Your Questions About Taipei Vacation

Sandra asks…

Where should I go on vacation? Maldives, Bali, Bora Bora, Cook Islands, etc? Please Help! :)?

Here are our must haves:

1) Warm water is a must. Warm like the Caribbean (Aruba, Bonaire), not cooler like Hawaii

2) My husband and I want to go somewhere new. We have been all over the Caribbean, Hawaii, Mexico, Europe, and North Asia (Hong Kong, Taipei, Korea)

3) Beach access to good snorkeling and/or scuba diving. Boat diving is fine, but we are not looking for a seven day scuba dive boat trip.

We have no children, so no children requirements.

We also can go anytime in 2010, so please also suggest a good time when to go (best weather, warm, etc). E.g. I read that Maldives is great in Feb,Mar,Apr.

I have been thinking about Maldives, Bali, Bora Bora, or Cook Islands, but everywhere looks soooo beautiful. We (my husband and I) are open to suggestions for somewhere beautiful.

Thanks everyone.
We are also looking to go for 12-16 days.

We also LOVE having the option to visit two places. For example, for our 16 day honeymoon we visited two Caribbean islands, Aruba and Bonaire. I really enjoyed seeing two places (our main objective then was scuba diving, which was excellent in Bonaire).


Yaz answers:


Daniel asks…

So many people have vacationed in China. i’m wondering how the food is there. Are there all types of ethnic?

restaurants? Can you order a pizza or veal parmigiana with spaghetti there? And is the food safe to eat? I can’t imagine that you could stay there for two weeks and not get deathly sick from the food, except in the cities like Beijing or Taipei. And even in the cities I would doubt the food can be trusted implicitly.

Yaz answers:

No, in mainland China you will not be able to get all kinds of ethnic food as Indian curry and other ethnic food as found in the West as often as you kind. Pizza and Italian style food places are common in Beijing.

There is a problem with food hygiene with mainland China. Some people can visit China and have no problems at all others can visit China and due to visiting a less hygienic restaurant will come down with food poisoning. You have to reminder that the bugs and germs that make you ill are slightly different from the ones in your country and that Chinese people are used to them. You on the other hand are not. It would be best when you go that you buy some anti-diarrhoea medicine and dehydration medicine to be on the safe side.

Water – drink either bottled or boiled never from the tap.
Food – a case of cook it, peel it or bin it.

James asks…

Philippine Airlines?

I just came back from the Philippines on vacation to visit my family over there. I had a great time. The last time I went there was in 1st grade, and that was about 7 years ago, so I didn’t remember a lot. But my question is:

Is Philippine Airlines better than using other asian airlines that connect at different countries? Because when I went, I used Philippine Airlines, but my cousins went on some other airline that connected in Taipei, then straight to Manila. It cost a little more, but is it better to explore different places?

Yaz answers:

Iam quite satisfied with Philippine Airlines, because of its direct flight to the US. Less time traveling, the better. I’ve been using Philippine Airlines eversince I started traveling but so far I didnt encounter any rude staff.

Connecting flights to other countries: You cant really explore those other countries coz’ you’ll be staying at the airport.

And yes, having it’s own airport is really good, saves time!

Charles asks…

ok i need help my bf is making meh uncertain….?

ok well im in taipei, and its over chinese new year, my bf lives here but is on vacation in beijing, well sumone called me, i think it was this other guy, eddie. and well whoever called me called me and sed they were my bf, charlie, and sed they were dumping meh. well im not sure if it was my bf, it wasnt his voice, also they sed “well lewis is a much better guy, i dont deserve you, sry but im breaking us up” lewis is the guy who is really in love with me, i dont like him tho. my bf and i have been going out since be4 christmass, we talk all the time, and i thot things were going great, help meh…

Yaz answers:

The best advise is to ask yor bf!! I dont know of one single guy that would break up with someone and say “this other guy is so much better for you, i dont deserve you” if nothing is wrong in youre relationship, why would he say he doesnt deserve you? ASK HIM!

Ruth asks…

Hi I am a Filipino curently working in Canada under a live in caregiver program.?

Hi I am a Filipino currently working in Canada under the live in caregiver program.
I’m going to Phils for a vacation and my flight is on the 25th of December and I have a 10 hours lay over in Taipei. I’m wondering if anybody know how or where can I apply for a transit visa so I can spend few hours sightseeing in Taipei and meet my cousin too.
Hoping for a feedback as soon as possible :) thank you!

Yaz answers:

In general, Philippine passport holders are required to obtain visas before traveling to Taiwan. Exempt from this rule, however, are Filipinos holding valid visas or permanent resident cards for USA, Canada, Japan, UK, EU Schengen, Australia and New Zealand. Additionally, they must not have been employed as blue collar workers in Taiwan before and are only permitted to stay in Taiwan for 30 days.

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Your Questions About Hong Kong City Tourism

Betty asks…

4 Questions between Shanghai and Hong Kong rivaly as China’s best city?

I won’t answer this question because I will be biased. I am from Shanghai, so I will let you guys answer this.

1. Which city is more beautiful naturally?
2. Which is the true economic hub of China in your opinion?
3. Which will have a greater global influence in trade, tourism, and export.
4. Which has a better skyline?

Yaz answers:

Hong Kong and Singapore are considered the financial economic hubs in Asia. Hong Kong belongs to China.

Hong Kong and Shanghai are both the same really. Shanghai is one of the most modern cities in China and so is Hong Kong.

Better skylines? Well Shanghai will win this one considering they have built one of the most modern and highest skyscrapers and skylines.

Hong Kong probably has more global influence, trade and tourism and most of their imports/exports go to China.

They each have their own pros and cons, but naturally, Hong Kong and Shanghai are both the financial centre hubs or China, although Hong Kong handles it’s own finances.

Carol asks…

(urgen!!I will give many points if you answer.)How can I improve my composition?

My teacher ask me to write about an article about Hong Kong(a city in Asia, I have to find some information online!! It spend me lots of time!!!)

Here is the requirement:
“Being an international financial centre, Hong Kong should focus on progress (such as building new roads, big shopping malls and commercial buildings) rather than preservation (keeping old buildings)”. Write a letter to the editor of a newspaper giving your opinions.
Start your letter with “Dear Editor”. Sign “Chris Lee”. Do not write any address.

Here is my article:

Dear Editor,
I am writing to express my attitude towards the controversy over the statement—-should Hong Kong focus on progress rather than preservation as Hong Kong is an international financial centre. From my point of view, I am entirely in favour of preservation.
First and foremost, old buildings reflect Hong Kong’s individual culture. Dotted with all kinds of boutiques operated by different countries’ businessmen, many people say Hong Kong has lost her individual culture—just copying other countries’ cultures. Why do they say that? Is it factual? Of course not. Hong Kong has a long history and owns thousands of cultural heritages, brimming with innumerable precious stories; however, majority of us has not noticed this. Archaic temples, markets and accommodations, which are the precious heritages of Hong Kong, have shown the prestigious culture of Hong Kong. Who can disclaim them? However, if we don’t treasure them, just focus on constructing new roads, building big shopping malls and developing commercial buildings, our precious heritages will be damaged and distinct in our city. For example, Old Wan Chai Market has been demolished because government wants to develop that region into other commercial purpose. Needless to say, Wan Chai will become more developed and attract more people to invest in Hong Kong; nevertheless, our treasure market will never come back. When I was in kindergarten, my mother always took me to that market to buy some food so I was impressed of it. Now I can’t see any thing in the same position, so I feel a little depression. We can see our Old Wan Chai Market in the photographs, but it is really extinct in our city. Our precious heritages are vulnerable, so we need to endeavour for preservation of them instead of annihilating them.
Secondly, old buildings, which can stimulate Hong Kong’s economics, can attract more tourists to visit Hong Kong. Tourism which is the main part of Hong Kong’s departments has contributed billions of dollars to our city and consolidated our international financial centre position in the world. If we annihilate the preservation region in order to let us build more International Financial Centres (IFCs) to boost our economics, will it really work? This method of soaring Hong Kong’s growth is rather foolish. We just like the man who wanted to get the golden eggs from the hen, using a knife to kill the hen; finally, we could get nothing, even the hen. We can’t just focus on the present profit and abandon fundamental thing, otherwise, we can’t sustain for a long time. So we should also focus on the long-term effect.
Last but not least, old buildings can remind us not to forget the history of Hong Kong’ spirit—-never give up. Hong Kong was a little fishing village in the past, but through hard working many Hong Kong’ generations, Hong Kong has transformed into an international financial centre. Old buildings can tell us the hash life in the past so it can remind ourselves not to give up even we are in recent trouble—-financial crisis.
In conclusion, preservation is more important than progress. As many people ignore the importance of preservation, we need to raise public awareness of preservation. Sustainable development is crucial for us so Hong Kong needs our efforts.
Thank you for reading my letter.
Yours Sincerely,
Chris Lee

Yaz answers:

Try making the first paragraph stronger. Grab the readers attention by using strong words that clearly indicate exactly which side of the argument you’re on. Keep your opening sentences short and to the point. Imagine you’re so angry you just have to write this letter and tell the world you feelings.

The rest of it is good.

William asks…

What other places do you recommend? I’ll visit Beijing, Jinin, Xi’an, Luoyang, Canton, Shanghai and Hong Kong.?

I’ll travel to China in about one year with my Kung Fu school. We’ll be doing tourism and training in some cities and also visit the Shaolin Temple from Luoyang.

What else should I visit? Not Tibet because it is just too far.


Yaz answers:

Guilin is beautiful and well worth considering as a place to visit!


Sharon asks…

Should the Israeli government purchase a tropical island?

There are approximately 45,000 tropical islands on Earth. Among coral tropic islands for example are Maldives, Tonga, Nauru and Polynesia. Granite islands include Seychelles and Tioman. The socio-economic diversity of these regions ranges from the Stone Age societies in the interior of Madagascar, Borneo or Papua New Guinea to the high-tech lifestyles of the city-islands of Singapore and Hong Kong. The international tourism is a significant factor in the local economy of Seychelles, Sri Lanka, Mauritius, Réunion or Hawaii.

Yaz answers:

Galactic emperor,
Very good question, I hope so but I don’t wish it to the tropical Island’s population, because they will live Apartheid and segregation.
I think they should stay where they are until the world get rid of Zi0nism.

Lizzie asks…

history help pleeaaassseee!!!!!!!?

Define urbanization.

A. a process in which a decreasing number of a population lives in cities and suburbs of cities
B. a process in which an increasing number of a population moves from cities to rural areas
C. a process in which an increasing number of a population commutes back and forth from rural areas where they live, to urban areas where they work
D. a process in which an increasing number of a population lives in cities and suburbs of cities

In which nation do the Basques live?

A. Spain
B. Ireland
C. Afghanistan
D. India

Chinese leaders have been able to do all of the following since the death of Mao Zedong EXCEPT

A. open China to capital investments and the global economy.
B. reestablish a democratic government.
C. raise levels of education.
D. improve health care and working conditions.

In which decade was India MOST economically successful?

A. 1990s
B. 1970s
C. 1960s
D. 1950s

During the energy crisis of the 1970s, Japan shifted its industry from steel, chemicals, and machinery to

A. agricultural production.
B. textiles and rubber.
C. entertainment and tourism.
D. high technology.

_________ help(s) regulate the earth’s temperature and the depletion of the ozone.

A. The atmosphere
B. Acid rain
C. Greenhouse gases
D. Carbon dioxide

Which of the following can be described as a free-market city?

A. Hong Kong
B. Tianjin
C. Wuhan
D. Guangzhou

Present-day food shortages are blamed on all of the following EXCEPT

A. high prices for seeds, fertilizers, and irrigation, which has limited the productivity of farmers in poor countries.
B. poorer countries that do not have the infrastructure in place to maintain food resources, meaning that raw materials often rot before they are consumed.
C. climate changes brought on by global warming, which have contributed to a reduction in food production.
D. the growing global population, which has put an extra strain on the available resources.

Complete the timeline of Irish history in the twentieth century.
In the early 1900s, persistent calls for self-determination in Ireland led to a series of ____1____.In 1916, a rebellion known as the ____2____, led by Irish nationalists, seized key locations in Ireland and proclaimed the island independent.From 1919 to 1921, the Irish Republican Army (IRA) fought a guerrilla war against British rule.In 1921, Ireland was broken into an independent republic and a subdivision of Great Britain. In 1994, there was a cease-fire announcement from the IRA.Beginning in the 1960s, a period of terrorism erupted that became known as ____3____.In 1998, after continual breakdowns in peace talks, all parties signed the ____4____.
A. 1: Home Rule Acts 2: Easter Rising 3: the Troubles 4: Good Friday Agreement
B. 1: Easter Rising Acts 2: the Troubles 3: the Irish guerrilla war 4: Home Rule Acts
C. 1: Good Friday Agreement 2: Irish guerrilla war 3: the Easter Rising 4: Easter Rising Acts
D. 1: Home Rule Acts 2: Good Friday Rebellion 3: the Irish guerrilla war 4: Easter Rising Acts

Which prime minister of India came to power in 1966 and faced an increase in unemployment, a food crisis, economic regression, political conflicts with the United States, and conflict with Pakistan?

A. Indira Gandhi
B. Jawaharlal Nehru
C. Rajiv Gandhi
D. Gulzarilal Nanda

Yaz answers:

1) D
2) A
3) B
4) C
7) {guess} C
8) A
9) A
10) {guess} C

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Your Questions About Cheap Flights To Taiwan

James asks…

Cheapest flights from Bangkok to Taiwan?

Yaz answers:

Jetstar has the lowest price

Otherwise, try
BKK – TPE R/T – I found one on KLM for $277

Leave – Mon 4 Jun 2007
KLM Royal Dutch
Flight 877 Departs: 1:40p
Bangkok (BKK) Arrives: 6:15p
Chiang Kai Shek (TPE)
Coach | Fare code: TLSXTH | Aircraft: 74M | 3h 35m | 1545 miles | many seats remain

Return – Mon 11 Jun 2007
KLM Royal Dutch
Flight 878 Departs: 7:30p
Chiang Kai Shek (TPE) Arrives: 10:05p
Bangkok (BKK)

Sandy asks…

Where to find cheap flights to Asia?

What are your recommendations on how/where to get a cheap flight from Canada to Asia (specifically Taiwan)? When I was living in Hong Kong I found that buying airplane tickets was cheaper (e.g. I paid $1000CAD to an HK travel agent but would have had to pay $1200CAD if I bought from Also, now that I’m back in Canada, I can’t buy tickets on the “foreign” sites with cheap prices – e.g. I have to buy from the American portal of

I want to travel to Taiwan (and maybe another country – any suggestions? I’m thinking Japan or South Korea) in April or May 2010. Is there a better time to buy tickets?

Yaz answers:

If you’re heading to Taiwan, you might have to use Eva Air. They’re based out of Taipei, and I think they have flights direct from Vancouver every other day.

Try or for flights out of the US or Canada. I’ve used them both before, and had really good luck with them.


Sharon asks…

Where can I get cheap flight tickets from London to Taiwan?

Hi there, I visited my boyfriend in England last December, flew with China Airlines for the first leg(Taipei-Bangkok), then with Etihad from Bangkok all the way to London. The total cost me about 650gbp. This time my boyfriend’s visiting me from England to Taipei, leaving either in late May or early June, and coming back in late August. We couldn’t find a flight with reasonable price and descent airlines company. I booked my Etihad flight via a travel agent in Taiwan( some travel agencies have signed the contract with airlines companies, hence they get group rates for individual tix.) I’m wondering if that would the same in England? Or will that be cheaper to book tickets online? Answers would be highly appreciated!

Yaz answers:

I have traveled with : KLM, AirFrance, Iberia, United Airlines, British Airways , Cathay Pacific
& This Last 2 Were To Say : “The Most Cheapest”

Joseph asks…

Does anyone have a good link with a cargo plane service?

When you sign up for those cheap flights where you ride with goats or someone’s baggage, you get a code that you have to punch in when buying your ticket off the website. Has anyone got a hookup and a code that they want to lend me to go from Nepal to Taiwan for super cheap?

Yaz answers:

Not gonna happen, dude

from Nepal to Taiwan? Am guessing you will have to transfer somewhere….try Thai via Bangkok

Steven asks…

Please HELP! Visiting china and Taiwan over the summer!?

I am visiting china AND Taiwan this summer, but I do not know which site to use for cheap flights. Also, I live in Reno, and this is what I plan to do.
I go from Reno, nv to San Francisco. Then from San francisco I go to Taiwan. Then from Taiwan I go to Beijing. Then from Beijing I go back to San francisco and then Reno.
VERY confusing to me. I do bot know which site to use and I do not want to use a travel agent. Please help!
Thanks so much(:

Yaz answers:

I guess you could start with the China Airlines website:

They fly from SFO to TPE, and an associated carrier, Manadrin Airlines, flies from Taipei to Beijing. I would gather this means they could arrange the package deal for you.

Good luck!

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Your Questions About Hong Kong Travel Deals

Mary asks…

Anyone can recommend a good travel agent in Hong Kong?

To travel to China, Philippines, Vietnam, USA, Russia, etc.?
Ideally the one who gives a really good deal on trip, reliable, speaks English.

Yaz answers:

Modern Wing

Charles asks…

Travel to Hong Kong this June?

Hello, I am really hoping you could help me. My husband and I wanted to go to Hong Kong this June and we wanted the best deal for money and time. I checked Philippine Airlines and Cebu Pacific. PAL obviously is more expensive than Cebu Pacific. I also check the Fun Tours of Cebu Pacific where they offer plane and lodging accommodations. The cheapest is Php23,000 for the plane to and from and then 3 nights at a 2-star hotel. I chose the more expensive package for a more relaxed flight schedule and a 3-star hotel accommodation in Dorsett Far East. We will make our own itinerary since we are planning to explore, although I have been there before.

Please help me decide. I am not sure if I will go this route (which we will do all the planning ) or just go to a travel agency. Please give me pointers.

Yaz answers:

If you haven’t purchased your ticket yet, and if you are in Philippines, you should look look for discount air tickets flying out of Manila. I’ve flown Air Asia many times ( and have been very happy with them. There’s also Tiger Air (, which I know flies between Manila and Macau for about $25 US (don’t remember the price in Php). After you are in Macau, you can catch a ferry to Hong Kong,

In terms of “relaxed flight,” I don’t know why you are concerned with this since it’s nonstop and it’s not a long flight.

If you want to stay in Macau for one night and see things there, check out Pousada de Mong Ha. ( for a review see ).

Do bear in mind that the Ferry between Macau and HK does cost some money, but it’s comparable to the airport express MTR if you arrive at the airport in HKG, but just remember to figure in the transportation costs to either airport when you compare prices.

I’ve never heard of Dorsett Far East hotel. Have you looked at any reviews for it on , and also where is it located? In my opinion, a key issue in Hong Kong is proximity to public transportation. Try to find something that says it’s very close to the MTR, because then you will have no trouble getting anywhere you want. I think hotels in Causeway Bay or Mong Kok tend to be a fairly good value. Also, cleanliness can be an issue at the two star level, so look at the web sites that have hotel reviews and read the comments closely!

Of COURSE you can make these arrangements yourself! It takes just a bit of courage, but it gives you a lot more control. Look for hotel reviews on ALSO you can book online through the Hong Kong based internet travel agency Zuji: . The Zuji site is excellent, easy to book through them, and they have reviews of each hotel. I also think their “deals” (listed with stars as best value ) are indeed pretty good deals. For a bit lower level of accomodation you can look on

In June, it will be really hot in HKG! You might enjoy trying to stay someplace with AC and a pool.

Have fun!

Linda asks…

What is the best frequent miles program for a family of four to Hong Kong?

Hi I am planning with my family of four to go to Hong Kong and all over Asia. When we are in Hong Kong we plan to travel to many Asian countries. We don’t have a lot of money but what to stretch every dollar to go the Chinese Olympics and then Hong Kong for one year for school. I don’t know the pros and cons of the “United Airlines Mileage Plus” credit card program Vs. or another WorldPoints programs. I am looking for the cheapest deal. thankyou ahead of time. :)

Yaz answers:

I’d say use asia miles as it caters to countries in asia. Also because Cathay Pacific is the flag carrier of Hong Kong which carries a lot of flight from Hong Kong to other asian countries including mainland China.

Joseph asks…

I will be traveling to Manila and Hong Kong, which place can I find the best deal on a digital camera?

Is there a special area of Hong Kong that sells them for cheap, or is that just a fable about the lowe prices?

Yaz answers:

Stay away from those small camera shops. They only target on tourist and mostly they run by the same owners and the salesmen there will sell you something you don’t even want.

Hong Kong locals always buy their camera from department stores, or Fortress, Broadway.

Fortress and Broadway are like Best Buy’s/Circuit City in states. Remember ask for some freebies. They usually don’t mind giving out some.

Department Stores:
Harbor City
Time Square



Ruth asks…

11 days in Singapore & Hong Kong. How many days in each ones?

I got a good deal to fly to Hong Kong & Singapore in the same travel. I am mainly looking to feel something different from all U.S.A. & Canada as I visited them very much. I love the nature, swimming in the ocean, not too much the museums, the restaurants, shoppings. Travelling in November. How many days out of 11 should I spend in both destinations? Why?

Yaz answers:

11 hk
0 sg

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Your Questions About Taipei Taiwan Vacation

Helen asks…

i’m going back to taiwan/taipei on the 19th when school over and i think my period will come that week?

hi y’all i’m going on vacation back home to my country on the 19th and i think my rag will come on that week and it might be on the 3rd or 4th day, i will be on a 18 hour flight to taiwan. If i put my pads/tampons in the giftbag would they mind instead of in a backpack or suitcase???

Yaz answers:

This Q falls under the category of “too much information”.
I really don’t believe that anyone is going to give you trouble for taking care of your feminine hygiene issues. Half the population of the world has them.

I hope you have a pleasant and trouble-free trip, and if you wish to come to Hualien, drop me a message via Yahoo!Answers. My wife is a freelance tour guide here.

Nancy asks…

What is the ideal place for summer vacation?

I want to go somewhere in Asia next year… Can you please assist me where to go? Here are the choices: Seoul (Korea), Tokyo (Japan), Taipei (Taiwan), Macao (China), Singapore or Thailand? Thanks… :)

Yaz answers:

Taiwan’s Kenting!
It’s a wonderful place for people who wants to spend their whole time in the summer.
Water,beaches,and young people are all in here.
Many people ,including foreigners,are crazy about Kenting if you want a great summertime.

So Come on!Kenting is waiting for your coming.
Let’s rock this summer!

David asks…

Where to look for someone to develop the Taiwan travelers (business/leisure) market in Singapore?

This is Cassie from We are working as freelance Taipei travel advisor, aiming at planning and designing personalized Taiwan tours for overseas travelers. :) Providing great accommodation, transportation, tour suggestions & business secretary/translation service in Taiwan.

We have a strong travel/accommodation networking in Taiwan for family/business travellors, and we are looking for market developers & regional agents to help to the put our business to the next level.

Job description: marketing (internee/offline, article writing), developing customers/agents who are realted to Taiwan & Taipei travel.

Target market: Singapore travelers who are coming Taiwan (for both leisure & business type of travelers.) We are also looking for someone who are familiar with Malaysia, Hong Kong, Japan & Korea markets. It is perfect that you are working for the travel agency or related industry which can access to our target customers directly.

Type: part-time (home based) – expected working loading: 2 hours per day
Payment: case by case (via Paypal)

The applicants should have well knowledge, interest & experience of Taiwan/Taipei travel.

Therefore, kindly suggest that where we can look for this kind of talent.
Any website or contact windows are welcome!!

Thanks! :)

Yaz answers:

If you want local support in Hualien / East Coast Taiwan, then feel free to contact me via my Y!Answers email. You can also check out Green Island Aventures for further assistance in other Taiwan locations.

Joseph asks…

Where to look for someone to develop the Taiwan travelers (business/leisure) market in New Zeland?

This is Cassie from We are working as freelance Taipei travel advisor, aiming at planning and designing personalized Taiwan tours for overseas travelers. :) Providing great accommodation, transportation, tour suggestions & business secretary/translation service in Taiwan.

We have a strong travel/accommodation networking in Taiwan for family/business travellors, and we are looking for market developers & regional agents to help to the put our business to the next level.

Job description: marketing (internee/offline, article writing), developing customers/agents who are realted to Taiwan & Taipei travel.

Target market: New Zeland travelers who are coming Taiwan (for both leisure & business type of travelers.) We are also looking for someone who are familiar with Malaysia, Hong Kong, Japan & Korea markets. It is perfect that you are working for the travel agency or related industry which can access to our target customers directly.

Type: part-time (home based) – expected working loading: 2 hours per day
Payment: case by case (via Paypal)

The applicants should have well knowledge, interest & experience of Taiwan/Taipei travel.

Therefore, kindly suggest that where we can look for this kind of talent.
Any website or contact windows are welcome!!

Thanks! :)

Yaz answers:

I can help you.

Lisa asks…

My next vacation will be singapore or Taipei, Can anyone tell me about SPG girls?

Where do these girls hang out? Should I skip Singapore, Thailand was fun but I need more info on the SPG girls please. If anyone has been to Taiwan which girls are better?? Taiwanese or SPGS??

Yaz answers:

I doubt that they’ll just bop some guy on vacation. If they did, everyone ‘n’ their brother would be going there. LOL.

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Your Questions About Taipei Package

Lizzie asks…

How to get to Keelung for the 中元祭held on 15 Aug 08?

Will be staying at Ximending area hotel, and the tour package by Keelung city tourist association was fully book. Please help. & as we are not staying overnight at keelung, will it be difficult to go back to taipei city after the celebration. The celebration starts at night.

Yaz answers:

Option 1: The programs of the ghost festival is till 2 or 3am or so. You could go around miaokow night market.
The first express back to Taipei is 5:10am as you could recheck above.

Option 2: stay at a hotel in Keelung. There are three more hotels are available on 8/14.


Please mail me if you need any further information.

Mandy asks…

why does it take so long to get mail packages from Taiwan?

What is the process post takes from Taipei to the USA?

Yaz answers:

I live in Pennsylvania and I have a lot of relatives in Taiwan that send us packages every so often. When we send something to Taiwan they normally receive it fairly quickly like around a week or so. However, when they try to send something to me, I find it takes a little bit longer, stretching from about a week and a half to two weeks. Don’t know what this means, but could be with the security that the US post office puts on with incoming mail (maybe UPS is just slower?).

Thomas asks…

Which Travel Agency In Singapore Provide The Best Deal and Service Tour Packages To Taiwain?

Hi, I’m planning to go to Taiwan with my wife. As this is our first time to Taiwan (Taipei), we decided to go by tour package. However, we are not sure which travel agency in Singapore provide the best deal and service for Taiwan tour package. Any recommendation? Heard about a place call ‘wu-fen-pu’. Does any brothers and sisters know what place is that? Worth to visit?

Yaz answers:

Hey Sage,
well frankly speaking i don’t know too bout the same, but yeah i take help of this travel thing. Http://
this is small travel tool which can give you information on any type of travel thing from Anywhere to Anyplace in the world. I Hope u’ll find ur type of requirement from there.

I use it and get my type of selected travel information on regular basis AND the BEST part is that its services are Totally FREE. :-)

Try it out buddy and Enjoy Ur Trip 😉 Best of Luck

and yeah revert me for sure if u like it 😉 .. Lol

Donna asks…

inbout into customs for almost 4 days?

i ordered a package christmas eve from china.
a simple pair of authentic nike shoes from a trusted seller who lives in china.
It was on express international mail.
now it has been almost 4 days and i track it every 2 hours because i really need these before tuesday.
has my package been confiscated? should i call customs?

Inbound Into Customs
Processed Through Sort Facility
Dec-29-11, 00:33 AM, ISC NEW YORK NY(USPS)

Origin Post is Preparing Shipment
Processed Through Sort Facility
Dec-27-11, 21:03 PM, TAIPEI


Yaz answers:

It went into customs early on Thursday – it may have been worked on Fri – but IDK if customs works Saturdays. Sundays is not fully staffed for USPS., and Monday is not a delivery day.

Without knowing if it has gotten out of customs, and is back in USPS mailstream, IDK. They could be delivered on Tuesday. I would GO to your local USPS delivery office Tues AM, and ask to speak to a DELIVERY supervisor. He would be able to see if it had reached the local processing facility.

Steven asks…

where should i go for holidays?

I’m from Singapore, and I plan to go on holidays with another friend for 7-10 days between 12 and 24 july. I know it is probably a little late to book now, but I would like to know which options would be better.
Free and easy:
1) Hong Kong
2) Taiwan – worried about the weather now
3) Hong Kong + Taipei – the air tickets add up to quite a considerable amount
4) Hong Kong + Shanghai – similarly, the air tickets add up to quite a considerable amount

tour package
1) Japan

my budget is lesser than SGD2.5K. Or are there any other places within Asia that you guys recommend?
(i just went bangkok so that’s not an option for me)

thank you very much!

Yaz answers:

Hi, the places you’ve chosen are mainly for shoppers and they are not cheap. Food in HK is good but expensive. Shopping in Taiwan, Shanghai and Japan is expensive too.

From your 1-4 and Japan, I will opt for Japan tour package due to the budget.

Why don’t you consider Angkor Wat? Or Club Med in Cherating, Malaysia? I am sure SG$2.5K will be more than enough (you can even carry forward for your next vacation!)

Have a good one, wherever you chose to go 😀

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Your Questions About Cheap Holidays To Hong Kong

Ruth asks…

i need a ticket to hong kong cheap for around 1-800 because my grandpa die last week on tuesday?

i alredy know that oasis is out of business and just holiday is sold out please help me i want to go to my grandpa funeral i live in sanfransico CA help me please

Yaz answers:

Do you mean $1,800 or 1 to $800? Anyways try searching on If you want it below $800 you might want to try name your own price on As it usually takes quite a long time to arrange a funeral in Hong Kong, maybe 3-4 weeks, you should be more flexible in your dates. This year’s airfare to HK are much higher due to the Shanghai Expo, bad timing for you.

Linda asks…

How much spending money do I need to take on a one week holiday to Hong Kong?

I am going to Hong Kong in a month or so for a week, it is going to cost me about £280 for the flight but I need to know how much spending money I am going to need to take. I am going to want to go out every night, eat well and basically have a really good time. Is is going to be cheap like Thailand or expensive like New York? Help!!

Yaz answers:

Hong kong is good for all kinds of travellers budget or lavish, remember it’s not cheaper like Thailand or costlier like NY either, but it really depends on one’s apitite for enjoyment. Basically, hotel stay costs from HK$350 to HK$6500 per night, fooding expense per day will be HK$90 and up. Visiting a night club costs HK$150 and up as entrance fee with one drink free, rest it depends on you; however, HK$300/head will be sufficient for a night. Unlike other cities here in Hong Kong you can find everything from ordinary to special class of fooding, lodging and shopping. Hong Kong is well connected with underground railway, bus, minibus, taxi etc, they ply 24 hours except railway which is upto midnight. Travelling around HK is cheaper, for only HK$2.00 you can ride a tram and can see HK’s east to west comfortably. Make your itinirary based on the information provided here.

If you are a budget tourist then except airfare, for lodging,fooding,sightseeing and little shopping, I assume HK$10,000 will be more than sufficient for one person for a week in Hong Kong. Good luck and have a nice trip.

Robert asks…

What is the cheapest flight from Saskatoon to (Hong Kong or Guangzhou)?

I’m trying to find my way to Hong Kong in the christmas holidays from Saskatoon for a family event. Does anyone know what is the absolute cheapest way of getting there from Saskatoon? I can drive to Minneapolis if I have to or I could land in Guangzhou too. but the cheapest solution seems to be in the $2000 range and i’m looking closer to the 1500 range . Please help.
ok so apparently I’ve left out alot of details in my question. here’s what i’m trying to do:

I’m willing to drive 8 hrs each way to another airport other than saskatoon. (YYC or MSP if need be)
I need to leave Dec 10 -12 for hong kong (I’ve tried CAN or HKG)
I also need to leave HK on 26-28th to Toronto (YYZ/ YKF/ BUF)
then I need to go back to where i dropped off my car on the 3rd of Jan.

I’ve tried it on canoe, I’ve tried to find sketchy orbitz for help
but anything online is giving me about a 2000 dollar for the whole 3 legged trip. I was just wondering if there’s any alternatives from the Travel agent crowd? Any help is appreciated

Yaz answers:

Calgary, AB, Canada to Hong Kong, HK, China
Sat 22 Dec 2007 – Wed 2 Jan 2008

$1596 US (taxes included)$8ba5rjM$PIspow&completed=true

full itinerary as shown on United website:

Flying Christmas Eve, Christmas and New Years Day
will give you a lower fare:

Calgary, AB, Canada to Hong Kong, HK, China
Mon 24 Dec 2007 – Tue 1 Jan 2008
.>>>>>>$1334 USD <<<<<<<<<<

Saskatoon, SK, Canada to Hong Kong, HK, China
Tue 25 Dec 2007 – Tue 1 Jan 2008
$1651 USD


Nancy asks…

going on holiday to hong kong in the summer…when is the cheapest time to go?

looking at a 4* possibly, just browsing at what was available and selected the dates 30 july – 7 august and were around 800-900 per person

still in the extremely early stages of planning but i was wondering when during the summer would it be cheapest


Yaz answers:

The entirety of the summer months (June – August) is considered peak holiday season so there is no time that it would be cheapest. If you really want to go to Hong Kong on the cheap, I suggest you go during the off-seasons such as late Sept – November or mid-February – April.

Richard asks…

Hong Kong Holiday/Shopping?

I’m planning to go to Hong Kong for a holiday/shopping. Understand that Hong Kong‘s summer sales is the best time to go for shopping but weather will be extremely hot n it might have typhoon or something.

Any advice : Best time to go sightseeing n shopping in Hong Kong, when weather will be better n things are on sale as well ? I know it won’t be as cheap as the summer sales. But does Hong Kong has other sales period other than their Summer Sales ?

Thank you.

Yaz answers:

They have seasonal sales. But late fall’s better weather wise if you’re unused to hot humid weather.

If it’s hot, it’s hot and humid, if it’s rainy, expect some flooding

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Your Questions About Flights To Taiwan

Lizzie asks…

What’s the best airline to take when going to Taiwan? I know Eva Air offers flights to Taiwan (probably the m?

I know Eva Air offers flights to Taiwan (probably the most popular and thus the most expensive), some others include China Air, and I’m not sure if Malaysia Air offers it.

I’m looking for the perfect combination of price and quality (much like Jetblue)

if anyone can help me, please let me know!

Yaz answers:

China Airlines and Eva have direct flights and probably are the least expensive to Taiwan from the US. Cathay Pacific flies there with a layover in Hong Kong and was just named the best airline in the world by Skytrax. Just about all Asian airlines fly to Taipei, almost all with a layover somewhere. I’ve flown Eva and China Airlines, both are good airlines with good service and decent food, but China Airlines doesn’t have personal in-flight entertainment on their 747’s, something that is important to me on a long haul flight. Cathay Pacific is better than either of them, but will take longer and proably cost more. Check out the the premium economy seats on Eva, too.

Sandy asks…

Do the flights from Taiwan to LAX fly over Japan?People on the plane can expose radiation?

Yaz answers:

Not over Japan, but along the Japan east coast. Since planes are well sealed, you won’t be exposed to any more radiation than you normally do when flying.

Joseph asks…

In Taiwan are flights to China in international terminals,and the flights from China to Taiwan in domestic?

Yaz answers:

It varies from airport to airport

Michael asks…

Flights from Taiwan to Sweden?

I live in Taipei and I need to go to Stockholm next June, I’m searching on line for flights but they are really expensive, does anyone know about any site or airline that offers reasonable priced tickets?
Or have you had a trip like this before, any suggestions? I really will appreciate your advise.

Yaz answers:

June is an expensive time to fly as it is the start of peak travel season. I suggest you see if there are any travel agents you can consult to get a price quote. You can also visit

Mark asks…

Scheldule of flights from Taiwan to Laoag (Ilacos norte Philippines)?

Yaz answers:

Go look on a computer

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Your Questions About Taipei Vacation

David asks…

How do you think about Taipei?

Do you like Taipei?
Is taipei a National City?Safe?Beautiful?Convenient?
And all you think about Taipei please!Thx
(Taipei&bangkok&shunghigh Tokyo Seoul where do u want to go ona vacation?)

Yaz answers:

Taipei is fantastic! It’s very cosmopolitan, there’s so much to do and so much to see.

In the day time you can visit the surrounding mountains – especially Ali – Shan, go shopping, go shopping, visit the worlds tallest building (I suggest you go there about 5pm so you can see the day view, the sunset about 6pm and the night sky about 7pm).

The city is ultra convenient – it never stops!

Night times are even better, the night markets are so fun and lively – that’s where you’ll experience Taiwan’s culture!

I’ve been here for 2 years – compared to other cosmopolitan cities it’s very very safe!

Donna asks…

Travel to Hanoi, Bangkok, Penang, Taipei, Hong Kong or Shanghai?

I am going on a vacation in around September this year and I would like to know which is the best option. I am definitely flying to Singapore (From Melbourne) and after a few days on to either Hanoi, Bangkok, Penang, Taipei, Hong Kong or Shanghai. Which would be best for a teenage boy? Also which airline is best flying to each destination? Thanks =)

Yaz answers:

Go Hong Kong. Its wonderful! Hong Kong Disneyland, Hong Kong Ocean Park, its shopping, places are wonderful. I went there like 10 to 15 times. I want to go again. My god. When i go in that country its like I am in a dreamland. Bangkok is crowded, You can’t even walk for the traffic. Too bad. Hong Kong is good.

Susan asks…

Is it correct that when on a stopover that you are unable to leave the airport?

I am travelling to the States at the end of the year and have lengthy stopovers (5 to 8 hours) in Taipei. I was told that you are not allowed to leave the airport as it’s not the country of intended vacation. Does anyone know if this is true or not and if true anyone have any good ideas for keeping oneself entertained whilst cooped up in a foreign airport for hours on end? :-)

Yaz answers:

I would think that as long as you have your passport with you, you should be able to leave the airport. But of course each country has their own rules so you might want to ask someone when you arrive in Taipei.

If you cannot leave Chiang Kai-shek International, then hopefully you have a nice book with you. Unless you can read Chinese, you can visit the bookstore there and see if there are any good magazines or newspaper articles. For me, while I was there, I tried to find a good place to watch airplanes take-off and land. Unfortunately the airport is not always really busy.

You are willing to pay, sometimes the airlines will allow you to visit their clubs for 1 day at a certain price. EVA Airlines is based in Taipei and Cathay Pacific has a Marco Polo Club there. Sitting inside those clubs are nice. They serve you complimentary food and beverage.

Sandy asks…

When to buy plane tickets the cheapest?

So I was looking from flights from Chicago to Taipei around Christmas break this year, and the average ticket for United flights were around $1800 (kinda expensive)
I was wondering whether the prices would go down a bit if I book, say in October instead of now in July. Or are the prices fixed at that level at christmas vacation time?

Yaz answers:

Flying during Christmas is the most expensive time of the year. My friend used to find out how much tickets on United cost from Cincinnati to Hong Kong. The ticket prices ran around $2,200. Because of that, he would fly home in November to early December just before the ticket prices increased and flew for $1,200. I think ticket prices may be a little lower but not much if any even if you bought the tickets in October. It is expensive because of the time period you are traveling. I suggest you also see if an Asian travel agency can help. My friend goes through ABN travel in Chicago. They primary buy tickets with United at a discounted price and sometimes can get you a cheaper ticket. (Don’t have their phone number anymore) I have called them in the past to get tickets as well. Natalie is really helpful and can speak English.

Maria asks…

Is it right that when on a stopover that you are unable to leave the airport?

I am travelling to the States at the end of the year and have lengthy stopovers (5 to 8 hours) in Taipei. I was told that you are not allowed to leave the airport as it’s not the country of intended vacation. Does anyone know if this is true or not and if true anyone have any good ideas for keeping oneself entertained whilst cooped up in a foreign airport for hours on end? :-)

Yaz answers:

Yes, you are allowed to leave the airport if a visa is not required for that country. If you have only 5 hours it is probably not worth it as that only gives you 2 hours in Taipei (1 hour to clear customs 2 hours to check in and go through security) 8 hours you have time to do something. They are suppose to have some really great museums in Taipei. Give yourself plenty of time to get back to the airport a traffic can be bad.

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Your Questions About Cheap Flights To Taiwan

Paul asks…

where can i go to find inexpensive flights to taiwan or japan?

almost every site i look at has the price of $1000 USD and up. are there any sites where i might be able to find a cheaper flight?

i live in California

Yaz answers:

I’ve always found the cheapest flights to Asia on the websites of the airlines that fly there. If you can wait until October I’m sure the prices will be lower, but I would check EVA or China Airline’s websites to Taiwan, they’re usually the cheapest airlines to many destinations in Asia. Good luck.

Chris asks…

Cheap Flight India-Taiwan ?


I will be in India for two weeks and need then to fly to Taiwan. Is there any cheaper airline flying from Delhi to Taipei?

Can you give any website or travel agencies’ contact info?


Yaz answers:

Eva Air, Air IndiaEva Air, Air IndiaTPE-HKG-DEL 14:00-21:00 9h 30m2 tickets 43,302 INR
Show details E-mail this Map Link Cathay Pacific, Air IndiaCathay Pacific, Air IndiaTPE-HKG-DEL 14:10-21:00 9h 20m2 tickets 43,082 INR
Terminal A 51,651 INR
Ebookers 53,097 INR
Show details E-mail this Map Link China Airlines, Air IndiaChina Airlines, Air IndiaTPE-HKG-DEL 13:50-21:00 9h 40m2 tickets 43,410 INR
Ebookers 53,466 INR
Show details E-mail this Map Link China Airlines, Air IndiaChina Airlines, Air IndiaTPE-HKG-DEL 14:25-21:00 9h 05m2 tickets 43,410 INR
Show details E-mail this Map Link Cathay PacificCathay PacificTPE-HKG-DEL 20:20-02:05+ 8h 15m 51,398 INR
Vayama 52,561 INR
Zuji 56,915 INR
Show details E-mail this Map Link Cathay PacificCathay PacificTPE-HKG-DEL 19:20-02:05+ 9h 15m 52,561 INR
Zuji 56,915 INR
2 tickets 58,793 INR
Show details E-mail this Map Link Cathay PacificCathay PacificTPE-HKG-DEL 19:35-02:05+ 9h 00m 52,561 INR
Zuji 56,915 INR
2 tickets 58,793 INR
Show details E-mail this Map Link China Airlines, Cathay PacificChina Airlines, Cathay PacificTPE-HKG-DEL 18:40-02:05+ 9h 55m2 tickets 59,609 INR
Show details E-mail this Map Link Cathay Pacific, Air IndiaCathay Pacific, Air IndiaTPE-HKG-DEL 13:15-21:00 10h 15m2 tickets 42,594 INR
Terminal A 51,651 INR
Show details E-mail this Map Link Eva Air, Indian AirlinesEva Air, Indian AirlinesTPE-BKK-DEL 09:00-16:50 10h 20m2 tickets View Tickets
Show details E-mail this Map Link PrevNext12
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Donna asks…

Cheap travel advise for taiwan. Can anyone help?

I want to travel to Taiwan in October. What have you paid, or expect to pay, to make this trip (london to Taoyuan)?

Also, whats the best place to get cheap flights arranged?

Yaz answers: is the best (flexible date options). For a flight in april, it was like 800 usd, but for Oct 7-14, its 1100. Not bad, but not great. Play around with the dates.

David asks…

What is the cheapest flight to TAIWAN from Malaysia/Singapore? (preferably Malaysia)?

I would prefer to depart from KL and would hope to find something around RM1000-RM1500. Trip somewhere around late June/early July 2008.
Would be my first flight to Taiwan, so would really appreciate all your help and comments!! Thanks!! :)

Yaz answers:

Why don’t you just check Orbitz?

Thomas asks…

Where to go, Malaysia, Taiwan, Philippines, or Hong Kong?

I am planning a trip to Japan and on the way back I would like to stop at one of these places.

What are the opinions on each, things to do, places to see, language barrier, recommend best for a single guy?

I am having difficulty picking one I would love to see them all. Hong Kong is the most expensive flight and Taiwan is the cheapest flight.

Yaz answers:


THINGS TO DO AND PLACES TO SEE: Sightseeing, shopping, and walking tours of Kuala Lumpur City and Johor Bahru; Beaches at Pulau Perhentian, Pulau Langkawi, and Pulau Penang; Golfing in Cameron Highlands; Cultural tours of Kelantan, Melaka, Penang.

LANGUAGE BARRIER: Many Chinese and Indians, and some Malays speak good English. Signposts are in Malay (mostly) and English. Chinese can be understood in Penang and KL.

WHAT MAKES IT STAND-OUT FROM THE REST: Colorful Culture and Traditions from 3 Different Races; Petronas Towers and other Ultramodern Infrastructure

THINGS TO DO AND PLACES TO SEE: Sightseeing and electronics shopping in Taipei City; Temple tours; Hiking at Sun Moon Lake; Cultural tours in Orchid Island.

LANGUAGE BARRIER: Most speak Taiwanese and/or Mandarin only. Language barrier can be quite high. Some educated abroad and airport/hotel staff can speak English though.



THINGS TO DO AND PLACES TO SEE: Shopping and dining at Kowloon and Hong Kong Island; Hiking at Tai Mo Shan and Lantau Peak; Walking tour of Ngong Ping and HK Disneyland, and of Macau

LANGUAGE BARRIER: English is spoken by at least half of the population. Cantonese is the indigenous language.

WHAT MAKES IT STAND-OUT FROM THE REST: Entrepreneurial Way Of Life; Highly Urbanized Areas


THINGS TO DO AND PLACES TO SEE: Sightseeing, dining, and shopping throughout Manila; Beaches and diving at Boracay, Palawan, Cebu, Bohol; Duty-free shopping at Clark Field and Subic Bay; Hiking at Cordillera Mountains and Taal Volcano; Walking tous of Batanes.

LANGUAGE BARRIER: All signs and signposts are in English or are bilingual in the Philippines. About 75% are fluent in English – the rest know at least some English. Basic Spanish phrases/words can be understood. Filipino is the main indigenous language.

WHAT MAKES IT STAND-OUT FROM THE REST: Westernized Culture; Extremely Large Malls; Pacific-style Beaches and Diving Spots; Lively Bars and Clubs

BEST BEACHES: Philippines and Thailand
BEST DIVING: Philippines and Indonesia
BEST HIKING: Thailand and Philippines
BEST SHOPPING: Philippines, Thailand, Singapore, HK
BEST CULTURAL TOURS: Malaysia and Thailand
BEST AIRPORT: South Korea, HK, China
EASE WITH ENGLISH: Singapore and Philippines
CHEAPEST COUNTRIES: Philippines and Malaysia

* Manila, Philippines (the capital) is now clear of floods – the tourist district has escaped unscathed, so you can go there now. Just be wary of the news as another storm is hitting the Philippines this week. Anyhow, the best time to visit the Philippines is on December-May.

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