Your Questions About Single Holidays Over 50

Linda asks…

any over 50 single people out there can recommend a holiday or web site for cheap singles holidays?

I am fed up with searching the web for a decently priced holiday for a single traveller. Can anyone out there over 50 recommend a holiday or web site that offers holidays at not stupid prices to somewhere warm

Yaz answers:

We’ve got a range of prices of singles holidays for people over 50. The most affordable rates are the weekend getaways. Since these packages don’t include airfare, you can get cheap fares at sites like FareBuzz, or click on the link at the top to find out secrets from a fired travel agent on how you can get extremely low priced fares from any airline.

Joseph asks…

Singles holidays?

Can anyone rcommend a singles holiday for someone over 50? Being newly divorced I need to get away but don’t want to spend my holiday feeling lonely while all around are couples and families having fun.

Yaz answers:

You have found the place!

Check the latest trips on the sidebar, or browse the full selection at Best Single Travel.

William asks…

Is every sweepstake/raffle/draw/lottery a swindle?

I’ve bought so many tickets for cars, holidays, even Xmas hampers, that I could paper my walls with them. Over 50 years of never winning a single thing. Statistically I should’ve won something. So are they all crooked?

Yaz answers:

Not every one is a swindle, but your odds of winning anything are low-usually millions to 1.
Save your money and use it for yourself.

Daniel asks…

Are you a SWOFTY? Are you enjoying life?

Single Woman Over Fifty. Couples over 50 who’s children have left home are splitting in record numbers to seek thrills and Independence.. Women in this age group are suddenly realising they are alone with their partner and actually want something else from life other than a mundane existence and looking after him. Oh dear! The lure of exotic holidays and new experiences is making them kick over the traces but looking after their finances is one drawback as some haven’t ever paid even household bills. Some of you will have Mums in this age group, are they enjoying life or just living in it?
Jess, they can always ring my mobile! It works everywhere except for some strange reason in the Bahamas! Perhaps i’ll go there again next!

Yaz answers:

Though I’m no SWOSTY, I have some good friends who are.

One went to The Gambia a couple of years ago and told me she was amazed at how many women ‘of a certain age’ were indulging with the locals.

Still, they all seemed to have a smile on their faces, according to her!!!

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Single Holidays Over 50

Searching for Single Holidays? Over 50? Then you have found the right place.

Lots of Reasons for Travelling Alone

There are many reasons why you may be taking a holiday by yourself. You may be single, or you may need some time away from family and work commitments, to recharge and rediscover yourself.


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Single Holidays Over 50

Specialized Single Holidays Over 50

Going with a regular travel and tour agent is probably not the best way you should take your vacation. You need a company that specializes in providing single holidays over 50.

By booking through here, you will not be charged an additional “singles supplement”, either.

Travelling with people around your own age — solo travellers who were also in their 20s in the 1980s — will be great fun. You may not really want to be around other families, or a lot of younger singles whose interests may be far different from your own.

Single Holidays Over 50

By being with others who are also over 50 on single holidays, you won’t be out of place. All too often in other travel groups, solo travellers are seen as somehow “lacking”. There is a bit of awkwardness, and sometimes stupid questions are asked.

That won’t happen when you book specialised single holidays over 50. Instead, you will be surrounded by others who share your zeal for life, joy in discovering new places and meeting new people, who are comfortable with themselves, and share similar life experiences and tastes.

Open to New Experiences

You may be single and open to romance. While these single holidays over 50 are not meant to be dating services, it is not unusual for romances to blossom. The main goal, however, is to provide you with an enjoyable experience.

You may simply want to spend some time alone, rethink where you are in your life, get away from it all and come back with a new perspective. Single holidays are perfect for that.

Maybe you wanted to visit a special place for your whole life and never got a chance to do so before. Now is the best time to fulfill those dreams.

Challenging yourself on a Kenyan Safari, looking at ancient ruins in Macchu Picchu, immersing yourself in bustling Thailand, experiencing the history and romance of Greece and the Mediterranean, crusing down the Nile River and experiencing the wonders of the Pyramids, or having a great time in Las Vegas … whatever you want, there is a singles holiday over 50 for you.

If you have any special needs, let the agent know and they will do their best to accommodate you. If you want to meet your fellow travellers before you go, log in to the special Facebook page.

Take time out, discover the world, re-discover yourself, live life to the fullest! Enjoy your single holidays over 50. Click on the links to find the right package for you.

The booking deadlines for the great singles holidays featured on the right are almost here, so make sure you book now to secure your place.

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 Single Holidays Over 50

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