Your Questions About Holidays For Singles Over 60

Steven asks…

are there any decent holidays for over 60’s singles wanting to enjoy good company without being overpowering

Not looking for Spiritual fulfilment, not looking particularly to develop new arty crafty skills, just to enjoy good standard of mixed company that can be fun.

Yaz answers:

I would suggest that a Cruise would be your best idea – lots of nice people to meet and then you are all in the same place and visiting thoughout your time onboard.

Check out Best Single Travel. They specialise in holidays for singles over 60, and you don’t have to pay an expensive “singles supplement” like you do with other travel agents.

Click on the link below for more info:

Singles Holidays Over 50s

Holidays For Singles Over 60

Lizzie asks…

What is the best company that offers holiday for single people over the age of 60 ?

Yaz answers:

There a number of them, but I recommend Best Single Travel. (Click on the link above.)

You can check others, though. Another well  known specialists for “over 50’s” holidays must surely be Saga holidays, who also have a dedicated section for single travellers –
Another company possibly worth taking a look at is “JustYou” who also cater for single travellers of all ages.

Mandy asks…

60 years old, single, what to do on the coming holidays?

are women interested? i don,t want to spend the holidays alone, but i don,t mind if i do. but it would be nice to have company, female company, i am not a spendthrift, but i am not a high roller, i don,t go for the dinner scene or movie scene, so anyway, what is there to do over the holidays with or without a nice companion, any ideas, for yuma arizona, holidays, meaning ThanksGiving, Christmas and anywhere from now til then? should i pick a destination and just get up and go? France China, which one? or locally, some state, in the southern part of the usa? which one?? thanks for all and any ideas and comments, all is appreciated
i have yet to travel to and visit France or China, what are they like this time of the year? i would like to stay for at least three months. just want to get on a plane and buy what i need when i get there, which is the place to do this easier? but i would also like tips about what to do locally while in yuma arizona, in the next few weeks, thanks again

Yaz answers:

I have travelled alone for many years. Currently I enjoy putting my car on a train and then driving around the chosen destination, staying at backpackers hostels, or camping (small tent easy to put up, takes no room in the car). At each place overseas, I take a tour, preferably a water trip as it is so soothing. On tours, there is company, so a day trip or two-day trip helps get in touch with people again.


Singles Holidays Over 50s

Holidays For Singles Over 60

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