Your Questions About Tour Operators Ireland

Donna asks…

What tour operators do you recommend for a 4-6 day overview tour of Ireland?

I will be traveling with a teenager on a fairly quick (4-6 days) overview tour of Ireland during the last week of March. This will be our first time in Ireland. I have been considering CIE Tours, Sceptre Tours and Vagabond Tours – does anyone have any experience with them?

In case this helps, the specific tours I am considering are:

Yaz answers:

i advise u to make your own arrangements.
Day I
dublin bus tour
theatre/ cabaret/shopping mall
day 2
dart high speed rail trip to wicklow…………if ur into historic houses places theres many historic houses avondale .would need to spend another day possibly hire a car.
Day 3
dunlaoire 1 hour busride from dublin (southside)
superb choice…………many nice oriental/indian restaurants.
Day 4 train to kilkenny/killarney/bus to trim
3 historic towns
killareney is the furthest
would at least need to overnight
taste b&b (bed and beakfast accommodation)

day4/day 5
more historic houses e,g muckross if u went to killarney/boatride on the lake.
Other options
horse racing festivals…………st patricks day is 17th of march .great weekend in dublin
jasus i should be a f…………….ing tour consultant.smiles

William asks…

Urgent–Ireland: 4-5 days-short breaks, package tour from 26 May to 31 May?

Ireland: 4-5 days-short breaks, package tour from 26 May to 31 May

I am looking for the above trip: including coach, hotel fee, tour guided trip, BUT it needs to be departed from England (preferably from Brighton or cities around this area)
I am a foreigner, i find it very surprised, I serached 10 tour operators online, there are no package tour available. A friend told me that is because english like to arrange the trips of the Uk on their own, they book their own train tickets, hotel, and when they arrive the hotel, they will do day trip tour from local tour operator or by the hotel.
But since i am not english, i do not drive, i am not familiar with Uk things, i would prefer to take a package tour including everything.
(1) is it really no such kind of tour in the Uk for Uk trips?
(2) Anyone knows trips to :Ireland: 4-5 days, package tour from 26 May to 31 May?
(3) i dont mind the price, i only want to find a tour from a reputable tour operator and i do not need to bother to do all sorts of bookings , only pay for the tour fee and then no need to take time to search for train times, find day trips, hotel………
(4) or the captioned trip depart from friday morning and return to England on sunday night. — In early June.
please help and answer my questions point by point, thanks.
I know Ireland is independent but it still belongs to the Uk, united kingdom, why the first answerer said the trip is not uk trip. i dont understand and the answerer did not explain and not to mention any suggestions.
I already said i am not english, i am only an international student in england, but don’t laugh at me if my questions seems silly to English people and do not feel offended.
i have to make it clear: I want to go to Dublin.
i want to go to Northern Ireland (Part of the UK): Dublin.
Oh i had offended the Irish people for saying that Dublin trip is Uk trip???
sorry. Because there is one local english told me, Northern Ireland, Scotland and England belongs to the UK. so he is wrong?

Yaz answers:

Best fly in to Dublin.Ryanair is cheap.Then start your package from there.

You may not be aware but saying Ireland belongs to the U.K is considered offensive.Also posting this in the Ireland section means the people answering it are most likely Irish not English.(Common sense really)Anyway we’ll let you off just this once,enjoy your trip but watch what you say,lol!

Robert asks…

Which is a better holiday destination – Cuba or Domincian Republic?

I know I’ve asked similar questions before, but…Tour Operator in Ireland(Sunway) are offering direct flights between Dublin and Dominican Republic(Puerto Plata) from November until April next year. Very tempted to go, especially as there seems to be a LOT to do there and general feedback is good.

Have been given a lot of positive reviews about Cuba and would love to visit Havana but it seems a bit limited in terms of excursions etc. Flights from Dublin would be via Paris.

What do you all think?

Yaz answers:

Been to both cuba wins by a mile and cubans much nicer people
Dominican republic is not as safe you have to stay in your Hotel, and a dirty place.

Donald asks…

flights from northern ireland to abu dhabi?

Hi need a flight from northern ireland to AD around christmas time…..anyone know any options other than ettihad….pref for 28th of december ……..

any suggestions for other tour operators i can look at……
thanks x

Yaz answers:

Check Abu Dhabi International Airport website of call them to ask ..

If you cant call or ddnt find in the website then plz let me know so i’ll call and ask for details .. When where how long which airways and all these stuff ..

But plz send me an e-mail because i dont check my answers here again ..

Good luck and welcome to Abu Dhabi in advance =)

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Come See Ireland With Us!

Tour Operators Ireland Singles Holidays Over 50s


Saturday, May 26 – Sunday, June 3, 2012
Tour Operators Ireland Singles Holidays Over 50s

Tour Operators Ireland  Singles Holidays Over 50s

Tour Operators Ireland Singles Holidays Over 50s

Your Questions About Amsterdam Tours

William asks…

Recomend a day tours from Amsterdam through the Netherlands at Christmas?


we are spending 24th – 28th December in Amsterdam. Have been told that most of the city is closed on the 26th – therefore, do you think a day tour outside the city is a good idea? Will other cities be alive?

Or would the 27th be better?

Can anyone recommend a good tour Company?
Is Viator a good company?


Yaz answers:

There will basically nothing special be going on. All stores will be closed on December 25th and the Netherlands also observes boxing day on the 26th, so only the furniture stores will be open. This seems to be THE annual event.
Nowhere in the country you’ll find exciting touristy things to do. These days are mainly spent with family and friends.
Even the trains will run a holiday schedule, but you’ll be able to get around still, yet I think outside the city of Amsterdam or Rotterdam, you’ll find even lesser things to entertain you.
This is not the best part of the year to make a touristy trip to the Netherlands, other than visiting family and friends.
Viator is a very good company, I am a AAA travel agent and work with them a lot, but plan those activities on the 27th, although some tour companies maybe open, your chances are very slim.
I am also a Dutch citizen who lived there for 28 years before moving to the US.

Charles asks…

What is a good reputable city tour company in Amsterdam?

I’m in the beginning stages of planning a trip to Amsterdam. What is the name of a reputable tour company in the city for city and surrounding countryside tours?

Yaz answers:

Amsterdam and the surrounding areas are very easily reached and explored without a organised tour. While in Amsterdam, I recommend hiring a bike (there’s a big bike rental at the Central Train Station called MacBike.) All the cool neighbourhoods in Amsterdam are within 15 minutes by bike from the city centre just please note that biking is a serious way of transportation for the Dutch, they use it to get from A to B and not as entertainment. This means that you shouldn’t stop on the middle on the road to make pictures for instance…. For greater Amsterdam (which is basically the rest of the country) you can reached almost everything by train. The Netherlands have a very modern and reliable train system. For instance from Amsterdam to Delft takes about 50 minutes and is a direct connection, costs for a round trip are about 20 euro. Furthermore it’s an easy country to explore, people are helpful, speak english well and almost all tourist attractions have english signs and guides. You really don’t need a tour. Good luck!

Lizzie asks…

Can you take a tour of the Amsterdam Arena?

I am going to Amsterdam in July and would love to take a tour of the stadium that Ajax plays their games in. I have seen a couple great football stadiums such as Emirates (Arsenal) and they offered tours, and had a team store…Does the Amsterdam Arena do the same for Ajax, is it worth touring, do they have a place to look at Ajax football history?

Yaz answers:

It’s really quite prominent on the arena website. Http://

If it’s worth it… Well, I wouldn’t go if you paid me 50 euros but I just do not care about football.

Jenny asks…

what are the best sight seeing tours in Amsterdam?

Yaz answers:

I remember a few years back showing some students around and a nice tour was via a canal boat that acts like a bus, so instead of being held captive onboard for a period of time

You buy one ticket and then if there is somewhere you want to stop you can get off, walk about a bit or stop for a drink etc, and then hope on the next one that comes along (like a bus).

They give a commentary in several languages and tell you a bit about the sights, where you are passing by etc and the ticket is valid for the whole day

So it’s very flexible, all day, informative and you get freedom to do what you want!

I couldn’t remember what it was called though so I googled and found it in English for you

Sharon asks…

How to plan short breaks in Amsterdam with Family?

I would like to know the best accommodations in Amsterdam for family tours next month?

Yaz answers:

For hotel space, use one of the many hotel finders, there are many on internet.
Use an on-line map to see where the hotel is before you book as you do not want to stay in the middle of the red light district.
Or contact the tourist information office and book through them.
Also look for self catering places, they do exist but are hard to find on internet.

I often give this link when people ask about Amsterdam, that is because they mention almost all you can want to know about the town, and give links to more sites:

For planning your stay, use the site and see the things you like. There is a page with museums, one with historic sights, one about shopping, and do not forget the Zoo:

If you talk with your children about the women in the windows and why some people act funny, it is not even considered strange to walk through the red light district. You will see more families there, and when you are with your children you can explain things.

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Your Questions About Amsterdam Tourism

George asks…

If Amsterdam got rid of all its coffee shops that sell marijuana, would that hurt its tourism?

If all the places in Amsterdam and Holland got rid of every place that sells cannabis and other drugs, how would that affect the tourism there? and why?

Yaz answers:

Let me get the facts straight first:
No drugs are legal in the Netherlands, and only Weed/Marijuana/Hash or however you want to call it, is officially ignored, and that only if many rules are followed.
The rules go for the whole country, not just Amsterdam, although municipalities can keep a tighter check on the sales if there is a lot of problems. (Holland is the nickname of the country, the Netherlands the English version of the official name.)

I think given a few years to get the news to spread the net result in number of visitors will stay the same or go up.
At this time only one in four of the foreign visitors uses the coffee shops, and most of them only for a small amount. I guess most of those people will keep coming to Amsterdam.
The rest, the ones that get stoned out of their heads each day here can not put a lot of money into the legal economy, as most of their money disappears into the black hole behind the coffee shops, the illegal economy.

And right now Amsterdam has an unjustified bad reputation abroad, when that reputation is replaced by the real, clean and good reputation that will be true then, people who avoid Amsterdam now will come too, likely rising the visitor numbers higher than they are now, with all of the money coming in going into the legal economy.

Donald asks…

When is the drug tourism ban in Amsterdam coming into force?

Apparently the coffee shops in Holland are going to become members only clubs to stop drug tourism but when will that be happening. I’m looking into going there with my friend in january 2011 just for 3 days.

Yaz answers:

It is only talked about as a proposal for law that still has to be written. As such there is no date known yet.
Mostly things like this are not arranged within a few months, but as drugs are illegal, they do not have to change the law, just have to get new directions in use.
This gouvernment has been quick in changing some things, like formalizing changes in the ban on smoking tobacco to what had become practice over the last few months.

I guess that you will still be good to go in January 2011, but there are no guaranties.

Paul asks…

Is using prostitutes as a Main Attraction for tourism in Amsterdam wrong?

i mean yes it is effective, but what i’m talking about is that they use prostitution to grow their economy or maybe give employment but on the other hand they fail to give women employment in respectable areas that they have to resort to prostitution for sustainment. Not to mention that they have health checks which caused 7% prostitutes have AIDS which think will continuously spread.
I’m asking many think that it is morally wrong, unhealthy, based on facts and the long term effects (and or the social stigma regarding women and Amsterdam)

Yaz answers:

There is more to Amsterdam than prostitutes.

Amsterdam (help·info) (IPA: [ɑmstərˡdɑm]) is the capital of the Netherlands. Its name is derived from “Amstel dam”, pointing to the city’s origin: a dam on the river Amstel. The city is known for its historic port, the Rijksmuseum, its red-light district (de Wallen), its liberal coffeeshops, and its many canals which have led to Amsterdam being called the “Venice of the North”. During the Dutch Golden Age, Amsterdam was one of the most important ports in the world, with innovative developments in trade, and became the leading centre for finance and diamonds.

The city, founded in the late 12th century as a small fishing village, has grown to become the largest city in the Netherlands with a population of 743,104 inhabitants, containing at least 172 nationalities.

The canals are Amsterdam’s biggest attraction: last year, over 3 million people enjoyed a sightseeing canal cruise. Find out more about Canal Company and its various ways of exploring the ‘grachten’.

Linda asks…

Is Amsterdam generally perceived as a drug tourism destination?

If so…does this discourage other tourists from visiting Amsterdam?

Yaz answers:

Unfortunately there is an element who do indeed only associate Amsterdam with drugs and prostitutes…. So you get the “all drugs are legal” story from those people, and bizarely that “everyone” wants to smoke marijuana….. Hands up those who enjoy Amsterdam without smoking and you will see it is not “everyone”.

Also, no drugs are legal. Weed/marijuana is tolerated under given conditions and other drugs are absolutely illegal and acted upon

Normally it is the ones who are interested in drugs and/or prostitutes anyway that form this association with Amsterdam and then perpetuate it.

Actually Amsterdam is so much more, and fortunately many tourists also recognise this and come for this. For example there are 50+ museums alone in Amsterdam, more shopping than you could do in a lifetime, art & science, architecture, science attractions, many tourist attractions such as the Anne Frank house, a zoo, a great nightlife, lots of different cuisines and fun places to eat & drink….. Well I could go on!

Of course it is not to rule out the stereotypes. Actually it can be interesting wandering around the red light district. At least then you can see it first hand and some of the stigma usually disappears. Same for coffeeshops – if people want to go and have a quiet smoke, then why not experience it? – emphasis on the “quiet”.

It is the gangs (of usually youngish guys) that come to Amsterdam intent on getting plastered (drunk) and then mix that with getting zombified on weed – and then start touring around. They are usually asking for trouble and quiet frankly are a pain in the (you know where). These are the ones which give a bad reputation, and the ones that locals also dispair of.

On a Saturday night, I have personally dodged my fair share of them!

So I hope that people come, visit Amsterdam, enjoy what is on offer (whatever their tastes) in a relaxed manner, and those that want to cause problems or get of their heads, – stay at home. This to me is more of an issue than the fact that you can buy marijuana/weed in Amsterdam, and if I was not a local – this would be the thing that would put me off re-visiting again. However, this is not unique to Amsterdam either in my experience.

Thomas asks…

If California Legalizes Marijuana, Will Amsterdam’s Tourism Fall?

Jeez Onegrtch, what are you talking about? California might legalize marijuana, medical marijuana is already widely available there.

Yaz answers:

Aha, Fred, a phony libertarian. Your statement just showed your ignorance and your payment of lip service to platitudes. And just exactly WHERE should the government get out of our lives, a pathetically trite and worthless idea.

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Your Questions About Amsterdam Tourist

Maria asks…

Why is Amsterdam such a popular tourist destination?

I was wondering why everyone seems to love Amsterdam so much because everyone who goes there seems to love it. Do you know why it’s so popular? Thanks!

Yaz answers:

Amsterdam is a very nice city. Build in a people size, which means that you can easily walk the city and do not feel lost between big buildings.
It also has a lot to see, with a nice building style.
More museums per square km/mile than any other city in the world and on a wide range of different topics, from art and what can be expected in all cities to some that are pretty special and can, for now, only be found in Amsterdam.
Shopping is good.
And so are the options for day trips from the city, in spring to the flowers, and round the year to windmills, villages and the polder, (mostly translated with reclaimed land.)

There are tourists coming for the legal prostitution, but that can be found in many more cities in Europe. Many of those tourist come to sight see only, look but not buy.

Here on Yahoo answers you get the impression that all tourists come to Amsterdam to get wasted on weed. But I heard from the Mayor of Amsterdam that 3 out of 4 tourists do not use any drugs at all and from the rest a big percentage use a little weed but not a lot.
He did mention that starting with the pass for regulars only will hurt the weed trade in Amsterdam, as a high percentage of the users of those coffee shops are tourists, but his main concern about that is that the weed trade will move back into the street where it is going to be much more a safety risk and likely going to disturb the peace of the town more.

Lisa asks…

What is/are the best tourist districts in Amsterdam?

I’ll be going to Amsterdam next year and want to know areas in Amsterdam where I can soak up Danish culture. Red Light District etc. I’m trying to avoid going to a deserted area that doesn’t get much footfall.
Actually meant to type Dutch.

Yaz answers:

Good luck if you try to find Danish culture in Amsterdam.
It is the capital city of the Netherlands, not in Denmark.

Amsterdam is small enough that the whole of the old city is one, all within and just outside the ring of canals is famous, worth seeing and safe.

The ‘red light district’ are a couple of canals and connecting streets within this area, to the east of it, and while worth seeing, I would not want to have my hotel or hostel in the area, too crowded by tourists.
Unless you are there on the day of a big match you will not see much of football, the stadium and all sports fields are on the outside of the city.

The Jordaan area is good if you want a quiet hotel, the ring of canals if you want more upscale and do a good search on the hostel booking sites if you want to go for cheap, hotels as well as hostels you find there, but do read the reviews, some of the cheapest places have a bad reputation because they are not nice to stay to say the least.

The Leidseplein and its surroundings, which the other answerer recommends is good, I have heard good stories about a hotel called Leidseplein hotel, which is just of the square.

Jenny asks…

how much, does an average tourist spend, in amsterdam, in a day?

I am thinking about going to Amsterdam, and was wondering how much money I need to bring. I want to visit coffe shops, and drink tasty beverages. Can I get by on 85 bucks a day, not including lodging?

Yaz answers:

All depends on what you want to do.

I’d count
-30 dollars a day for food and drinks
-10 dollars for museums
-10 dollars for transportation
-10 dollars for coffee shops
-15 dollars for unexpected expenses

If you want to visit night clubs and strip clubs, you’ll need a lot more. But normally you’ll do just fine with 85 dollars.

Have a nice trip! :-)

Here’s a link to the coffee shops:

William asks…

5% Amsterdam tourist tax based on per person? per night ? of hotel rate?

I am going to Amsterdam with my friends next month. We are 4 person and want to know more about the 5% of tourist tax. If our hotel is 250 euro for 2 nights. how much is the 5% tax? is it based on room?night? or person? thanks

Yaz answers:

Some hotels charge this on arrival and most on departure and it depends on how they calculate the bill (either per room or per person), but it is 5% of this sum which is the tourist tax you pay

So if your hotel is €250 as you mention for the total of the 2 days then the 5% is calculated on this. It doesn’t matter if you calculate this per day or as a total of the sum of days (e.g. 2 x €125 x 5%, or €250 x 5%)

If fact many cities such as Rotterdam and Amersfoort abolished this tax in recent years, but Amsterdam authorities still insist on collecting this – probably as there is no problem to attract tourists to Amsterdam :0)

James asks…

Can a tourist start working in Amsterdam?

Going there on a trip. If I decided I wanted to work there and live there, would I be able to find jobs as an American citizen?

Yaz answers:

I am afraid you cannot just start working (at least legally anyway). You are traveling visa-free as an American under the Visa Waiver Program and this is travel only and does not permit you to work. However it does permit you to look for work – BUT it is not as easy as that (see last paragraph).

Mentioned also was the working holiday visa. However the USA is not a partner in this recipricol agreement so I am afraid this is not an option for you either – only Australians, New Zealanders etc.

To work in NL as an American citizen, I have to warn you that it is not an easy prospect. Due to the amount of people asking this same question (and lots of contradictory info online) I did some homework on this and answered another of your fellow countrymates. Therefore instead of writing it all out again, will give you the link to all the info including official sites etc;_ylt=Aot9aB7H6Ea_m1okiq2Qgdjsy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20081029005645AAYhd63

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Your Questions About Amsterdam Travel Channel

Laura asks…

Overnight Channel Crossing – Amsterdam?

Im worried I might get sea sick travelling overnight on a DFDS ferry. Any idea how stable they are? Do many people suffer when travelling?

Yaz answers:

People do not get sea sick on modern ferries as they have stabilisers which keep the craft from rolling. Anyway you will be asleep for most of the time in your cabin!!

Have a good crossing and enjoy the trip. The food is excellent on board so I would recommend that you make the most of the experience, eat drink and have fun all in moderation of course.

Donald asks…

Does the Hydrofoil still cross the English Channel as a passenger ferry?

Im booking a trip to Europe and was wondering if the Hydrofoil is still in use. Ive tried to search for myself, but cant seem to find any transportation website that lead me to it. Ive found the obvious, ferries, chunnel and planes, but I was curious if they still run the Hydrofoil.

Also, we’re looking at flying from the US to London Gatwick, then getting over to Amsterdam, Brussels and end in Paris. I’ve seen cheap flights inter-Europe to Prague as well as Rome. Im booking 14 days hoping that will be enough to see what I can. Also if anyone could recommend decent hotels, not cheap roach motels but not expensive ones either. Any European travel site recommendations will be welcome as well. I know all the American ones, so dont suggest Travelocity, Orbitz, Priceline, Hotwire or any others.

I worked for an airline in the US, so I know how to get around that, just need hotel suggestions and other forms of transportation within Europe.


Yaz answers:

No, the Hydrofoil was pulled a long time ago and more recently the Hovercraft was pulled as well due to cost reasons as usual.

Think about taking Eurostar between London and Paris / Brussels – its much quicker than the ferry since you are limited to time.

Also try Easyjet and Ryanair for low cost fares from London Stanstead and London Luton

try or (doesnt need to be last minute booking incidently)

Also try for cheap hotels across europe and for cheap hotel in London.

Sandy asks…



Yaz answers:

Pot hasn’t been legalized YET. I think they should Legalize it. I don’t smoke Pot myself but I think it does relieve pain and suffering for those who are in physical Pain due to medical reasons. NOT all suffering patients can GET the benefits of Marijuana. Every MS patient should be allowed to use Pot to ease their suffering. ANY medical condition that ails the body; should have the thumps up on using Pot. That is just my personal opinion. I also think those that use should do use with caution. Meaning don’t be so high and get behind the wheel of a car and start driving. Don’t use and Drive! Get my point?

Helen asks…

Name of a TV show about design/ decoration,where the host travelled in europe searching for antique pieces?

The program used to be in “Travel and Living” channel, the host was a brithish guy who went to Prague, Barcelone, amsterdam, among other cities in Europe.

Yaz answers:

There is:

Home Design


I am also wondering if it could be ….Travel & Living … Chris Gower’s hunt for antiques.

Richard asks…

Any one seen the Eurostar advert in todays papers?

A map of Europe showing just where you can travel to using Eurostar. From it’s terminus in Paris or Brussels you can change for Bordeaux, Marseilles, Bern, Vienna, Frankfurt, Berlin and Amsterdam, to name just a few destinations.

And this side of the Channel? Well London, that’s it.

Isn’t this typical of the attitude to the country shown by our betters, European travel is only for the Metropolitan elite, and why would any modern European want to Travel anywhere North or West of the capital to look at the smelly oiks?

Is it because

a) Getting from the Eurostar Terminal at Paddington to any other station on London is a significantly more difficult journey than to get to Paris or Brussels by Eurostar or
b) this country is so Londocentric now that the rest of the UK has simply ceased to exist.

Calls will cost……….

Comments and rants please

I’m still alive. I was in Liverpool city centre last weekend and it was teaming with Spanish and Italian holiday makers. It may come as a shock to you, but there are things outside of London that tourists are intrested in. Also I read on a web site of a man from Los Angels who flew to Dublin, got the ferry to Holyhead, train to Chester, then train to Liverpool. Why? this was a significantly less stressful journey than traveling through a London airport, getting into London, and getting a train to Liverpool.

Yaz answers:

It’s due to the whole londoncentric thing. Look at the billions they blew on the jubilee line extension yet according to you english its we scots who are the ‘scroungers’. Same with this london olympics deal.

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Your Questions About Amsterdam Tours From London

Donald asks…

Connecting flight from London to Amsterdam, in transit, for Contiki tour?

I have am going on a Europe Contiki tour that starts in London and the 1st stop is Amsterdam. I am a United States permanent resident (I have a green card) but have a Vietnamese Passport. When I applied for a UK visa I was denied due to petty reasons, but I was able to get a Schengen Visa into Amsterdam/Europe. I was not able to cancel my nonrefundable Delta flight into London (Heathrow) so I bought a connecting flight from London to Amsterdam with British Airways. I know that I am allow to be in transit from London to Amsterdam if I have a connecting flight within 24 hrs.

Will I be going through airport customs and collecting my luggage and be allow to leave the terminal? Or as a transit person will I be restricted to say inside a secured part of the airport until my connecting flight departs. If I can leave the airport, I would prefer to just board the Contiki bus in London and then depart on the bus to Amsterdam the next day. That way I can start the tour with everyone and also get to see London for a day. I believe that it would still fit into the 24 hour transit time allowed, except that I’ll be leaving London by bus and not by plane into Amsterdam. Does anyone know if this will be possible or will I be confined within the airport until my connecting flight.

I will lose the money spent on the connecting flight but would be able to start the Contiki tour as originally scheduled instead of trying to meet up with the tour in Amsterdam.

Is there a possibility that I will be deported back to the United States by trying to leave the airport? I do have a Visa into Schengen and have no intentions of staying in the UK.

Yaz answers:

Both Delta and BA are full service airlines so you should be able to check your luggage through to Amsterdam. (But check that with Delta). That means it will be trans-shipped from Delta to BA by the automated conveyor belt and will not need to be touched by human hands. You might have to change terminals. To do this go to the transit desk in arrivals and they will arrange your transfer. You will not be allowed to leave the airport but will be confined to the departure lounge of the terminal you are leaving from. It is a normal airport departure lounge totally unlike the transit detention cells in US airports.

Daniel asks…

I m reaching London with my family on 17th Aug staying at premier inn bath road heathrow. Is it safe?

I have to join Thomas cook tour starting from London on 19th Aug. Can somebody advise if it is safe to visit London at this situation? Or shud I bypass london and join the tour at Amsterdam?

Yaz answers:

I live near heathrow and there is no problems round the area you will be ok

Ruth asks…

I’m already in London. I have 2 more weeks before I go back to U.S. Please let me know of tours to Paris,Venic

I’m already in London. I have 2 more weeks before I go back to U.S. Please let me know of tours to Paris, Venice, Amsterdam etc. Please recommend any tour operators who do last minutes 3 or 4 days escorted tours to Paris or venice from London. Thanks.

Yaz answers:

Visit there you will find many destinations.

Sandra asks…

Europe route planning expert? Amsterdam to Pratteln.?

I am planning to go traveling/ following a band touring (groupie?! nah…) in the coming November. However they have a extremely tight schedule and I am finding difficulties to plan my route.

Basically, here is their schedule

2.11 – Shepherds Bush Empire / FUSE – London, UK
4.11 – Tavastia – Helsinki, Finnland
5.11 – Tavastia – Helsinki, Finnland
7.11 – Melkweg – Amsterdam, Niederlande
8.11 – Z7 – Pratteln, Schweiz
10.11 – Le Zenit – Paris, Frankreich

I am planning to go to the last 3, which is Amsterdam, Pratteln and Paris.
I am on a Budget.
I am planning to fly from London to Amsterdam on the 7th, and there is no problem with that.

However I have no idea how to get from Amsterdam to Pratteln in just 24 hours and still be able to make the concert on that day.

In your opinion should I just give up? Or is there any other ways?? like night coaches and stuff?
Much appreciated. Any information about the hostels/hotel would be great too!!!!
I don’t speak German nor Dutch, and I have no idea where about in Switzerland is Pratteln and how to get there. (sorry I know this sounds really stupid, but if anyone could give me a brief background info it would be great!!!!)
I think the nearest airport is Basel but I check there is only 1 flight each day on the 1700, by the time I arrived it would be too late for the concert. Trains takes about 6 hours.

Yaz answers:

You can take the train from Amsterdam Central Station to Basel – Pratteln is a 10 minute S bahn ride from Basel. There’s a train from Amsterdam Centraal to Basel at 8:04 am on the 8th that arrives at 3:11 pm. There’s also a train at 6:34 am on the 8th that will get you to Pratteln a little after 2 pm (requires a change in Frankfurt), There are some other options by train that should get you there in plenty of time. I wouldn’t recommend the night trains because the route requires several train changes.


EasyJet has a flight from Amsterdam to Basel on the 8th for 33.90 euro, but it doesn’t get to Basel until 6:30 pm.

This site is a good resource for identifying low cost flights within Europe:

Robert asks…

Second city from Amsterdam for 10 day total Euro Vacation??

I’ll be in Amsterdam for five days in late September. I’d like to travel to another city via either a direct flight or train. Any suggestions? Given I’m from the US, a non-Euro currency country would be preferable (I’d love to do London or Paris again, but they’re too expensive). I’ve seen a great deal of Europe (toured Italy, Spain, Germany and parts of Eastern Europe extensively), so a slightly more obscure location would be great. Thanks.

Yaz answers:

The closest non-Euro currency country to Amsterdam after Britain is Denmark.
Capital Copenhagen.
Great city. You can have a realy nice time there.

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Your Questions About Amsterdam Travel Guide

Sandra asks…

Best/Cheapest way to travel around Europe & how much money needed?

My boyfriend and i are heading over to Europe for 6-7 weeks. We are from Australia and are looking at going Oct/Nov. Since we are heading into the cooler weather we are planning to go to the southern countries first to make the most of the good weather
We are planning to fly from Aust to

Barcelona 2 nights
French Riviera (Nice, Monaco) 3 nights
Milan 1 night
Venice 2 nights
Florence 2 nights
Rome 3 nights
Athens 1 night
Greek Islands( Ios, Santorini, Mykonos) 4 nights
Dubrovnik 2 nights
Budapest 1 night
Vienna 2 nights
Prague 3 nights
Berlin 2 nights
Munich 2 nights
Lucerne 3 nights
Paris 3 nights
Brussels 2 nights
Amsterdam 2 nights
London 5 nights
Edinburgh 2 nights
Dublin 2 nights

This is just a rough guide at the moment of places we are really interested in. I have look up eurail, possibly getting a global pass for 2 months either 10 or 15 days, is this worthwhile.
I looked up eurolines (bus) but I thought it may take a long time to get places. Have also looked up flights, thought we would do that on the long distances eg Barcelona to French Riviera, & Athens to Dubrovnik

Any suggestions, tips & advice would be great
How much money do you suggest? We are happy to stay in hostels (private rooms) or hotels, cabins in caravan parks etc as we want to be comfortable and clean but also spend our money more on sights/attractions etc. We also plan to eat say one meal out a day/night and the rest pack our own

Yaz answers:

Wow… You’re planning on doing quite a bit while you’re in Europe! Most of your itinerary sounds pretty good, but I would suggest spending more time in Budapest rather than Prague. I spent a long weekend in Prague and was pretty bored, and when I was in Budapest I just wished that I could stay longer!! There’s loads to do there (the baths, castle & labyrinth are all a must) there’s great food, good nightlife and it is cheap. There’s a place in Budapest that does all you can eat and drink for £12 each (drink includes wine, beer & soft drinks). Nice I would miss as well, I personally think it’s just a bit boring and pretentious (but I have friends who enjoyed it there, so to each their own).

In the Eastern European countries and Berlin I would say that £100 – £150 would cover you both per night for everything (£50 each) and that would enable you to see the sights, have a few drinks, stay in a decent hotel and enjoy yourselves. Western Europe I would budget for at least £75 each staying in hostels, buying drink in an off-license, eating at cafes and only seeing free/cheap tourist things.

Personally, I think that you’re trip is a tad too ambitious because it
takes time to get everywhere so you will be spending so much of your holiday travelling and trying to fit things in so you will miss a lot. Based on my own experiences, I would skip Nice, Milan, Florence, Edinburgh and spend only 3 days in London so that I could see more in the other cities. Good luck with your trip!

George asks…

Traveling overseas first time ?

Hi i am traveling to Amsterdam for first time on my way i have a layover for 9 hrs in Germany. I am a US citizen andi know i don’t need visa to visit any European country. I wanna step outside during my layover, i am worried will that be a problem or its a normal thing to do. I have never travel overseas and i am worried if i go outside during my layover German authorities might gimme hard time. Please guide

Yaz answers:

It’s not unusual; you’ll need to go through passport control and customs to get out of the airport. You also need to make sure that you allow enough time to get back to the airport, get through security and get to your gate for boarding of your flight to Amsterdam. I do this myself sometimes when I have a long connection time.

Joseph asks…

What should I do in Hamburg, Germany if I have only 5 days time ?

out of which I need 2-3 days for the Official /business things, and then a Saturday and Sunday full day.
I would like to travel out of Hamburg, probably out of Germany – namely to Amsterdam or somewhere fancy.The first three days, I am free at night, so utilise it inside Hamburg, and 2 days, going somewhere, travel at night. I would really appreciate if you guys can guide me what I should be doing inside Hamburg and outside. I always had a passion for the secrets and History / archeology stuff, and ofcourse reeperbahn kinda stuff too :) Really appreciate all your answers, thanks

Yaz answers:

The reeperbahn, obviously. Not only a red light district, but also a place to party with many clubs, pubs, bars, discos, theatres, etc. Much alternative stuff, but also great for “normal” people who enjoy partying

hamburger michel. A church, the town´s landmark, great baroque architecture.

The harbor. The biggest in germany and thirdbiggest in europe, worth seeing.

If you want to get up early: sunday at 5 am the fish market. It´s a traditional thing and therefore probably worth seeing and if i am not mistaken they trade other things than fish there, too (but i am no early bird and that´s why i havent been there yet on my visits to hamburg)

the town hall. All town halls of bigger european cities are worth seeing (and of some smaller cities, too) because of their most often traditional architecture. Hamburg´s is great, too.

That´s all that comes to my mind right now, but there´s of course more. Try google, too, maybe, but i hope i helped.

Linda asks…

Inter railing Europe, need Irish advice please!?

2 of my friends and I are inter railing europe this summer. (our inter-railing tickets allows us to travel on European trains for one month as much as we like). We are all male, around 21, students and Irish (we are cheap, messy and will be mostly boozing and sight seeing on a low budget). I am looking for your advice, opinions and pass experience to guide me on where to go/visit.
This is our rough plan. We are flying from cork to Amsterdam in early June and our inter-railing pass is valid for one month. Our rough idea so far is to go like this…
Amsterdam to Berlin to Prague to Auschwitz to Krakow to Bratislava to Budapest to Zagreb. We would like to spend a day or two lying on the beaches of Croatia and then get a ferry over to venice for a day or two and then fly home from there.

Cost is a big factor for us. We will be staying in hostels!

Have you ever done something similar or been to any of these places?

I am looking for cheap places to stay? sights to see? things to do? places to go? etc etc. Or do you think my plan is un-practical and should perhaps take a different route?
Yes Orla, sleeper trains it is. And yes probably only one night in venice and then fly home! i know how expensive it is, one of us has already been. And Auschwitz we are because of the history, my cousin was their and says it was amazing (emotionally like, not pretty scenic like.) I study history… and also because, why not? its different and right along our route.

Yaz answers:

Yeah did the whole inter-railing thing with a couple of my class mates a few years ago. Same age and interests! We weren’t as ambitious. Mainly hung round rome, venice and then worked our way into slovenia. We loved it there so settled down in Lake Bled for 10 days, hired bikes and cycled around the place. It’s amazing. Lakes, castles, great food, CHEAP, amazing scenery. Was a great hostel there. Can’t remember the name of it but we met loads of people there. The owner even gave us lift to the town and picked us up. Was really friendly. I’ll ask the girls and get back to ya if they remember. They’re better at that thing.

Venice…loads to do. Just walk round. TOurist trap though. Expensive there unless you stay outside the city. We used to get the bus into it each day. Accomodation in the city VERY $$$$.

You’ll have a great time! I’m off to australia to roadtrip it in August. Sick of work and recessions:-)

Chris asks…

Why is the US Gov. removing God from things more & more? [Details inside…]?

I am sorry my question is long, but if you read you will see what I am trying to say.

I am NOT bashing anyone. I believe the Native Americans are also founders of the land we now call America. However, they too believed in a Creator, a spiritual guide so to speak. They prayed to God all the time, and based their lives upon what they heard and saw, which they were told/shown by God. My family is Cherokee and Choctaw indian, and my grandma, grandpa, great grandpas & gradmas, have all told me that they believe in God as Christians do, they simply worship & honor Him differently. My great grandma “Ollie Broadfoot” traveled the Trail of Tears.

NO, I am not saying America was founded FOR God. I am saying the forefathers who founded it were Christians. They started America from a Christian prospective. They added God into everything they did.
The first to emigrate for religious reasons were Puritan Separatists (known to history as the “Pilgrims”) who established Plymouth Colony in 1620.

During the reign of Elizabeth I certain English Puritan groups called Separatists, despairing of reform and unwilling to compromise, formed voluntary congregations. They broke with the Church of England, chose their own pastors by common consent, and lived as religious communities in accordance with their conception of the original church described in the Bible. They were savagely repressed by Elizabeth. Two laymen were hanged in 1583 for selling Separatist tracts; and three Separatists clerics were hanged in 1593. Severe pressure on these groups continued under her successor, James I (1603-1625), who had the Bible translated into the “Authorized King James Version”, and swore that he would “harry the Puritans out of the land”.

Seeking to escape persecution and the worldly excesses of English society, a small Separatist congregation from the area of Scrooby, England, fled to Holland in 1607. They lived first in Amsterdam and later moved to Leyden where they formed an English Congregational Church. After 13 years of exile in Holland, they decided to emigrate to America and returned to England in July 1620 to make final preparations for the voyage. They sailed from Plymouth on 6 September 1620 aboard the Mayflower with a company of 102 men, women and children to establish the Plymouth Colony. Two months later, on 11 November 1620, these Pilgrims disembarked on the shore of Cape Cod Bay. After prospecting the coast for the best place to settle permanently, they chose the site of the present city of Plymouth, Massachusetts.

Yaz answers:

That is a common misconception. The majority of the founding fathers were not Christian. They did want to escape Religious persecution but the goal was for them to dictate what religion was practiced.

I suggest you do some further research to see the crimes and atrocities that have been committed in the name of Religion.

As for removing God from our country that is also a misconception. Our bill of rights grants us protection in practicing or not practicing any religion we choose. It also forbids setting up a national religion. Some religious kooks out there would make you think otherwise. On a side not have your read Revelations and the part of the false prophets – makes you wonder if these kooks are a false prophet.

Not being smart or nasty, I would suggest reading your bible, pray, follow your beliefs and let others follow theirs.

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Your Questions About Places To Visit In Amsterdam In Holland

Mark asks…

Fun places to go in Amsterdam?

This summer I’m headed to Holland for a week to visit a friend of mine. She lives in a small town about 45 minutes outside of Amsterdam.

She told me we’d spend a couple days exploring Amsterdam together. Her boyfriend actually lives in Amsterdam and has offered to show us around and let us crash at his place. He told me to start looking up and researching some places that I really want to visit and he’d make sure that we went to them.

So before I head off to Barnes and Noble to buy a travel book I wanted to get some suggestions from locals or other people who have visited Amsterdam and the surrounding areas for fun places to shop, eat, visit, and party at. Keep in mind that my friend and I are 17 year old girls.

Yaz answers:

Theres loads to do in Amsterdam.
Anne Franks house is a must, as well as Madame Tussuad’s, you can book tickets online to get a discount as well as being able to skip the line when you are there.
The Zoo is also good and the museums (Rijkmuseum and Van Gogh). In general just walking round Amsterdam is fun theres lot to see and plenty of shops everywhere!
Dam square is a good place to start and its within easy walking distance of the Red Light District which is a good place to go in the day.
There are also canal tours that take you all around Amsterdam.
The main shopping street Kalverstraat is good and there are streets coming off that that have good shops as well.
For the night, Boom Chicago is one of the best comedy shows around or the clubs in the Leidsplien are awsome! Try Paradiso and the Melkweg they always have something on at night check out their websites.
Also check out and
for more information and things to do.
Hope this helps

Michael asks…

Suggestions for Traveling to Holland?

My grandparents lived half their life in holland and emigrated to the US when my mother was 4 and her brother was 3ish. I’ve always loved the idea of going to Holland and presented the idea to my mom multiple times, which she liked but said my grandparents wouldnt be able to do it due to their age. My grandfather recently has brought it up and so we’ve presented the idea to them where those two, my cousins, my mom, and I would go.
The only problem is my grandmother is worried about the idea of touring and being so fast pace so we’ve decided we will stay in two places (one in Amsterdam and one close to their birth place which i believe to be near if not in Rotterdam) for a total of two or three weeks. The grandparents would stay at the hotel and we would go out and tour around, if they felt up to any excursions they would come.
Any suggestions for places to see, visit, or how to visit the country, specific hotels, bed and breakfasts, restaurants, tourist sites, places that my grandparents might find similar to when they lived there (about 1930’s-1960’s). Keep in mind we would like to be close to the action in Amsterdam and less concerend with that where they lived.

Yaz answers:

The distance Amsterdam-Rotterdam takes about an hour by train, with an easy travel that also your grandparents will enjoy, so do not worry much about the locations.
Aditional bus travel will add to your travels, so having a central location near a station in Rotterdam or near the village they used to live might be worth it.

You will not find that much like the 1930’s to 60’s anymore, the Netherlands have moved on, very much so.

There are however still quite a few places that show live in the Netherlands in the past, like ‘de Zaanse schans’ near Amsterdam: or
Kinderdijk near Rotterdam:
Openluchtmuseum Arnhem, about an hour travel from either city:
Zuiderzee museum Enkhuizen, about one hour from Amsterdam, almost two from Rotterdam:

All distances are by train, by car it will take less time without traffic, but more in peak hour, morning and afternoon.

All these museums show live as it used to be in or before the start of the 20th century, so before the time your grandparents remember, but they will still find a lot they can relate to.

Betty asks…

Is the price of tobacco in Holland cheaper or dearer than Denmark?

We will be visiting Amsterdam and Copenhagan, which would be the cheaper place to buy tobacco?

Yaz answers:

The price of a pack of cigarettes (box 20) in Denmark is about 4.50 euros. In the Netherlands it’s 3.80 for a box of 19 (4 euros for box of 20), for instance Marlboro.
So you’re better of buying them in the Netherlands.

Linda asks…

What are these places like?

In 2011 a friend and I are going to World Youth Day in Madrid, Spain for a week, we are then extending the trip to Visit my family in the Isle of Wight in England then to Edinborough, Scotland then to Amsterdam, Holland. In total we will be gone 3 weeks!!! What are these places like? Weather?? People?? Community?? Atmosphere??? Shopping??? etc….
And are they like Adelaide, Australia in any way??

PS: When we go we will be in grade 10 and 16 years old, I will be on the trip when i turn 16!!

Yaz answers:

Only one I’ve been to is Amsterdam. It is kind of bustling, very open and free with the suggestive sort of pictures (like when I was there all the streets had this banner put up, by the city I’m assuming, to celebrate Rembrandt, and the banner was a selected close up of one of Rembrandts paintings where a man has his hand on a woman’s breast). Many parts of the city are kind of like a little mecca for the gay community. The houses and canals are very cute. It can get a little chilly, even in the summer. The people can be a kind of brisk, if not downright rude, although they may be deeply hurt if you ever say that to any of them. The prices for things are kind of expensive, because it’s quite the tourist city. The ladies like to do their hair in these manners where it pretty much looks like they just got out of bed, but you can also tell they did it on purpose, and they like the look where it’s in two pigtails sorta but all the lengths are choppy so half of it is hanging out, and their pants are tight but slung low on the hips so that a good portion of “meat”, we’ll call it, is hanging out the top, and even the skinniest girl manages to push some “meat” out the top. They look cute, don’t get me wrong, it’s just the different style that I noticed. I don’t think I ever saw one fat person in Amsterdam. Not one. And that’s probably because everyone, EVERYONE, rides a bike. I even saw a nine month pregnant lady riding a bike with a baby in the seat behind her and a young boy on the handle-bars, and she was riding around like it was no thing at all. The grocery stores are a trip. They don’t bag the food for you. If you didn’t bring a bag of your own, you are SOL. Or you may be able to buy a bag to put your things in before getting on your bike, and since you can only carry so much gear on a bike, you buy very little. So basically you must go to the store everyday, maybe several times a day, to have all that you need to eat or entertain. Water: I got so thirsty. In the restraunts (like many european restraunts) they don’t customarily serve water with food. So I requested it once and they brought me a little glass bottle of mineral water. Okay. Next time I ordered normal water, it was in a plastic twist cap bottle which I finished off in a split second, because I was already dehydrated, and both the mineral water and bottled water were the equivalent of like $5. Ouch! So I thought I would get water at the store, and I did, but you can only ride so much bottled water home on your bike, you know? Whatever you do, if you are riding your bike over a bridge, don’t just stop to look at the beautiful scenery, or someone might yell at you, because this isn’t just riding bikes, people are on their way to work on bikes, appointments, the emergency room, everything, and what you think is a bike lane is really a major thoroughfare! But do rent a bike when you go there, because you can zoom around all across town and go anywhere and see whatever you like and that’s fun. The red light district was weird to me. I didn’t stay long, because I just don’t really care all that much, but there are sex shops and ladies of the night, and the place is PACKED with tourists, even ones pushing their babies in strollers and young children holding their hands. I don’t suppose they could have left the kids at the motel, but there is some very blatant sexual stuff all over the walls and on neon signs and whatnot. Anyway, I’m kind of a prude. The neat thing about Europe is they leave it up to you to keep away from the edge of the cliff or ancient priceless artifacts. So in museums, often there isn’t a lot of red rope keeping you far away from the cool historic stuff. After walking through the Rembrandt house for hours I was very tired, and the guy was talking and talking, so I had a seat. Finally the group moved to the next room and he asked me to get up, and I said oh is it time to go? And he said no, its just that the chair you are sitting in is hundreds of years old! OH! So I stood up.

Nancy asks…


Hi guys and gals.
I went camping to Amsterdam last year and stayed at Camping Zeeburg. It was great.
I now want to visit Amsterdam, stay for a few days then travel to Rotterdam and possibly Utrecht.
First of all, how much is the train from Amstterdam Centraal, to Rotterdam, then to Uthercht and back to Amsterdam Centraal.
Second i need the cheapest camping and best at Rotterdam, and Uthercht for a tent with 1 person. Also if i get off the train in the centre do i need to get a bus.
I’m working on a very low budget and need to know any hidden charges etc as i wont bother if its gunna cost too much.
I really wanna visit all locations but am worried about costs. If any of you can help the great. I know i blab on so heres the idea in simple form.

Amsterdam– Rotterdam- Uthercht- Amsterdam.

Cost of any campsites at Rotterdam and Uthercht for a tent only for 1 person per night. Cost of train ticketts between destinations listed above.

There seems to be alot of differing info on google etc so tthats why i’m asking on here.

Any general info as well on best places to buy food, if its expensive or not, (i’ll be cooking on a campo stove), is transport expensive and best ways and cheapest to travel.


Thanks guys and gals. Please let me know any info you know.

Peace out!

Yaz answers:

For planning your train trip, go this website. It has the pricing for you too.

you can always contact the ANWB ( the Dutch AAA) they have great planning info for camping. Also the VVV (tourist info) they usually have the best last minute deals.

This is the best lik for find a great camoing place.


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Your Questions About Visit Amsterdam In December

Nancy asks…

Where can I go skiiing if visiting Amsterdam in December?

I’m going to Amsterdam at the end of the year, and I’d like to go skiing. Is there any skiing close by, or should I rail to Germany, France, or other? Can I take a bus/train to a ski mountain? Can I rent skis? I’m American :)

Yaz answers:

The Netherlands is flat, flat, flat. No skiing anywhere near Amsterdam. So yeah, you’ll have to travel to Germany or France (or Austria or Switzerland). There are organised bus tours, but that wouldn’t be my 1st choice. I have added the link for the Dutch railways, which for some sick reason is only in Dutch.

Linda asks…

Is amsterdam worth visiting in december?

Ill be 16 and i was just wondering wether there would be anything for people my age to do at this time of year there. Id be staying until new years eve with my 18 year old cousin, will the weather interfere with our stay at all? Like will people be less outgoing because the weather is bad? Thanks

Yaz answers:

Actually I like Amsterdam in Dec more than in the summertime. Yes there will be less people but it is always ‘busy’ like any capital. The main tourist attractions are open year round and Amsterdam attracts a lot of tourist in the run up to Christmas and especially New Years, so there will still be plenty to do.

With the lights up, the stores trading for Christmas etc then it actually has a lot more charm about it at this time of year I find.

The weather doesn’t really impact on people of your age group normally unless it’s really snowy e.g. Last year in December there was a lot of snow for about a week and it caused chaos with public transport etc, but people adapt and deal with with a shrug and it doesn’t stop them from going out anyway :)

So I guess the only thing I’d say is come prepared. It can be wet, it can be windy and it can snow, so make sure you have the clothing and footwear to accomodate that and you’ll be just fine

Charles asks…

What are the must-do/see things in Amsterdam in 2/3 days in late-December?

To visit Amsterdam between 21-23 December…what are the things I should not miss?

Yaz answers:

Van Gogh Museum is a must:…
Rijksmuseum deserves a visit too fro the selection of Dutch painters; I loved the Night Watch:…
Anne Frank house and museum; impressive the way that family lived during the terrible days of the war:…
Go the Flower Market; you´ll see the endless varieties of flowers!!
Go for a tour through the canals (wear really warm clothes!)
Rent a bike and cyple around the city, it´s not very big and there´s a wonderful bike lane.
Visit one of the Diamond Factories, amazing!
Munt Plein (Munt Square), there´s a beautiful tower there.
Rembrandt Plein (Rembrandt Square); there´s a wonderful representation in metal of The Night Watch; at night is just wonderful.
Go along Kalverstraat, a long, pedestrian shopping street.
Visit this site:
I found it really useful and try its webcam. I did so before going and found out the name of one of the shops there; then once there, I used to stand at a fixed time for a couple of minutes so that my children could see me from home!!
Visit the Churches; I loved Oude Kirke (Old Church); West Church seemed to be beautiful in the outside, but it was closed when I was there. Check this site for churches:…

Lucky you!!

Sharon asks…

What should we see in Amsterdam?

My friend and I are planning to visit Amsterdam at end of December. Can any of you nice Dutch people give me any tips on what to see and what to do..please don’t ask us to visit the red light distric. I believe there a beautiful gardens and museums any tips would be most grateful.

Yaz answers:

How long will you be there? There is alot to do in Amsterdam and what to recommend will depend on how long you will be there. Below is a link to a one-day walking tour suggestion for Amsterdam, I would suggest starting there. I love the areas around Rembrandtplein and Leidseplein. Just having a drink in a cafe in one of those areas is great.

But keep in mind that there is alot to see in the rest of The Netherlands as well. If you will be there for several days and have seen alot of Amsterdam, consider going to some other cities nearby so you can get an idea of the rest of the country as well. I would suggest, for example Haarlem, Delft and Utrecht. Each of these are within 1 hour from Amsterdam by train and are worth the trip.

You mentioned gardens. Amsterdam’s Vondelpark is nice and it is not very far from the Museum area (Museumplein). However, as you are going to be there in December, there might not be too much to see. Keukenhof is a famous Tulip garden and located outside of Amsterdam (near Leiden) but it is only open in the Spring.

In the days you will be there, expect cool weather and rain. When the weather is bad and you need a rest, do a canal cruise to get an overview of the city. You will find that Amsterdam is wonderful to visit year round. Have fun!

Ken asks…

Sale season in Amsterdam?

I plan to visit Amsterdam in late December (from 22nd till 28th) and I want to know whether I should expect to find large sales (like 60-70%) during this time?

Yaz answers:

You won’t find sales for 60-70% in Amsterdam in this period you mention.

The sales for this period generally start after 01 Jan. You may be lucky and find some retailers starting early on the 28th, but Xmas is on the 25th and retailers will try to maximise sales & profits especially with all the tourists around at this period.

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Your Questions About Amsterdam Guide Book

Amsterdam Guide Book Singles Holidays Over 50s


April 26 – May 6, 2012 – Tulip Time

Amsterdam Guide Book Singles Holidays Over 50s

Amsterdam Guide Book Singles Holidays Over 50s


Thomas asks…

Any good young adult/teen books? help?

I’ve read noughts and crosses, twilight series, young bond series, darren shan/demonata series, Good Theif’s Guide to Amsterdam, junk, Book Thief, Black Tattoo, Owl Service and of course the HP series, Eragon and Eldest amongst others. Help greatly appreciated – looking for a good book :)
Thanks to everyone, for all your help!

Yaz answers:


I’ve asked questions similar to you. Some books that I was looking at on amazon that looked good are called:

13 Reasons Why
Before I die
The Host

… Some books I have read recently:
Ghostgirl by Tonya Hurley
The House of Night Series

Donna asks…

Erotic and Exotic Places in Amsterdam?

Facinated with all sorts of fetishism, I would like to find places of this sort when I go in January :)
Lesbian, Gay, Transgender, Sex Clubs, Shows, Transgenders, districts, museums, anything would be helpful, even magazines (English), guides, books, would help as well :)

Yaz answers:

Just go to Amsterdam, you’ll find everything you’re looking for and more without trying… It’s everywhere!

Richard asks…


Where is the canal and the popular restaurants etc. you see in the movies? Who has been to Amsterdam and can tel me what hostals are good and where to book?
Do I need a map book and is there free tourist booklets or something to guide me to see the landmarks or whatever they have there.
Please any help will do thanks.

Yaz answers:

Those canals you see in the movies are just a few minutes walk from the train station. There are signs that point you to the museum “district”. I’ve been there a bunch of times and never taken a boat tour on the canals, but I hear that’s pretty awesome, make sure you do that. If you go to one of the coffeeshops then you can just forget about the maps and landmarks and just start walking and have the greatest time of your life.

Daniel asks…

Anybody know which is closer the Salzburg Down town & Salzburg Trains station HBF OR Salzburg Airport and HBF?

I am traveling to Austria and i need to book the car on rental and i will return the car in salzburg and then i will travel from salzburg to Amsterdam through Train. I can handover the car on Salzburg Airport or Salzburg Downtown but i dont know which place is more near to the Trains station HBF. Please guide

Yaz answers:

You miss to let us know which car rental company you are going to use or the exact address of both offices.

But normally the office downtown is closer to the train station than the office at the airport.

Carol asks…

Traveling tips for backpacking Europe for 2 months?

Flying out at the end of April and plan to hit London, Ireland, Switzerland, Germany, Amsterdam, Spain, Italy, France, and Greece. Going to stay at hostels and going with one other good friend. We decided that the best plan was no plan so if anything comes up we can do it. These are just the main places we plan on visiting. Is the Euro rail pass really a good idea? Great money saving tips? Anything else very helpful you learned while traveling? Hidden Treasures? Favorite Experience? Juuust some examples of good tips, no need to answer all of those questions! I’m only asking people who have experience and I’m reading a first time traveler’s guide to Europe book so I don’t want any links, just experienced advice. Best traveling tip gets best answer!

Yaz answers:

First: You are WRONG!!! No plan means you’ll not finish, you’ll not see much, and you’ll wander around aimlessly for the whole time…wasting your time and money! It also pretty much guarantees that you will argue, or one of you will wind up unhappy about missing something crucial.
The best plan is a plan that has the flexibility to add/change things as necessary.

Get a good guide book, pour over it together, sit in a coffee shop and make plans and itineraries…build in the flexibility you’ll need.

Euro-rail pass: This is no longer the no-brainer it used to be. In my day, you bought the pass, boarded a train, and started traveling. The conductor stamped it on your first day, and you just hopped on and off trains, sitting on floors when necessary, pulling seats out and sleeping on overnight runs, with four or five complete strangers doing the same thing. NOW, you have to stand in line, buy seats, sit in your seats, pay surcharges, in some cases, it’s cheaper to just buy by the run. YOU are the only one who can evaluate this. It might be cheaper, and no more hassle to buy them one at a time.

Great money saving tips: Eat nothing but bread and butter, cheese, buy dried foods, and keep them in your pack, buy cheeses and sausages that don’t need refrigeration, keep a water bottle, and fill at taps (tap water is fine throughout Europe) Eat one real meal a day at a restaurant. Markets are great places to buy food. Cheap and fresh. Supermarkets are second-best.
Get the international Student ID Card (assuming you’re students) because it will get you in almost everywhere for free.
Staying at church crypts can be even cheaper than Youth Hostels, especially where the hostel prices are higher. I did this in London, where it was pretty expensive.
Not sure how you do it in Spain, because the Youth Hostel network, there, is less well-developed. It used to be, you could stay at bed-and-breakfast type places for less, and the Youth hostels were all far from everything you wanted to do, anyway.

Learned TONE while traveling. Have used much since.

Hidden Treasures? Where? DEFINITELY go to one of the Concentration camps. It is LIFE-CHANGING!

Best travel guides that I know of: Let’s Go was the bible when I was there. I hear Lonely Traveler is way up there these days. Any of Rick Steves’ books are terrific! Fodor’s. My faves (okay, I’ve moved up in my old age, to a slightly higher class of travel) is DKEyewitness. They are beautiful (more expensive, and rather heavy to carry around, but check them out in a bookstore, to get an idea) books with tons of information and photos, maps, drawings.

Never pay any attention to what ANY guidebook says things cost, the prices have changed by the time they go to press. They CAN be a good benchmark for how things stack up in values, but not what you can expect to pay.

I think you might be packing things a bit tight…make sure you don’t overschedule.

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