Your Questions About Ireland Tourist Attractions

Jenny asks…

What are the main tourist attractions in Ireland?

Im going there on a holiday and want to know what i should see?

Yaz answers:

The main attractions could be condensed into spectacular scenery, history and Irish culture. The history takes form as old (sometimes derelict) castles, stately mansions, remnants of our old bye-gone days like the Book of Kells, Newgrange (which pre-dates the Pyramids), celtic stone crosses etc. Irish culture can be found in the music and dancing at various Festivals which happen during the summer at various locations all around Ireland, and in the music played in many pubs at the weekend. And all the nicest scenery is to be found off the beaten track. You won’t see much of interest on the motorways.

George asks…

What are some unique customs or tourist attractions in Ireland?

Yaz answers:

Giant’s causeway, Ring of Kerry, kissing the Blarney stone, Dublin city and Belfast.

David asks…

What are popular tourist attractions in Ireland?

Specifically Dublin
I am Irish and would like to learn about the history
Good attractions for families

Yaz answers:

So many to list. It also depends on the age of the people travelling.
Good tourist sites that will give you a good sense of Irelands extensive history and culture are below. I will just list them, you can look them up for more details but believe me on these I know every inch of the country.
Dublin: Trinity College, Guinness Store.
Outside Dublin: New Grange. Glendalough, Cliffs of Moher. The Burren, Galway City, Connemara include Leenane and The Delphi Valley and Kylemore Abbey. Aran Islands and include Dun Aengus (a spectacular place). If going to the North of Ireland which i would recommend go to the Giants Causway. Slieve Leage in Donegal has amazing Sea Cliffs. I could go on for ages but if you get to some of these places you will not be dsiappointed. Also great beaches along the west coast.
In summary Dublin is OK but head West to Galway and base yourself there for a few days. You can then do great day trips aroung Connemara and Clare and get a lot in.

Ken asks…

Marble Arch caves in Nothern Ireland as a tourist attraction? How becoming public has affected it?

Yaz answers:

More visitors, natural enviroment changed to improve access, vandalism

Charles asks…

3 of the most historic, major tourist attractions in Dublin?

what are three important tourist attractions in Dublin, Ireland

Yaz answers:

You must see the three most historic, major tourist attractions in Dublin: 1. Dublin Castle 2. St. Patricks Cathedral and 3. The Guinness Storehouse

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Ireland Tourist Attractions Singles Holidays Over 50s


Saturday, May 26 – Sunday, June 3, 2012
Ireland Tourist Attractions Singles Holidays Over 50s

Ireland Tourist Attractions Singles Holidays Over 50s

Ireland Tourist Attractions Singles Holidays Over 50s

Your Questions About Ireland Vacations Packages

Mary asks…

What is the best financial way to travel to Ireland?

I need to find some packages or certain websites that have deals for Ireland vacations. I would really love to take a trip but I don’t know where to begin. HELP!

Yaz answers:

For flights the best site to go through is It is the best for looking up flights for Ireland, you will find cheaper than from travelocity, priceline, expedia etc.

Most package deals you will find will to packages in Ireland including tours & accomadation even some meals. Go to the Irish tourist board website, great place to start & get a feel for what is on offer.

Lisa asks…

Are there still vacation Packages that include bus and train fare and rooms in the England Ireland and Scotlan

I wiould like to go on a fact finding vactions. I am rearching my ancestors and would love to see thier homeland. But money is tight so any help with bugeting a trip or information where I can go to plan a trip. This is a dream of mine any one help a middle aged dreamer

Yaz answers:

As far as I know — yes go to or just type in Ireland england tours and different sites will pop with what your looking for.

John asks…

Questions about traveling/vacationing in Ireland?

My husband and I have decided we are going to vacation in Ireland. Are there places you recommend we see/visit? Where are some good places to stay? Did you buy a vacation package or tour the country on your own? Any other advice you can give? Thanks!
Also, what type of currency is used, and how would I go about getting my american $ exchanged?
And, what is the best time of year to visit, and so that not so many tourists are present?

Yaz answers:

Ireland is in the Eurozone, so you use Euros in the Republic, but Northern Ireland is still officially part of the UK, so you use sterling there. Order some Euros from your bank before you go, and let your bank know you’re going and ask them about using your ATM card on the machines over here – it’s the safest way to access your money, rather than carrying around wads of cash, and certainly cheaper than going the traveller’s cheque route. You can also use Visa and Mastercard here, but many places don’t accept American Express or Diner’s Club anymore, as they are too slow process.

High season in Ireland tends to be July and August, it’s not usually very warm then (compared to mainland Europe) and you should be aware that the past two summers were cold and wet, so bring layers, a good rain jacket, and waterproof shoes. There’s no guarantee that this year will be any different, but you never know.

Where to stay? Well, it’s all good. I personally prefer the west, but there are some great places in other areas too. If you are going to hire a car, I strongly recommend picking a region and staying there and taking day trips within that region, rather than haring around the country trying to see all the sights and getting the photos to show off back home – all you’d see in the inside of your car and traffic. If you live in a city, choose a small town or a village in Ireland, and instead of staying in one of the big impersonal hotels, try a family-run Bed & Breakfast (you’ll find loads through the Irish Tourist Board website or through Local people are very helpful and can give good directions, and also point you in the direction of places that might be off the official tourist board radar.

Two more things about driving in Ireland: petrol (what you call gas) is now just over €1 per litre (multiply that by 7.5 and you get the price for a gallon) and you will need to factor this into your budget for getting around, but it is very convenient to have your own car in a country where the public transport facilities leave a lot to be desired. Diesel is slightly cheaper, just under a Euro per litre. Also, driving times in Ireland are not going to be the same as in the US. In Ireland, it is physically impossible to drive 100 miles in 100 minutes, the roads are simply not built for it. We do not have an infrastructure for large volumes of high-speed traffic. I live just south of Limerick city, and have to allow 2.5 hours at least to get to Dublin if I’m driving there, and it’s only 130 miles. Much much easier for me to take the train!

If this is your first visit, I would suggest that you join a coach tour, safer and easier for you, as here we drive on the left and the steering wheel is on the right-hand side of the car. Google ‘touring Ireland’ and see what you come up with, or contact the Irish Tourist Board, or try for more information. Have a great trip!

Ken asks…

Need advice for planning trip to Ireland?

I would eventually like to send my Father and Mother to Ireland for a week or 2 as a vaction/ life goal my Dad has always had. I was wondering how 2 Americans could get a nice vacation package somewhere, with taxis/means to get around and even tourist groups to tag along with. They are both in there Early 50’s and just wondered if any Americans have booked a nice vaction in Ireland and if so where so i could brush up on some reasearch. Thanks so much ( I live in Philly, so a Flight would be from the Philadelphia International Airport)

Yaz answers:

I just got back from ireland in june. The best thing is to contact a travel agent and see what deals they have and compare those you find online. Alot of the time an agent will give you the same price. We got a great deal it was called the town and country package. It was 3 nights at a 5 star hotel in dublin, 4 days B&B tour and 3 nights at ashford castle. The castle was amazing. Luxery for us girls and history for the men. It also included 4 massages, two limo rides two activites to do at the castle(falconery, horseback riding, fishing, harbor cruise, bike or walking trails so many) and a pic-nic. All for $3200. Go to they have some good deals on there. And i would HIGHLY suggest that they do an individule tour, not group. Because if you by yourself you can stop when ever you like, take your time, stay extra if you like a place and if u go with a group your stuck with them. And driving in ireland is a piece of cake except in dublin i would just take the buses. But they will have a wonderful time there, its beautiful.

Laura asks…

How to take a vacation in Kerry, Ireland?

I want to go for two weeks or so with my mom this summer. Travelocity and other travel websites only have packages to Dublin airport. I live in the United States and I’m just wondering how I would go about getting to Kerry from here.

Yaz answers:

Hire a car would be my advice, the public transport network in Kerry is quite limited, you would be stuck really without a car to get around

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Ireland Vacations Packages Singles Holidays Over 50s


Saturday, May 26 – Sunday, June 3, 2012
Ireland Vacations Packages Singles Holidays Over 50s

Ireland Vacations Packages Singles Holidays Over 50s

Ireland Vacations Packages Singles Holidays Over 50s

Your Questions About Tourist Attractions In Ireland

Joseph asks…

am visiting ireland in the month of aug-sept .is sligo worth a visit?cheap accomodations wud cost?

plz mention the accomodation cost.
any tourist attractions?

Yaz answers:

Yes very beautiful, I have attached a link which will tell you hotels, b+b, attractions, pubs and if needed bus timetables.
But please go it is v nice.

Michael asks…

show me the view of people onsaint patrick church ireland?

saint Patrick church Ireland i want to know what is the attraction thing in the church and why so many tourists came to Ireland to see that

Yaz answers:

Saint Patrick’s Cathedral Dublin, the largest church in the country, was erected between 1200 and 1270. “The writer and satirist Jonathan Swift was dean from 1713–45. His grave and epitaph are situated near the entrance of the cathedral. The massive west tower dates from 1370 and houses one of the largest peals of bells in Ireland. The choir school was founded in 1432 and the cathedral choir took part in the first performance of Handel’s Messiah in 1742. The Huguenots worshipped here from 1666 to 1816.”

Susan asks…

what and all needs to be in a country research paper?

i have to write a research paper over ireland that has to be 4-5 pages long.
i have am writing about the
tourist attractions
way of life

am i missing anything???
any ideas on how to structure this thing would be great too cause this is my 1st

Yaz answers:

birth rate
death rate
national emblem

Jenny asks…

anyone know ireland well?

im planning on visiting co. laois for a concert but i want to be there for about a week so i was hoping to find help on sightseeing. also id like to know how far co. laois is from main tourist attractions and how much i may be able to do and see in about a week maybe 10 days.
well i dont mean main tourist attractions so much as things to do. i know ireland about as much as a 5 year old would! im planning my trip for september 2 and i want to be there around 7-10 days. i want to know what i could do around co. laois and how much of ireland i can see from there. maybe suggestions on places to go? activities? (i am going to electric picnic to see jonsi) btw what is electric picnic???

Yaz answers:

I’m guessing you’re going to Electric Picnic?

Look on for tourist information.

Sandy asks…

places to visit or see in the uk and ireland?

places that you can visit for a family with kids? a few historical places would be good, but mostly the main tourist attractions? how much can you see in one week?
Some ideas i have so far are London Eye, stonehenge, Madam Tussauds Wax Museum, Harry Potter tour (or maybe the premiere!), Edinberg/windsor castle (which one is better)?
ive also heard of the giants causeway, cliffs of moher, Loch ness lake, hill of tara, and isle of man. Which of these would you reccomend? Is there anything i should know about London for my trip? I’m very excited! :)

Yaz answers:

The London Eye and Madame Tussauds are in central London. Windsor is a 40 to 55 minute train ride from either Paddington or Waterloo Stations; the trains are frequent. Stonehenge is is Wiltshire about 90 miles from London. You take an SWT train from Waterloo Station to Salisbury. Thet operate every 30 minutes (hourly on Sundays) and the journey takes 85 minutes; the Stonehenge tour bus departs from outside Salisbury Station and you can buy a joint rail/Stonehenge bus ticket
from the ticket office at Waterloo Station. Edinburgh is in Scotland 400 miles from London. You take a train there from London Kings Cross Station and it takes 4 hours 30 minutes. For a long train journey like London to Scotland you are advised to book your tickets well in advance for the lowest fares. Booking opens 12 weeks before your journey
Other places to see or do in London: A boat trip on the River Thames, Tower of London, Buckingham
Palace and if you’re interested we have magnificent museums and art galleries like the National Gallery/National Portrait Gallery/British Museum/Natural History Museum etc
London has a dense and frequent public transport system made up of the Underground (Subway),
buses, trams, suburban rail and light rail. Do NOT pay cash fares. Get yourself Oyster Cards
or Travel cards. See These cards are not however valid on out of town rail lines such as those to Windsor and Salisbury

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Tourist Attractions in Ireland Singles Holidays Over 50s


Saturday, May 26 – Sunday, June 3, 2012
Tourist Attractions in Ireland Singles Holidays Over 50s

Tourist Attractions in Ireland Singles Holidays Over 50s

Tourist Attractions in Ireland Singles Holidays Over 50s

Your Questions About Traveling To Ireland Tips

Donald asks…

Travel tips for Ireland mid august to mid november?

I am studying abroad in Ireland from mid august to mid november. Any tips for anything… weather? clothes? plugs? money?

I am from the U.S.

Anything is helpful!

Yaz answers:

Ireland uses the same 3pin plug as the UK, and runs on a 240v AC current. Adaptor plugs are freely available in many pharmacies in the dublin metro area.

The weather can be unpredictable, however, Ireland has a relatively mild climate, winters never really drop below -5c in the depths of winter. Rainwear though is a given, as sudden down pours are not uncommon.

Essentially you can dress as you would at home. Clothing would ideally be a couple of pairs of jeans/cargo pants, maybe some shorts (just incase the weather does improve). A lightweight waterproof jacket, tshirts, sweatshirts, maybe a light fleece top or two.

The currency is the Euro, and Ireland (and particularly Dublin) can be expensive.
You’ll find several familiar brands in the shops, and papers like USA today are available in certain outlets in Dublin.

In terms of personal saftey, Dublin and Ireland on the whole is a safe city and country. I recommend you follow the same personal security measures you’d follow at home.

Ireland drives on the left, therefore when crossing the road be aware of traffic approaching from the right.

If you’re in dublin you can buy weekly and monthly bus passes that may prove cheaper than commuting everyday.

Linda asks…

Do you have any travel tips on Cork, Ireland?

Planning a trip to Ireland in August and looking for interesting points to visit and danger tips, too. Very interested in family history…

Yaz answers:

Http:// < — This gives you a basic rundown of things to do in Ireland.

You could go down to Cork and See the Blarney Stone. The myth is I you kiss it you’ll never shut up!

The People in Ireland, in my opinion are an extremely welcoming race. I think this because I have went to other countries from a young age on exchanges, holidays with college etc. And I thought no one was as hospitable as the Irish.

Here are some sights on Tourism in Ireland: (Dublin Tourism)

Good Luck. = )

Daniel asks…

Doolin, Ireland Travel Tips?

Hi quick question for anyone that’s travel savvy when it comes to Ireland.
I’m planning to go to Doolin, Ireland this summer and originally I planned to fly in and out of Galway and then bus to Doolin. I found the bus schedule, but I was wondering if anyone knows the area well and knows any helpful info about the transit system.

The next stop I’ll be making in in Dublin, and again, does anyone know if there is a faster way to get there from Doolin (direct bus line, another airport other than Galway)

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Yaz answers:

Bus Eireann shuttle in and out of Doolin from

Lisdoonvarna and Lahinch. Dont know timetable, sure its online.

As to flying to Dublin, Shannon is next nearest if Galways out but you would probably be in Dublin city centre on a bus just as quick. But if flying is your thing…

You will love Doolin. I’ve had lots of great weekends there

Michael asks…

Good travel tips for Ireland?

In June I will be in Italy and while I’m there I want to take a few days in Ireland and then return to Italy. What are some good tips and advice that I could use to get a good deal on a flight? Anyone know any good travel agents in Ireland maybe?

Yaz answers:

Unfortunately I do not know anyone in Ireland. However I hope you have a great time in Beautiful Italy and Ireland.

Carol asks…

We are leaving Friday for an England and Ireland vacation. Any tips to traveling with kids?

We know what we will see and have everything is planned out but still I am nervous about all of the planes, buses, trains, subways, and taxis with my kids. (ages 12, 10, 8, and 7) Any tips for this kind of travel or any tips on souveniers?
thanks mermaid girl. I will make sure they keep you awake too!

Yaz answers:

Make sure the kids know to where and how you’re travelling each time – so that if they lose you they can tell someone where they’re heading for

are you bringing any mobile phones with you? If so, make sure the kids know the number

make each of them responsible for one item of luggage (preferably with some if not all of their own clothes in it) – not only does this increase their sense of responsibility, but it lightens the luggage for you which will make you more free to keep an eye on them

but most of all, chill out – everyone here would be helpful in the extreme if your family got separated at all and it’s highly unlikely anything bad will happen – the more stressed you are, the more nervy the kids will be, which is a sure fire recipe for mayhem

souvenirs – you’ll be bombarded with them from start to finish, but the best souvenirs are the memories so take lots and lots and lots of photos – one of my kids favourite souvenirs was a pebble or a shell from each visit to the seaside – maybe you won’t want a suitcase full of pebbles going home, but a pressed flower or something like that is romantic and inexpensive

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Traveling to Ireland Tips Singles Holidays Over 50s


Saturday, May 26 – Sunday, June 3, 2012
Traveling to Ireland Tips Singles Holidays Over 50s

Traveling to Ireland Tips  Singles Holidays Over 50s

Traveling to Ireland Tips Singles Holidays Over 50s

Your Questions About Tour Operators Ireland

Donna asks…

What tour operators do you recommend for a 4-6 day overview tour of Ireland?

I will be traveling with a teenager on a fairly quick (4-6 days) overview tour of Ireland during the last week of March. This will be our first time in Ireland. I have been considering CIE Tours, Sceptre Tours and Vagabond Tours – does anyone have any experience with them?

In case this helps, the specific tours I am considering are:

Yaz answers:

i advise u to make your own arrangements.
Day I
dublin bus tour
theatre/ cabaret/shopping mall
day 2
dart high speed rail trip to wicklow…………if ur into historic houses places theres many historic houses avondale .would need to spend another day possibly hire a car.
Day 3
dunlaoire 1 hour busride from dublin (southside)
superb choice…………many nice oriental/indian restaurants.
Day 4 train to kilkenny/killarney/bus to trim
3 historic towns
killareney is the furthest
would at least need to overnight
taste b&b (bed and beakfast accommodation)

day4/day 5
more historic houses e,g muckross if u went to killarney/boatride on the lake.
Other options
horse racing festivals…………st patricks day is 17th of march .great weekend in dublin
jasus i should be a f…………….ing tour consultant.smiles

William asks…

Urgent–Ireland: 4-5 days-short breaks, package tour from 26 May to 31 May?

Ireland: 4-5 days-short breaks, package tour from 26 May to 31 May

I am looking for the above trip: including coach, hotel fee, tour guided trip, BUT it needs to be departed from England (preferably from Brighton or cities around this area)
I am a foreigner, i find it very surprised, I serached 10 tour operators online, there are no package tour available. A friend told me that is because english like to arrange the trips of the Uk on their own, they book their own train tickets, hotel, and when they arrive the hotel, they will do day trip tour from local tour operator or by the hotel.
But since i am not english, i do not drive, i am not familiar with Uk things, i would prefer to take a package tour including everything.
(1) is it really no such kind of tour in the Uk for Uk trips?
(2) Anyone knows trips to :Ireland: 4-5 days, package tour from 26 May to 31 May?
(3) i dont mind the price, i only want to find a tour from a reputable tour operator and i do not need to bother to do all sorts of bookings , only pay for the tour fee and then no need to take time to search for train times, find day trips, hotel………
(4) or the captioned trip depart from friday morning and return to England on sunday night. — In early June.
please help and answer my questions point by point, thanks.
I know Ireland is independent but it still belongs to the Uk, united kingdom, why the first answerer said the trip is not uk trip. i dont understand and the answerer did not explain and not to mention any suggestions.
I already said i am not english, i am only an international student in england, but don’t laugh at me if my questions seems silly to English people and do not feel offended.
i have to make it clear: I want to go to Dublin.
i want to go to Northern Ireland (Part of the UK): Dublin.
Oh i had offended the Irish people for saying that Dublin trip is Uk trip???
sorry. Because there is one local english told me, Northern Ireland, Scotland and England belongs to the UK. so he is wrong?

Yaz answers:

Best fly in to Dublin.Ryanair is cheap.Then start your package from there.

You may not be aware but saying Ireland belongs to the U.K is considered offensive.Also posting this in the Ireland section means the people answering it are most likely Irish not English.(Common sense really)Anyway we’ll let you off just this once,enjoy your trip but watch what you say,lol!

Robert asks…

Which is a better holiday destination – Cuba or Domincian Republic?

I know I’ve asked similar questions before, but…Tour Operator in Ireland(Sunway) are offering direct flights between Dublin and Dominican Republic(Puerto Plata) from November until April next year. Very tempted to go, especially as there seems to be a LOT to do there and general feedback is good.

Have been given a lot of positive reviews about Cuba and would love to visit Havana but it seems a bit limited in terms of excursions etc. Flights from Dublin would be via Paris.

What do you all think?

Yaz answers:

Been to both cuba wins by a mile and cubans much nicer people
Dominican republic is not as safe you have to stay in your Hotel, and a dirty place.

Donald asks…

flights from northern ireland to abu dhabi?

Hi need a flight from northern ireland to AD around christmas time…..anyone know any options other than ettihad….pref for 28th of december ……..

any suggestions for other tour operators i can look at……
thanks x

Yaz answers:

Check Abu Dhabi International Airport website of call them to ask ..

If you cant call or ddnt find in the website then plz let me know so i’ll call and ask for details .. When where how long which airways and all these stuff ..

But plz send me an e-mail because i dont check my answers here again ..

Good luck and welcome to Abu Dhabi in advance =)

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Tour Operators Ireland Singles Holidays Over 50s


Saturday, May 26 – Sunday, June 3, 2012
Tour Operators Ireland Singles Holidays Over 50s

Tour Operators Ireland  Singles Holidays Over 50s

Tour Operators Ireland Singles Holidays Over 50s

Your Questions About Amsterdam Tours

William asks…

Recomend a day tours from Amsterdam through the Netherlands at Christmas?


we are spending 24th – 28th December in Amsterdam. Have been told that most of the city is closed on the 26th – therefore, do you think a day tour outside the city is a good idea? Will other cities be alive?

Or would the 27th be better?

Can anyone recommend a good tour Company?
Is Viator a good company?


Yaz answers:

There will basically nothing special be going on. All stores will be closed on December 25th and the Netherlands also observes boxing day on the 26th, so only the furniture stores will be open. This seems to be THE annual event.
Nowhere in the country you’ll find exciting touristy things to do. These days are mainly spent with family and friends.
Even the trains will run a holiday schedule, but you’ll be able to get around still, yet I think outside the city of Amsterdam or Rotterdam, you’ll find even lesser things to entertain you.
This is not the best part of the year to make a touristy trip to the Netherlands, other than visiting family and friends.
Viator is a very good company, I am a AAA travel agent and work with them a lot, but plan those activities on the 27th, although some tour companies maybe open, your chances are very slim.
I am also a Dutch citizen who lived there for 28 years before moving to the US.

Charles asks…

What is a good reputable city tour company in Amsterdam?

I’m in the beginning stages of planning a trip to Amsterdam. What is the name of a reputable tour company in the city for city and surrounding countryside tours?

Yaz answers:

Amsterdam and the surrounding areas are very easily reached and explored without a organised tour. While in Amsterdam, I recommend hiring a bike (there’s a big bike rental at the Central Train Station called MacBike.) All the cool neighbourhoods in Amsterdam are within 15 minutes by bike from the city centre just please note that biking is a serious way of transportation for the Dutch, they use it to get from A to B and not as entertainment. This means that you shouldn’t stop on the middle on the road to make pictures for instance…. For greater Amsterdam (which is basically the rest of the country) you can reached almost everything by train. The Netherlands have a very modern and reliable train system. For instance from Amsterdam to Delft takes about 50 minutes and is a direct connection, costs for a round trip are about 20 euro. Furthermore it’s an easy country to explore, people are helpful, speak english well and almost all tourist attractions have english signs and guides. You really don’t need a tour. Good luck!

Lizzie asks…

Can you take a tour of the Amsterdam Arena?

I am going to Amsterdam in July and would love to take a tour of the stadium that Ajax plays their games in. I have seen a couple great football stadiums such as Emirates (Arsenal) and they offered tours, and had a team store…Does the Amsterdam Arena do the same for Ajax, is it worth touring, do they have a place to look at Ajax football history?

Yaz answers:

It’s really quite prominent on the arena website. Http://

If it’s worth it… Well, I wouldn’t go if you paid me 50 euros but I just do not care about football.

Jenny asks…

what are the best sight seeing tours in Amsterdam?

Yaz answers:

I remember a few years back showing some students around and a nice tour was via a canal boat that acts like a bus, so instead of being held captive onboard for a period of time

You buy one ticket and then if there is somewhere you want to stop you can get off, walk about a bit or stop for a drink etc, and then hope on the next one that comes along (like a bus).

They give a commentary in several languages and tell you a bit about the sights, where you are passing by etc and the ticket is valid for the whole day

So it’s very flexible, all day, informative and you get freedom to do what you want!

I couldn’t remember what it was called though so I googled and found it in English for you

Sharon asks…

How to plan short breaks in Amsterdam with Family?

I would like to know the best accommodations in Amsterdam for family tours next month?

Yaz answers:

For hotel space, use one of the many hotel finders, there are many on internet.
Use an on-line map to see where the hotel is before you book as you do not want to stay in the middle of the red light district.
Or contact the tourist information office and book through them.
Also look for self catering places, they do exist but are hard to find on internet.

I often give this link when people ask about Amsterdam, that is because they mention almost all you can want to know about the town, and give links to more sites:

For planning your stay, use the site and see the things you like. There is a page with museums, one with historic sights, one about shopping, and do not forget the Zoo:

If you talk with your children about the women in the windows and why some people act funny, it is not even considered strange to walk through the red light district. You will see more families there, and when you are with your children you can explain things.

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Your Questions About Amsterdam Tourism

George asks…

If Amsterdam got rid of all its coffee shops that sell marijuana, would that hurt its tourism?

If all the places in Amsterdam and Holland got rid of every place that sells cannabis and other drugs, how would that affect the tourism there? and why?

Yaz answers:

Let me get the facts straight first:
No drugs are legal in the Netherlands, and only Weed/Marijuana/Hash or however you want to call it, is officially ignored, and that only if many rules are followed.
The rules go for the whole country, not just Amsterdam, although municipalities can keep a tighter check on the sales if there is a lot of problems. (Holland is the nickname of the country, the Netherlands the English version of the official name.)

I think given a few years to get the news to spread the net result in number of visitors will stay the same or go up.
At this time only one in four of the foreign visitors uses the coffee shops, and most of them only for a small amount. I guess most of those people will keep coming to Amsterdam.
The rest, the ones that get stoned out of their heads each day here can not put a lot of money into the legal economy, as most of their money disappears into the black hole behind the coffee shops, the illegal economy.

And right now Amsterdam has an unjustified bad reputation abroad, when that reputation is replaced by the real, clean and good reputation that will be true then, people who avoid Amsterdam now will come too, likely rising the visitor numbers higher than they are now, with all of the money coming in going into the legal economy.

Donald asks…

When is the drug tourism ban in Amsterdam coming into force?

Apparently the coffee shops in Holland are going to become members only clubs to stop drug tourism but when will that be happening. I’m looking into going there with my friend in january 2011 just for 3 days.

Yaz answers:

It is only talked about as a proposal for law that still has to be written. As such there is no date known yet.
Mostly things like this are not arranged within a few months, but as drugs are illegal, they do not have to change the law, just have to get new directions in use.
This gouvernment has been quick in changing some things, like formalizing changes in the ban on smoking tobacco to what had become practice over the last few months.

I guess that you will still be good to go in January 2011, but there are no guaranties.

Paul asks…

Is using prostitutes as a Main Attraction for tourism in Amsterdam wrong?

i mean yes it is effective, but what i’m talking about is that they use prostitution to grow their economy or maybe give employment but on the other hand they fail to give women employment in respectable areas that they have to resort to prostitution for sustainment. Not to mention that they have health checks which caused 7% prostitutes have AIDS which think will continuously spread.
I’m asking many think that it is morally wrong, unhealthy, based on facts and the long term effects (and or the social stigma regarding women and Amsterdam)

Yaz answers:

There is more to Amsterdam than prostitutes.

Amsterdam (help·info) (IPA: [ɑmstərˡdɑm]) is the capital of the Netherlands. Its name is derived from “Amstel dam”, pointing to the city’s origin: a dam on the river Amstel. The city is known for its historic port, the Rijksmuseum, its red-light district (de Wallen), its liberal coffeeshops, and its many canals which have led to Amsterdam being called the “Venice of the North”. During the Dutch Golden Age, Amsterdam was one of the most important ports in the world, with innovative developments in trade, and became the leading centre for finance and diamonds.

The city, founded in the late 12th century as a small fishing village, has grown to become the largest city in the Netherlands with a population of 743,104 inhabitants, containing at least 172 nationalities.

The canals are Amsterdam’s biggest attraction: last year, over 3 million people enjoyed a sightseeing canal cruise. Find out more about Canal Company and its various ways of exploring the ‘grachten’.

Linda asks…

Is Amsterdam generally perceived as a drug tourism destination?

If so…does this discourage other tourists from visiting Amsterdam?

Yaz answers:

Unfortunately there is an element who do indeed only associate Amsterdam with drugs and prostitutes…. So you get the “all drugs are legal” story from those people, and bizarely that “everyone” wants to smoke marijuana….. Hands up those who enjoy Amsterdam without smoking and you will see it is not “everyone”.

Also, no drugs are legal. Weed/marijuana is tolerated under given conditions and other drugs are absolutely illegal and acted upon

Normally it is the ones who are interested in drugs and/or prostitutes anyway that form this association with Amsterdam and then perpetuate it.

Actually Amsterdam is so much more, and fortunately many tourists also recognise this and come for this. For example there are 50+ museums alone in Amsterdam, more shopping than you could do in a lifetime, art & science, architecture, science attractions, many tourist attractions such as the Anne Frank house, a zoo, a great nightlife, lots of different cuisines and fun places to eat & drink….. Well I could go on!

Of course it is not to rule out the stereotypes. Actually it can be interesting wandering around the red light district. At least then you can see it first hand and some of the stigma usually disappears. Same for coffeeshops – if people want to go and have a quiet smoke, then why not experience it? – emphasis on the “quiet”.

It is the gangs (of usually youngish guys) that come to Amsterdam intent on getting plastered (drunk) and then mix that with getting zombified on weed – and then start touring around. They are usually asking for trouble and quiet frankly are a pain in the (you know where). These are the ones which give a bad reputation, and the ones that locals also dispair of.

On a Saturday night, I have personally dodged my fair share of them!

So I hope that people come, visit Amsterdam, enjoy what is on offer (whatever their tastes) in a relaxed manner, and those that want to cause problems or get of their heads, – stay at home. This to me is more of an issue than the fact that you can buy marijuana/weed in Amsterdam, and if I was not a local – this would be the thing that would put me off re-visiting again. However, this is not unique to Amsterdam either in my experience.

Thomas asks…

If California Legalizes Marijuana, Will Amsterdam’s Tourism Fall?

Jeez Onegrtch, what are you talking about? California might legalize marijuana, medical marijuana is already widely available there.

Yaz answers:

Aha, Fred, a phony libertarian. Your statement just showed your ignorance and your payment of lip service to platitudes. And just exactly WHERE should the government get out of our lives, a pathetically trite and worthless idea.

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Your Questions About Amsterdam Tourist

Maria asks…

Why is Amsterdam such a popular tourist destination?

I was wondering why everyone seems to love Amsterdam so much because everyone who goes there seems to love it. Do you know why it’s so popular? Thanks!

Yaz answers:

Amsterdam is a very nice city. Build in a people size, which means that you can easily walk the city and do not feel lost between big buildings.
It also has a lot to see, with a nice building style.
More museums per square km/mile than any other city in the world and on a wide range of different topics, from art and what can be expected in all cities to some that are pretty special and can, for now, only be found in Amsterdam.
Shopping is good.
And so are the options for day trips from the city, in spring to the flowers, and round the year to windmills, villages and the polder, (mostly translated with reclaimed land.)

There are tourists coming for the legal prostitution, but that can be found in many more cities in Europe. Many of those tourist come to sight see only, look but not buy.

Here on Yahoo answers you get the impression that all tourists come to Amsterdam to get wasted on weed. But I heard from the Mayor of Amsterdam that 3 out of 4 tourists do not use any drugs at all and from the rest a big percentage use a little weed but not a lot.
He did mention that starting with the pass for regulars only will hurt the weed trade in Amsterdam, as a high percentage of the users of those coffee shops are tourists, but his main concern about that is that the weed trade will move back into the street where it is going to be much more a safety risk and likely going to disturb the peace of the town more.

Lisa asks…

What is/are the best tourist districts in Amsterdam?

I’ll be going to Amsterdam next year and want to know areas in Amsterdam where I can soak up Danish culture. Red Light District etc. I’m trying to avoid going to a deserted area that doesn’t get much footfall.
Actually meant to type Dutch.

Yaz answers:

Good luck if you try to find Danish culture in Amsterdam.
It is the capital city of the Netherlands, not in Denmark.

Amsterdam is small enough that the whole of the old city is one, all within and just outside the ring of canals is famous, worth seeing and safe.

The ‘red light district’ are a couple of canals and connecting streets within this area, to the east of it, and while worth seeing, I would not want to have my hotel or hostel in the area, too crowded by tourists.
Unless you are there on the day of a big match you will not see much of football, the stadium and all sports fields are on the outside of the city.

The Jordaan area is good if you want a quiet hotel, the ring of canals if you want more upscale and do a good search on the hostel booking sites if you want to go for cheap, hotels as well as hostels you find there, but do read the reviews, some of the cheapest places have a bad reputation because they are not nice to stay to say the least.

The Leidseplein and its surroundings, which the other answerer recommends is good, I have heard good stories about a hotel called Leidseplein hotel, which is just of the square.

Jenny asks…

how much, does an average tourist spend, in amsterdam, in a day?

I am thinking about going to Amsterdam, and was wondering how much money I need to bring. I want to visit coffe shops, and drink tasty beverages. Can I get by on 85 bucks a day, not including lodging?

Yaz answers:

All depends on what you want to do.

I’d count
-30 dollars a day for food and drinks
-10 dollars for museums
-10 dollars for transportation
-10 dollars for coffee shops
-15 dollars for unexpected expenses

If you want to visit night clubs and strip clubs, you’ll need a lot more. But normally you’ll do just fine with 85 dollars.

Have a nice trip! :-)

Here’s a link to the coffee shops:

William asks…

5% Amsterdam tourist tax based on per person? per night ? of hotel rate?

I am going to Amsterdam with my friends next month. We are 4 person and want to know more about the 5% of tourist tax. If our hotel is 250 euro for 2 nights. how much is the 5% tax? is it based on room?night? or person? thanks

Yaz answers:

Some hotels charge this on arrival and most on departure and it depends on how they calculate the bill (either per room or per person), but it is 5% of this sum which is the tourist tax you pay

So if your hotel is €250 as you mention for the total of the 2 days then the 5% is calculated on this. It doesn’t matter if you calculate this per day or as a total of the sum of days (e.g. 2 x €125 x 5%, or €250 x 5%)

If fact many cities such as Rotterdam and Amersfoort abolished this tax in recent years, but Amsterdam authorities still insist on collecting this – probably as there is no problem to attract tourists to Amsterdam :0)

James asks…

Can a tourist start working in Amsterdam?

Going there on a trip. If I decided I wanted to work there and live there, would I be able to find jobs as an American citizen?

Yaz answers:

I am afraid you cannot just start working (at least legally anyway). You are traveling visa-free as an American under the Visa Waiver Program and this is travel only and does not permit you to work. However it does permit you to look for work – BUT it is not as easy as that (see last paragraph).

Mentioned also was the working holiday visa. However the USA is not a partner in this recipricol agreement so I am afraid this is not an option for you either – only Australians, New Zealanders etc.

To work in NL as an American citizen, I have to warn you that it is not an easy prospect. Due to the amount of people asking this same question (and lots of contradictory info online) I did some homework on this and answered another of your fellow countrymates. Therefore instead of writing it all out again, will give you the link to all the info including official sites etc;_ylt=Aot9aB7H6Ea_m1okiq2Qgdjsy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20081029005645AAYhd63

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Your Questions About Amsterdam Travel Channel

Laura asks…

Overnight Channel Crossing – Amsterdam?

Im worried I might get sea sick travelling overnight on a DFDS ferry. Any idea how stable they are? Do many people suffer when travelling?

Yaz answers:

People do not get sea sick on modern ferries as they have stabilisers which keep the craft from rolling. Anyway you will be asleep for most of the time in your cabin!!

Have a good crossing and enjoy the trip. The food is excellent on board so I would recommend that you make the most of the experience, eat drink and have fun all in moderation of course.

Donald asks…

Does the Hydrofoil still cross the English Channel as a passenger ferry?

Im booking a trip to Europe and was wondering if the Hydrofoil is still in use. Ive tried to search for myself, but cant seem to find any transportation website that lead me to it. Ive found the obvious, ferries, chunnel and planes, but I was curious if they still run the Hydrofoil.

Also, we’re looking at flying from the US to London Gatwick, then getting over to Amsterdam, Brussels and end in Paris. I’ve seen cheap flights inter-Europe to Prague as well as Rome. Im booking 14 days hoping that will be enough to see what I can. Also if anyone could recommend decent hotels, not cheap roach motels but not expensive ones either. Any European travel site recommendations will be welcome as well. I know all the American ones, so dont suggest Travelocity, Orbitz, Priceline, Hotwire or any others.

I worked for an airline in the US, so I know how to get around that, just need hotel suggestions and other forms of transportation within Europe.


Yaz answers:

No, the Hydrofoil was pulled a long time ago and more recently the Hovercraft was pulled as well due to cost reasons as usual.

Think about taking Eurostar between London and Paris / Brussels – its much quicker than the ferry since you are limited to time.

Also try Easyjet and Ryanair for low cost fares from London Stanstead and London Luton

try or (doesnt need to be last minute booking incidently)

Also try for cheap hotels across europe and for cheap hotel in London.

Sandy asks…



Yaz answers:

Pot hasn’t been legalized YET. I think they should Legalize it. I don’t smoke Pot myself but I think it does relieve pain and suffering for those who are in physical Pain due to medical reasons. NOT all suffering patients can GET the benefits of Marijuana. Every MS patient should be allowed to use Pot to ease their suffering. ANY medical condition that ails the body; should have the thumps up on using Pot. That is just my personal opinion. I also think those that use should do use with caution. Meaning don’t be so high and get behind the wheel of a car and start driving. Don’t use and Drive! Get my point?

Helen asks…

Name of a TV show about design/ decoration,where the host travelled in europe searching for antique pieces?

The program used to be in “Travel and Living” channel, the host was a brithish guy who went to Prague, Barcelone, amsterdam, among other cities in Europe.

Yaz answers:

There is:

Home Design


I am also wondering if it could be ….Travel & Living … Chris Gower’s hunt for antiques.

Richard asks…

Any one seen the Eurostar advert in todays papers?

A map of Europe showing just where you can travel to using Eurostar. From it’s terminus in Paris or Brussels you can change for Bordeaux, Marseilles, Bern, Vienna, Frankfurt, Berlin and Amsterdam, to name just a few destinations.

And this side of the Channel? Well London, that’s it.

Isn’t this typical of the attitude to the country shown by our betters, European travel is only for the Metropolitan elite, and why would any modern European want to Travel anywhere North or West of the capital to look at the smelly oiks?

Is it because

a) Getting from the Eurostar Terminal at Paddington to any other station on London is a significantly more difficult journey than to get to Paris or Brussels by Eurostar or
b) this country is so Londocentric now that the rest of the UK has simply ceased to exist.

Calls will cost……….

Comments and rants please

I’m still alive. I was in Liverpool city centre last weekend and it was teaming with Spanish and Italian holiday makers. It may come as a shock to you, but there are things outside of London that tourists are intrested in. Also I read on a web site of a man from Los Angels who flew to Dublin, got the ferry to Holyhead, train to Chester, then train to Liverpool. Why? this was a significantly less stressful journey than traveling through a London airport, getting into London, and getting a train to Liverpool.

Yaz answers:

It’s due to the whole londoncentric thing. Look at the billions they blew on the jubilee line extension yet according to you english its we scots who are the ‘scroungers’. Same with this london olympics deal.

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Your Questions About Amsterdam Tours From London

Donald asks…

Connecting flight from London to Amsterdam, in transit, for Contiki tour?

I have am going on a Europe Contiki tour that starts in London and the 1st stop is Amsterdam. I am a United States permanent resident (I have a green card) but have a Vietnamese Passport. When I applied for a UK visa I was denied due to petty reasons, but I was able to get a Schengen Visa into Amsterdam/Europe. I was not able to cancel my nonrefundable Delta flight into London (Heathrow) so I bought a connecting flight from London to Amsterdam with British Airways. I know that I am allow to be in transit from London to Amsterdam if I have a connecting flight within 24 hrs.

Will I be going through airport customs and collecting my luggage and be allow to leave the terminal? Or as a transit person will I be restricted to say inside a secured part of the airport until my connecting flight departs. If I can leave the airport, I would prefer to just board the Contiki bus in London and then depart on the bus to Amsterdam the next day. That way I can start the tour with everyone and also get to see London for a day. I believe that it would still fit into the 24 hour transit time allowed, except that I’ll be leaving London by bus and not by plane into Amsterdam. Does anyone know if this will be possible or will I be confined within the airport until my connecting flight.

I will lose the money spent on the connecting flight but would be able to start the Contiki tour as originally scheduled instead of trying to meet up with the tour in Amsterdam.

Is there a possibility that I will be deported back to the United States by trying to leave the airport? I do have a Visa into Schengen and have no intentions of staying in the UK.

Yaz answers:

Both Delta and BA are full service airlines so you should be able to check your luggage through to Amsterdam. (But check that with Delta). That means it will be trans-shipped from Delta to BA by the automated conveyor belt and will not need to be touched by human hands. You might have to change terminals. To do this go to the transit desk in arrivals and they will arrange your transfer. You will not be allowed to leave the airport but will be confined to the departure lounge of the terminal you are leaving from. It is a normal airport departure lounge totally unlike the transit detention cells in US airports.

Daniel asks…

I m reaching London with my family on 17th Aug staying at premier inn bath road heathrow. Is it safe?

I have to join Thomas cook tour starting from London on 19th Aug. Can somebody advise if it is safe to visit London at this situation? Or shud I bypass london and join the tour at Amsterdam?

Yaz answers:

I live near heathrow and there is no problems round the area you will be ok

Ruth asks…

I’m already in London. I have 2 more weeks before I go back to U.S. Please let me know of tours to Paris,Venic

I’m already in London. I have 2 more weeks before I go back to U.S. Please let me know of tours to Paris, Venice, Amsterdam etc. Please recommend any tour operators who do last minutes 3 or 4 days escorted tours to Paris or venice from London. Thanks.

Yaz answers:

Visit there you will find many destinations.

Sandra asks…

Europe route planning expert? Amsterdam to Pratteln.?

I am planning to go traveling/ following a band touring (groupie?! nah…) in the coming November. However they have a extremely tight schedule and I am finding difficulties to plan my route.

Basically, here is their schedule

2.11 – Shepherds Bush Empire / FUSE – London, UK
4.11 – Tavastia – Helsinki, Finnland
5.11 – Tavastia – Helsinki, Finnland
7.11 – Melkweg – Amsterdam, Niederlande
8.11 – Z7 – Pratteln, Schweiz
10.11 – Le Zenit – Paris, Frankreich

I am planning to go to the last 3, which is Amsterdam, Pratteln and Paris.
I am on a Budget.
I am planning to fly from London to Amsterdam on the 7th, and there is no problem with that.

However I have no idea how to get from Amsterdam to Pratteln in just 24 hours and still be able to make the concert on that day.

In your opinion should I just give up? Or is there any other ways?? like night coaches and stuff?
Much appreciated. Any information about the hostels/hotel would be great too!!!!
I don’t speak German nor Dutch, and I have no idea where about in Switzerland is Pratteln and how to get there. (sorry I know this sounds really stupid, but if anyone could give me a brief background info it would be great!!!!)
I think the nearest airport is Basel but I check there is only 1 flight each day on the 1700, by the time I arrived it would be too late for the concert. Trains takes about 6 hours.

Yaz answers:

You can take the train from Amsterdam Central Station to Basel – Pratteln is a 10 minute S bahn ride from Basel. There’s a train from Amsterdam Centraal to Basel at 8:04 am on the 8th that arrives at 3:11 pm. There’s also a train at 6:34 am on the 8th that will get you to Pratteln a little after 2 pm (requires a change in Frankfurt), There are some other options by train that should get you there in plenty of time. I wouldn’t recommend the night trains because the route requires several train changes.


EasyJet has a flight from Amsterdam to Basel on the 8th for 33.90 euro, but it doesn’t get to Basel until 6:30 pm.

This site is a good resource for identifying low cost flights within Europe:

Robert asks…

Second city from Amsterdam for 10 day total Euro Vacation??

I’ll be in Amsterdam for five days in late September. I’d like to travel to another city via either a direct flight or train. Any suggestions? Given I’m from the US, a non-Euro currency country would be preferable (I’d love to do London or Paris again, but they’re too expensive). I’ve seen a great deal of Europe (toured Italy, Spain, Germany and parts of Eastern Europe extensively), so a slightly more obscure location would be great. Thanks.

Yaz answers:

The closest non-Euro currency country to Amsterdam after Britain is Denmark.
Capital Copenhagen.
Great city. You can have a realy nice time there.

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