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George asks…

Singles Travel Experts? For a 2-3 Day Trip Leaving NYC?

I’m a 40-something single guy in NYC and am looking for a vacation idea over July 4th, 2010. Ideally I’d like to swim, run, get some sun. Meeting a girl isn’t my chief goal, but I’m not opposed to it either. A cruise really appeals to me, but it’s such a short amount of time for a trip. Any ideas? I don’t mind flying somewhere (Miami was a thought, but it’s humid and rainy now) and grabbing a cruise. Anyone have any suggestions? Thanks!

Yaz answers:

Los Angeles, Las Vegas, or Lake Havisu.
Excellent outdoor activities, fun night life, pretty scenery, good looking women.
Sun.. Hike.. Swim.

Check out Best Single Travel. They have loads of specials for singles in their 30s, 40s, 50s, and active 60s.

Lizzie asks…

Is it pointless to have loads of money after age 40?

Now, answer this truthfully. What is the point of making a lot of money past age 40

-You can’t go to clubs or anything and if you do…your middles aged……. hence lame

-Buying a cool car doesn’t make you cool cause your old…

-any chick that is older than 35 and still single has lower standards anyway….no need to impress the ladies around your age

-What type of vacations are you going to go on? Wait…your over freaking 40….no dating any bikini babes for you

The only point is to save for retirement…..THAT’S it..

Woah….I am surprised at the responses I got

Stepen K- Ya, walk into a club and walk as your saggy,wrinkly boobs roll around the dance floor.

Young is cool old is not.

You guys DO make an interesting point about hobbies. I guess it’s good to make money to be able to DO stuff.

Yaz answers:


You are very very young. This is not really the site for you, but I will answer.

You can always use more money at any age. Sorry if that sounds crude, but it’s true. When you turn forty, maybe you want to take up rock climbing or horseback riding or some other new hobby. And those hobbies take money for you to be able to enjoy them, like say, buying your own horse and land at some point.

Or if you got deathly ill, you’d need the money to pay for hospital bills. Or maybe a relative needs help paying medical bills. You can use it to buy a house, take up boating, travel across country in a camper, etc. Or maybe you want to take that vacation to Spain or England, wherever, that you never got to take when you were younger. Oh and don’t forget, helping your kids pay for college. Haha.

There’s always a use to have a nice reserve of cash just in case, or just for the sake of having fun with new things. There’s endless possibilities. =)

William asks…

British over 25 especially men, is it flirting or friends to add an x (kiss) after your name when you text?

New male friend 40 single sends me texts (platonic) with an x after his name. I’m a married woman but we are just friends that met several months ago on vacation. He’s British. I’m american. I’ve never seen this from my american friends…but I don’t text very often either!

Yaz answers:

It’s very very common in the UK for a male to put a kiss on the end of a text to a woman. Doesn’t matter who your texting. Also the women here put a kiss at the end as well when texting men. It’s not flirting or anything. I’ve had this problem with an american friend who is a girl.

Sharon asks…

Guys 18 or over, I’m married, he’s single – are the rules different for our friendship?

I met a man from UK 6 months ago while on vacation here in the US. I am married and he is single. We developed a friendship and emailed a couple times a month. I gave him my cell number and he started to text me and then called me around christmas. Since then we have started calling one another and speak on the phone every couple weeks. ( he stopped emailing as I think calling is easier for him to call – he initiated the texting and calling, I was happy w/email) We were taking turns contacting each other. Sometimes I will think to text him or email him something related to a conversation, but stop myself for fear of him thinking I like him romantically and contacting too much. But with a girl friend I wouldn’t think twice.

Often the women on this site say “yeah no problem having male friends”, but the guys always say otherwise…they always want more. I’m also not sure why this guy wants to be my friend since I don’t really bring anything to the table in terms of an interesting life, work, etc. But he says I’m “witty and charming” so I guess I have some likeable attribute. He is very successful, handsome, albeit commitment phobic since he is still 40 and single lol…But I think it’s cool to have a friend in another country and we talk about interesting things that I don’t have the opportunity for normally.

Are the rules different in guy/girl friendships. This is a new friendship and we don’t really know eachother very well so any insight you can add is appreciated.

My husband knows we are friends.
brucie: I’m attractivebut that shouldnt have anything to do with it.

Yaz answers:

Anything more than friends is a no no. Even if he is from another country. You are married.

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