Your Questions About Singles Holidays 30s

Sandy asks…

I am thinking about going on a 20s-30s singles adventure holiday – can anyone recommend a good one?

Yaz answers:

Always fancied going on a travelbag tour but never got around to it! They have a good reputation and deal with individuals groups and alsorts!

John asks…

singles holiday for one person.among like minded people.male over 30s?

single male age 35.would like holiday in europe with like minded club 18 to 30s but not into clubbing and power drinking.loves sunning on beach and water sports

Yaz answers:

Bite the bullet and go alone! I am in my 40s and have been going abroad on my own since I was 18. You can always find someone to talk to, by the pool, at the beach, at the welcome meeting or on an organised trip. It can be a bit pricier going alone if you don’t go with a specialised company, but sometimes the singles holidays I’ve seen advertised are even dearer. Having said that, the holiday I went on last month cost me £160 for the week – that was Costa Brava, peak season in a 3 star hotel. Go on, be brave!

 If you check out Best Single Travel (click the link) they have specialised tours for 18-35 year olds. But if you  don’t want the binge drinking, “party hard”, university type stuff, you might consider going on a singles tour for 30s and older. Check out the link below for that.

Danielle asks…

Any suggestions for short holidays (under 10 days) for single women in their late 30s, this winter?

Going back to work on Jan 8. In Canada only. Not too lavish. No sex please. Any ideas about dog-sledding trips in the northern part of the country are also welcome (for beginners).

Yaz answers:

Pack up your skis, jump on a WestJet flight to Calgary.. Take the Airport Shuttle to Lake Louise, Kananaskis, Banff…. If you’re not a skiier then just enjoy the scenery (boys included), take a tour on the Icefields Parkway.. Tons of stuff and great places to stay out here… Tons of people (single and otherwise) doing the same thing, those that live near and those that come from far. Dog sledding out here as well as you mentioned, perhaps in Northern Saskatchewan as well. That is a little more remote, here is a big tourist area and you wont lose any comforts unless you want to. Rent a cabin, stay in a hotel (budget to extreme), or camp year round.

Check it out on the web.. Keywords travel Banff, travel Kananaskis, etc etc..

James asks…

Things to do when single for the holidays!?

I am a 28 year old single male from NY. I was wondering what most single people do on the holidays when all of their friends are with their balls and chains (girlfriends/wives). Some people have suggested double dating, attending parties with other couples etc. The thing is, I don’t date as I don’t get the point of it. I don’t like people touching me or vice versa. Maybe it’s because I haven’t met the right girl yet. Most of them are trash these days you know! Because of this reality I haven’t even been able to experience my first kiss yet. I also have not gone on a date for about 5 years. I have gone on a grand total of 2 dates in my entire life too. So dating is pretty much out for the holidays? What is a good thing to do? I was thinking about maybe gambling or going out for coffee, etc. And why are people getting into serious relationships so early in life, especially now that the life expectancy has gone up considerably? If I try dating again, it will be in my 30s.

Yaz answers:

Well, I’ll leave some of the glaring issues aside for now. But in your case, just dating is not a good idea to spend holidays… You should travel around the world. May be you will find someone special without looking for one. And if not, you’ll have a good time.

Singles Holidays 30s

Singles Holidays 30s

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