Your Questions About Singles Cruises Over 40

Ken asks…

Any recommendations for cruises specifically for over 40 singles (older, but not old singles)?

Some of my friends and I would just like to take short cruises and trips that are geared for older, mature singles. Older doesn’t mean old! Mid 40‘s is mature, but certainly not old, and we don’t want to be stuck on a cruise with a bunch of “kids” or “senior citizens” but would prefer a clientele composed of our own age group. We live in NYC and love to party, dance, drink, swim and soak up the sun’s rays, sports, etc., but we’re committed to not doing so with “kids” or “senior citizens.” We’ve researched only a few singles cruises and found their pictorials very disappointing in that the clientele may be single, but obviously too young or too old.

Yaz answers:

You really have to go for a specialized travel agent, like Best Single Travel.

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A travel agent that specializes in cruises will really help. You won’t have to pay an expensive “singles supplement”, for one.

If you want to try other options, I would definitely stay away from Carnival and Disney. Both are popular for families and younger people. While adults still enjoy both lines, you will want to avoid them if you don’t want kids on board.

Royal Caribbean is going to have a slightly older crowd than Disney and Carnival, but still will have quite a few families on board. But, I believe this will be a line that could possibly work for you.

Princess is going start to go a little over your age range. It is a little more expensive and little more classy than the other three lines I mentioned. I would say the average age is around 40 or 50, so as far as age this may be a good line for you. However, if you are really wanting to party, I don’t know how much you would enjoy this particular line.

Norweigan may also be an option. I think they would have an average age of around 40 on board. Not too many kids, adults not too old, etc. So this may be a line to consider as well.

The best thing to do is look for lines that have the fewest children’s activities. These will be the lines with the fewest kids on board. Also, try going during the school year, this way most kids will still be in school and fewer will be on board.

Finally, I recommend look at for lots of reviews on different lines as well as boats. They also have a great message board where you can chat with other people about cruises.

Hope this helps!

George asks…

What’s the best cruise / cruise line for singles over 40?

All of the singles cruises I’ve found cater to either 1) 20 to 30-somethings; or 2) seniors. Isn’t there anything in between? I’m just interested in hanging out with fun, energetic, intelligent people around my age!

Yaz answers:

That is a great question…….

Best Single Travel specialises in Singles Vacations for Singles in their 30s 40s 50s & Active 60s

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But if the cruises they have on offer right now don’t fit your schedule or where you’d like to go, it might be a bit of a drag.

I’ve suggested getting a blog together to find groups of people who want to cruise together. Carnival is very inexpensive right now, for september. Http:// and I see a lot of our aged people mixing and migeling on there… And besides the 20-30 somethings have to go back to school / work in September. Check out the blog on that page and maybe suggest a travel group of single 40 somethings! Hope I’ve helped you out!

Carol asks…

Serching Hawaii cruise for 2 single women over 40?

Yaz answers:

I’m sorry I don’t have a link for a Hawaii cruise, but I do have one for a Greek Island Hopping cruise and Egyptian and Nile Cruise specially for singles over 40.

It is here:

(The booking deadline for the Nile cruise is 1 February.)

It is a great experience.

Charles asks…

Is it harder to find a date as a single man over 40, or a single woman over 40?

I had a conversation with a lady friend this weekend and I would like to know some other opinions. I say it is harder for men. A 40 year old man in a cruising for women is kinda sad. Women just have to pick a guy to go home with where men can’t just pick a woman it does not work that way. You got to be tall, good looking, in shape, house car job you name it. Women just have to be fat in the right places. Guys have it much harder in my opinion because being a good man has nothing to do with the man that women want.

Yaz answers:

At 40, you do have to have a job and a car helps too :) My single friends think it is easier for women. In her words, she’s not fat (lol) but is 40. She has been dating a man for 9 months and in the mean time she was asked out almost every day by someone else. (They are newly engaged. Good for them.) She tells me that she thinks  it is also harder to get “rid” of a man when you want out of a relationship than it is for a man.

Good luck guy~the term “cruisin for women” won’t get you a lot of dates either :( I think at that point most women want some type of reliable man in their life.

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