshan. My wife is a local aboriginal and English teacher; she has been to Hehuanshan several times, and she is willing to take on the task of arranging your itinerary. We will need further info related to your request; e.g., number of persons, travel dates, etc. Please contact me via the link on my Y!A profile if you wish to engage our assistance.


Carol asks…

Places in Taiwan (Taipei) that must not be missed? Any Recommendations?

I juz get married and will b gg for my honeymoon end of next mth crossing over to 2007. Its a 7Ds trip package tour which covers Taipei (shilin market, 101 Taipei etc), Hualien, Kaoshiung etc. I hv 1 day which is at only lesiure in Taipei. I am wondering where can I go during the free time. Is there any other famous places in taipei where i can get cheap electronics, clothings (wholesalers?) as well as theme parks in taipei itself? Hw abt Kaosiung and Hualien too? Cos we will have some leisure time after the tour which ends ard evening time, we would llike to make full use of the nite time we have by probably visiting more night markets n shopping malls. Any local delights/food stuffs to recommend which we can buy and bring back as gifts for frens/relatives?

Yaz answers:

Places not to be missed:

1. Guang Hua Shopping Complex (Electronics, VCDs, DVDs, comics and story books.)
2. Wu Fen Pu (for whoslesale clothes, no trying allowed though)
3. Eslite Bookshop Cheng Pin Shu Ju(books! Some outlets are opened 24 hours)
4. Shopping at Mitsukoshi, and Tien Mu District.
5. Visit their 7-11 convenience shops. (Very different and sell lots of nice food)

1. Iron Egg (Tie Dan)
2. Beef Noodles
3. Street Hawkers for food like smelly beancurd, fried chicken, oysters mee sua etc.
4. Try their nice bottled drink: Rose Tea.

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Taipei Package Singles Holidays Over 50s
Taipei Package Singles Holidays Over 50s

Saturday June 30 – Monday July 9, 2012

Taipei Package Singles Holidays Over 50s

Taipei Package Singles Holidays Over 50s

Your Questions About Hong Kong Vacation Packages

Paul asks…

Whats the cheapest way to find a vacation package to Hong kong?

If I wanted to vacation in Hong Kong for about 4 or 5 days, What would be the cheapest and best way to find the best package? Expedia,Travelocity, or Price line. Any ideas would be helpful.

Yaz answers:

I think will be a good choice for tour packages.

Thomas asks…

Anybody know of any hong kong vacation or tour packages?

Yaz answers:

Cathay Pacific and Dragonair offer great Hong Kong packages (airfares + hotels). Simply click onto the airlines’ websites or, enjoy! Check and have a wonderful trip!

Charles asks…

I will in Hong Kong for a few extra, where can I find package to go elsewhere?

I will in Hong Kong for a few extra, where can I find package to go elsewhere? websites?
Like short vacation package to Tapei, Japan or Thailand????


Yaz answers:

Silvermist, I work for a company called Gate 1 Travel and we specialize in guided and independent tours of many countries. Our services may be of interest to you. Have a look at our website for more information:

Ken asks…

Want to travel to Hong Kong?

Hi, my name is Carlos and I’m an American. When I was 7 years old I saw Jean Claude Van Damm in the film Bloodsport. Aside from the action and martial arts there was something else that made an impression on me, Hong Kong. I still remember thinking to myself seeing Van Damm at the peak over looking the city, that one day I would get an opportunity to see it for myself. Well, I feel my time has come, and plan on taking a vacation to Hong Kong soon. But before I get ahead of myself and purchase a vacation package I would like to get a few questions answered first.

1. When is financially the best time of year to travel?

2. Based upon the weather when is it best to travel?

3. Based upon what holidays is it best to travel?

Any help would be greatly appreciated 😎


Yaz answers:

1. Two major expenses, airfare and accommodation. For airfare, check Expedia, try to different departure date and airlines to find the cheapest ticket. Delta, United and Cathay offer direct flights
from the midwest to Hong Kong over the North Pole. Hotels are very expensive in HK, even more so than New York city. Avoid Christmas and Chinese New Year, if you are young, you can search for Hostels that provide just beds. These are not very nice places to stay but they are safe and you can save a lot of money.

2. Hong Kong is very hot and wet in summer. The best time of the year is from October to December

3. U.S. Thanksgiving is the best time.

Maria asks…

what’s the best inexpensive hotel in hong kong?

i plan to go to hong kong some time this year..and im trying to find the best vacation package (best = inexpensive and comfortable and enjoyable)

Yaz answers:

Hotel accomodations is included in package tours so you don’t need to worry looking for a Hotel.Travel agencies offer package tour hotels included, But if you wish to know or you got only airline tickets, you can make a reservation on Guandong 4 star Hotel in Central HongKong. Air condition rooms with 2 Beds and Bathroom, 3 nights and 4 days breakfast included for US$ 250.00.

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Hong Kong Vacation Packages Singles Holidays Over 50s
Hong Kong Vacation Packages Singles Holidays Over 50s

Saturday June 30 – Monday July 9, 2012

Hong Kong Vacation Packages Singles Holidays Over 50s

Hong Kong Vacation Packages Singles Holidays Over 50s

Your Questions About Best Hong Kong Travel Deals

Mary asks…

What should I do with my life?

OK. I have been teaching in a school district here in California for the past 3.5 years. Being a new teacher, they have moved my grade level and school site every year. I am SICK of it. I feel like I am burning out. I have begun to despise my job and do not look forward to it like I used to. I am worrying about my students 24/7….correcting papers, planning lessons and tests, dealing with school politics, etc. I have been thinking if this is really the path for me. Oh yeah, I am 29. So…I have asked to take a leave of absence to clear my head. I have recently taken an ESL course so that I could teach overseas. I have taught English abroad for a year in China for one year back in 2004…and loved it. I am considering teaching abroad in Hong Kong or Tokyo for two years, then maybe go to a different country to teach. I love travel, and feel that this is best for me. However, if I do this, I will lose my tenure at my current school site. I will not have pension, or all that retirement stuff.
My issue is whether I should go for my passion (travel) and teach abroad, or stick with something stable. Even though I hate it, I will be working for the money. Is that a good reason to work? Ugh. I am 80% sure that I want to travel abroad, but worry about how I will survive when I am like 60 and ready to retire….what would I have to support me then? :S Any suggestions? Thanks~

Yaz answers:

Do something you hate and it will burn you out. How about learning how to invest in long term Mutual Funds there some that have been stable over many years. There should be a way to put a % of money away for retirement. My boy shares your passion for traveling. I decieded to let him travel one summer by himself at sixteen I was nervous . But he took to it had a great time. He now is in his third year at a University on the Dean’s list and figured out how to pay for it. Won money on want to be a millionaire now going broke just got notice to try for Jeopardy college. He dreams then makes it happen. At the moment doing a internship at the U.S. Embassy in Nicaragua. Life is full of risks but the rewards can be much. Find a way to make your dream comes true. As a English teacher and if you have email listed I’ll send you his link to his travel journal Remember at the time he was sixteen I think you will find it interesting

Mandy asks…

Need help with Asia travelling in summer 2010?

Next summer my boyfriend and I plan on travelling to China, Japan, and South Korea.
I am having a hard time figuring out cheap flights.
I will be flying from Newark or any of the NYC airports around June 29 or 30, 2010.

What route should we take to get the lowest airfare for these cities:

Beijing, China
Chengdu, China
Hong Kong
Tokyo, Japan
Seoul, Korea

We will spend about a week in each country.
Time is not an issue really, I just want to get the best deal.
I would also like airline suggestions or anything else helpful for that matter.

Thank you!

Yaz answers:

Air tickets prices fluctate according to season and time of year. As you’re going to 3-4 places in Asia, the slow/peak season may not coincide in all of the places. Each airline will have its special promotion fares according to its own schedule of the year so it’s difficult to say which airline is the cheapest. However Dragonair’s and Cathay Pacific’s services are among the best in Asia.

June is usually a slow season in Asia but end of June may be somewhat in between, so you better book your seats by February the latest in order to get the cheapest fare available.

Hong Kong is a great place to visit, as confirmed by a recent CNN poll. It’s also the only tax free city in Asia. Check and Enjoy your trip!

John asks…

What’s the deal with H1N1 (a.k.a. Swine Flu)?

Here’s my take on it:

Isn’t H1N1 basically a strain of flu? You treat it like a normal flu, and it has the same mortality rate as the normal flu some people get every year. So pretty much, for every person that dies from H1N1, there’s another person who will die from the “regular” flu strain.


Well, I’m leaving for Hong Kong/China in the next two days, and all my relatives have been freaking out. They warn us that we shouldn’t come because it’s DANGEROUS.

The only downside I can see to this is if the disease spreads to helpless third world countries, and/or slums/ghettos/etc, because of the lack of resources.

Other than that, WHAT IN THE WORLD IS THE DEAL??! Is it really that bad? Or is it just political hype? Why is everyone making such a big deal out of it?

It honestly just feels like a political scam to brainwash our minds into stopping/halting/slowing immigration and emigration, and vacations, and basic traveling. I don’t see the need to freak out. I get the flu every year, this is just happens to be a weird strain of some-sort.

But I need to know what I should be believing out there.

Thanks guys! (Best answer to the person that solves my problem/question)
I will probably conclude FOR MYSELF after I have taken everyone’s opinion/statements into account.

I don’t waver the life of my family through Yahoo! Answers. I am trying to find a reasonable argument when my relatives start acting really ridiculous towards H1N1, so I can explain to them, with confidence. That the strain is literally JUST THE FLU (but right now I feel as if I am the only one that feels this way, the rest of the U.S. has pretty much ignored it unless someone has died)

Yaz answers:

It’s definitely spreading out here. Australia has the most cases. Here in Thailand things are heating up. We have human to human transmission now in a school and in some discos for sure. Two Taiwanese came here for a vacation and as they arrived back in Taiwan the Taiwanese checked them. They registered in having the flu so Thailand was informed and the Thai government went to a resorts are and people are starting to test positive there. It’s here and spreading quickly enough now. I don’t think you can stop it. You are either going to get it here in asia or back in the states. The fear about this flu has more to due with its ability to mutate faster than other flu strains. There are some expectations that it will mutate in to a more deadly strain which our current treatment will not be ready for. At that point people may die much more often. But it is very possible that won’t happen.

Donald asks…

Is it ok to have a “back up” bridesmaid?

Here’s the deal, my older sister is an english teacher and she travels for her job. She is currently home but her next job will take her to Hong Kong in December. She’s pretty sure she won’t be home for my wedding in May. She was supposed to be my matron of honor but since she’s pretty much skipped out on dress shopping and helping in every other way, I think I’m going to have my best friend be my MOH. I still want my sister in the wedding but she’s almost positive that she won’t be able to come. She wants me to change the date to a month later so she can be there, but the thing is, I had the date picked before she decided to go to China and she knew about it. Is it ok to ask one of my friends to be a back up bridesmaid in case my sister doesn’t show? Or would it be better just to plan on my sister not being there?
I don’t want to change the date. It has significance to my fiancé and me. And she knew about it before hand. This is why I’m angry with her. My MOH will be my best friend but I’m not sure if I should count my sister out of my wedding party or cut the party down in size or what.

Yaz answers:

If you have another friend you would like to ask, just ask her. It may put your bridal party out of balance number-wise, but many people have different numbers of guys and girls. If you end up with one extra bridesmaid, just have one groomsman walk two girls into the reception. If you sister can’t make it, then you’re still even in numbers.

Nancy asks…

Can any profession in graphic design help me revise my personal statement?

After so many years immersed in the field of art, I once again look back and find that the little girl was always sitting in the art room. What does she pursue? What her life is missing? I answered my question today, and this is why I choose to apply this programme. I love art, I really do. Frankly, I think art has become a part of my life, but I still want more, like expanding the depth of my creative thinking and broaden the width of my vision. Therefore, I need a ladder leading me to another gradation and I look forward to this day.

I studied for a Higher Diploma in Visual Communication in Hong Kong, which I achieved in 2006. During this course I gained knowledge and skills in various aspects of graphic design and enjoy every minute of it. I especially like typography, corporate identity, branding and photography. Sometimes I am looking for a simple and original way to execute my work instead of using the computer, the principle of design help me a lot in this category. I would love to create innovative works with my unique styles. I always have great passion in this and I would like to turn it into a successful career.

After I finished the higher diploma, I have worked for a few companies, the first job I got is a small graphic design agency. I create design items for my clients, such as calendar, wine packaging, logos. It is an interesting job because I can create different kinds of design work. But I got a chance to work for a large enterprise soon after, this enterprise is doing a good business, which I think I have more things to learn, and then I changed my job. I was a junior graphic designer in that company and my superior is a creative director, in the early stage, most of the time I was doing simple design layouts such as posters, flyers and some cut and paste artworks, but I learnt the important of teamwork when I work with many colleagues, and my superior taught me a lot. I always had a chance to work in an exhibition or large event afterwards. I used to create billboard in railway station and the exit of the tunnel. My work had a high exposure in that project which I was really proud of it, although in the days of retrospect this is not a big deal because I progress and those training made me mature.

I am an outgoing person. In my spare time, I enjoy swimming. I also enjoy traveling to different countries and taking beautiful photographs, which can enhance my cultural understanding and make me more open-minded as an individual. I have also been to many exhibitions such as Hong Kong Heritage Museum recently. There is an exhibition called ‘Pixar: 25 Years of Animation’. Steve Jobs always inspire me, he is a successful person who got talents and has the knowledge between art and business in my mind. The exhibition has shown the development of each animation and it is amazing. I most appreciate the arrangement on the composition, lighting, coloring and storyline of their animation. Also, I love writing story too, I write my own stories in my spare time. Publishing a book is one of my dreams, from writing, designing to publishing, even marketing, I started to do this for a while and I wish my dream would come true one day, yet I knew that still a long way to go because I still have many things to learn.

Thought my years in school I learnt how to try my best to achieve what I am aiming. I am very much looking forward to this new chapter of my life with the intellectual challenges and the social opportunity that will be open to me. I pursue the depth of learning art, to cultivate how to observe things and how to execute things in a better way. I believe university is the best place to link up different kinds of people and sharing something same – looking for an ideal life and a better environment for independent work. I truly look forward to honing my artistic skills at Middlesex University and facing the future with confidence.

Yaz answers:

A couple of things that I would change. First, begin with a better attention grabber. You may want to start with some kind of story. Something that engages the reader.

I have no idea why you included the sentence that you enjoy swimming.

I don’t have time right now to really edit your statement, but if you email it to me, I will have more time to spend on it.

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