Your Questions About Adventure Holidays For Singles

Ruth asks…

where can i find good singles holidays for young people?

I am late 20s and single and looking for a holiday with other young people. Every singles holidays seems to be an activity or adventure holiday and I really want somewhere hot, with some nightlife but most importantly to relax.

Yaz answers:

You might consider a “Singles” cruise? I’m sure there are some that go to the Caribbean or somewhere just as warm. I’ve been on a Caribbean cruise and it was great. During the day you can relax in the sun on the ship, and if you’ve docked somewhere (we stopped at Key West, and Nassau Bahamas) you can go ashore and have some fun on land. Then at night the ships always have something to do (casinos, bars, pretty much everything).

Robert asks…

Why should I go on a much needed holiday as a single woman?

Where should I go on a much needed break as a single woman?
I am a 26 year old woman and I’m looking to go away this summer for two / three weeks on a much needed break.

I am newly single and don’t want to wait for my friends to make travel plans so have decided to go away on my own. My budget is £750-£1025 and would need to cover everything.

I want to be surrounded by nature but also meet some other travellers along the way. I am looking for an adventure but in a bit of a shoestring. I have travelled on my own throughout north America and south east Asia in my early twenties so I’m looking for somewhere new to go. I’ve also been to Cuba, Mexico, Greece and turkey. Any suggestions would be much appreciated. I want to use my saved up money wisely and be safe when I travel as a single woman.


Yaz answers:

Check out Best Single Travel. They also have singles vacations packages for 18-35 year olds.

Ken asks…

has anyone been on a horse riding holiday?

Hello and I wondered if anyone could help me.

I was going on holiday with some friends but they can not go anymore due to money. However I still want to get away for 3 or so weeks.
I am in late twenties, single and want to go on a horse riding adventure holiday abroad (outside uk). I will be by myself as none of my close friends share my love for riding, so would want to meet people and have lots of fun. I wondered if there were any Riding holidays tailored to younger people in their 20’s and 30’s? I have had a look online without much success. I do ride although I would say I was a novice as I only do it once a week and do not have my own horse, but I am very passionate about horse riding and absoloutly love it.

Has anybody been on or know of a riding holiday that might be suitable?

Many Thanks


Yaz answers:

Sounds like Prince Charles’ honeymoon night!….

Sandra asks…

Where should I go on holiday? Choice between Egypt, Morocco, Jordan or Oman?

I’ve got 12 days off work in February and have some spare cash to go on holiday somewhere a bit more exotic than usual. I’m single so I thought I’d try one of these group adventure holidays where you can do trekking, camel safaris, sleeping out in the desert in tents etc. I’ve been having a look online and come up with 4 possible destinations that I fancy- Egypt, Morocco, Jordan and Oman. I don’t know anything about any of these places (especially Oman) and don’t know anyone who’s been before. Does anyone have any recommendations, hints, tips, advice? Half of the adventure is going someone totally new and experiencing it for myself, but I could just do with a prod in the right direction! Thanks.

Yaz answers:

Been to all 4.

Egypt is full of history. Pyramids are a must (but be prepared to feel ashamed of the conditions of this world site!) and a trip on one of the river cruise ships along the Nile to the other historic sites. A MUST is a visit to Abu Simbal (go by plane – not coach! Even though more expensive), especially the secret in the side door……

Morocco – not impressed with.

Oman – very interesting/mountainous – especially the roundabouts!!!!!!!

Jordan – Petra is absolutely incredible! As is a visit into Wadi Rum (total wilderness)!

My order of preference (assuming you haven’t already been there) has to be Egypt. Then Jordan, Oman, Morocco.

Mandy asks…

Recommendations on the best european Holiday for myself and my 6yo son ?? please?

ok im am looking to give my 6yo son a holiday of lifetime as this will be our first one ever.
i am a single mum and it will be just the 2 of us going.
im looking for all suggestions and experiences for a Holiday that will keep my little lad active and happy.
Anything from package to adventure holiday as he is happy as long as he has constantly got something to do.
please bare in mind travel time and how long a very busy 6yo lad could cope (or how much i could cope keeping him sat still) !! lol

:- Ideally somewhere hot !!
:- if you could add a rough idea of what your Holiday cost overall, and what you got for that.
:- the “Must See and Must Miss” things you experienced

please feel free to write even the smallest of detail as they can be very helpful also

Thanks all

Yaz answers:

Come to sunny Cyprus!!

Protaras is a great famil-friendly resort, with most of the hotels situated along the shoreline of some great sandy beaches; Fig Tree Bay and Flamigo Bay etc, and all are within easy walking distance of a good selection of shops, bars and restaurants. There is also a good selection of play/activity areas to keep your son entertained!

From here, you are just a short bus ride to Agia Napa, and please don’t be put off….’Napa isn’t all lager louts and booze cruises!! It has a very pretty harbour,and some great beaches, and also has a large funfair with lots of rides and activities for young children. The buses are quite regular,and pretty cheap too… is only about a ten minute ride between the resorts.

It about a 4 hour flight from the U.K, so not too bad, but I would say to avoid coming in August…it can be very hot ( weve had temperatures of 45C) and very, very busy, as this is when most Cypriots take their annual leave!

The Cypriots just love kids, and you will find you will be made most welcome everywhere, and its a very safe and friendly area too! Enjoy!!

Check out to give you some idea of hotels etc, but check with your travel agent for any deals and offers.

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